Sunday, 8 July 2012

book of miri.

hi dears!

has anyone seen the film 'book of miri' ? it is about miri, a young swedish girl working in a bookstore and blogging. every day she is posting a photo of herself in her clothes, always in a new pose ... actually she's trying to find her own identity. she is half korean, living in sweden, never knowing who she really is.

actually it is a film about the real blogger miri and her real life, or her double life as a working girl and blogger, sharing her life and clothes with people around the world. her photos are always colourful, intense, and yet, somewhat touching. i can also tell you something about my odyssee in search of identity, as an asian in a western world. she is also half-korean, thus she has a little more sympathy than she already had before. because katrine philip is showing real life (or what one thinks it is), the film might also be considered a documentary film. but i also think it is high art

it is also interesting that katrine philip, the director of this film, is still a student of the Danish Film School. she has my respect for this masterful work.
it was shown at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam in 2009.
i think she had done well.

did you already see it? what do you think of it?
would you be interested in watching?

xoxo, dahi.


  1. An WEN erinnert mich jetzt book of miri nur... lach...


  2. i dislike her style,she is more too harajuku girl look


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