Saturday, 17 March 2012

MUSIC: and the waltz goes on.

well, i think i'll have to confess ... sth.

sometimes i do watch andré rieu concerts (do not beat me plz !!). why? ... simply because it's nice, fluffy, superficial entertainment. 
i need that from time to time, you know.
... but, after all: it's classical music. and i like classical music a lot. andré rieu made that genre more popular and brought it to a wider public. yes, it's mainstream classical music ... but that's okay.

but then, there was this evening ... where a real premiere took place. 'and the waltz goes on', composed by no less figure than ... anthony hopkins.
yes - anthony hopkins.
the actor.

this performance really gave me the chills ... i want to show my respect for the orchestra. they did an amazing job !!!
i have always viewed anthony hopkins as a fantastic actor - and now, also as a fantastic composer.

this is the premiering performance. 
listen and enjoy ...

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