Wednesday, 7 November 2012

food love: häagen-dazs cupcakes.

hi dears!

... have you already heard from the latest creation of häagen-dazs?

picture taken from

they now offer deliciously looking cupcakes with fluffy cake base, ice-cream topping, whipped cream and crunchy toppings.
there are 3 sorts - chocolate indulgence, summer berry dream and caramel delight. great idea, i believe. looks and sounds soooo yummie

what do you think? 
have you already tried them?


  1. They really look absolutely delicious.

    Yesterday I was in a small cafe and I have eaten some very special cupcakes, which were delicious too :)

    Haha I'm looking forward to bake some for us!

  2. aaaah wie geil Oo woher kriegt man das??

  3. Die sehen ja wirklich sehr lecker aus. Allerdings bin ich momentan mehr auf Lebkuchen und so eingestellt...



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