Thursday, 7 February 2013

michael poliza.

i got to know michael poliza years and years ago when i read many fashion magazines. i read an issue of 'elle germany'. sometimes there were extra leaflets to find inside the magazine. one day i also found one from 'lumas', an onlineshop for autographed art photographies in limited editions. i got to know howard schatz through one of their leaflets. and some day also michael poliza.

michael poliza is a nature & wildlife photographer and entrepreneur. he grew up in hamburg, germany and when he was a child, he started as an actor in many TV productions - all besides his schooling. in the 80s he founded his first IT company. he lost most of his fortune in the 90s, due to stock crashes. meanwhile he began travelling the world and taking photographs on his vacations. in 2010 he published the books 'south africa' and 'classic africa'. 

i thought about michael poliza some days ago and wanted to share some of his photographies with you.
i love them so much, because they are natural, they ARE nature, but they also have a high artistic impression. his photographies show a very delicate composition, very elaborate, very sophisticated, very balanced, but with a big portion of love for life and this world he is living in ... his photographies from africa in the aerial or bird's eye perspective are my favourites.

i think he also pictures multifarious freedom, love and happiness - those essences of life regard the most.

i hope you will enjoy them as much as i do.

i love the expression of the polar bear in this photography and the composition with the rainbow at his right.

i love the penguins holding hands in this photography. there is so much love inside. you can nearly grasp it.

can you spot the giraffe?

i love the lazy expression of the cheetah in this photo.

what an expression.

the artist - michael poliza.


  1. These pictures are truely amazing! Perfection is hard to achieve in photography, but I think he managed to reach it in some of the pictures.
    Truely great!

  2. such amazing photos! you see the beauty of the wild side through his lens. ^ ^

  3. Das sind wirklich unglaublich beeindruckende Fotos. Man kann sich wahrscheinlich gar nicht vorstellen, wie viel Arbeit in solchen Naturbildern steckt.


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