Thursday, 19 April 2012

benjamin lacombe.

another of my favourite artists. benjamin lacombe. he draws mysterious, dark paintings, often with magical motives and characters you know from several well-known fairytales such as snow white or alice in wonderland. he is also a famous illustrator.
i like the doll-like faces of his protagonists and the inescapable and gloomy feel of his works.

benajamin lacombe.

if you liked the pictures, you can take a closer look of his works here.


  1. ich finde die bilder sehr gruselig :P

  2. Oh my Gosh - I absolutely love it.
    Its exactly my kind of taste.
    Thank you for sharing <3

  3. ich liebe diese bilder! kennst du die eine ausgabe der vogue in der horoskope sind mit immer solchen zeichungen als bilder? wenn ja, weist ob das der künsterl ist? falls nicht sehen sie den zeichnungen verdammt ähnlich :D

    liebste grüße


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