Monday, 16 July 2012

howard schatz - h2o.

hi dears!

today i want to present you to another of my favourite contemporary artists - howard schatz. a master of photography. he also worked for several high class fashion magazines such as 'marie claire'.
i've found him in the lumas magazine. they introduced some works of his project called 'h2o' with wonderful underwater photographies showing beautiful men and women.
i want to show you some of them.



... the photographies were taken out of the book 'h2o'.

... this is the artist - howard schatz.

what do you think of his works? amazing, aren't they?

xoxo, dahi.


  1. I love underwater photography and these pictures are breathtaking. My favourite is the very fair skinned lady with the red fabric.

  2. Wow, unglaublich tolle Bilder!
    Der Mann hat ne sehr schöne Vorstellung von Ästhetik!


  3. Schatz kenn ich auch, aber manche Bilder gefallen mir gar nicht, die sehen mir zu sehr nach Mode aus. Aber hier sind einige sehr schöne dabei.


  4. die sind wirklich sehr schön! gefallen mir. (: Ich würde auch gerne mal unterwasserfotos machen... :D

  5. Ich bin begeistert, wooow~ O.O

  6. So tolle Bilder. Darf ich die bilder auch auf meinem blog verwenden?

  7. Tolle Bilder.
    Mag den Fotografie Stil im Wasser eh! :D


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