Thursday, 4 April 2013

mori style ♥

if you ever wondered what 'mori style' is and who those beautiful mori girls are which you can find on so many photographies on tumblr, weheartit or elsewhere, you'll get some answers here?

first of all, 'mori' means 'forest' in the japanese language. the 'mori style' emerged in japan in 2007. the style concept is 'a girl who looks like she is living in a forest' - you can find many earth and natural colours in their outfits, flowers and berries in their hair, crochet, layered clothing, vintage and grandma's clothes, natural materials ... through the layering it is not body conscious - mori girls choose no clothes that fit or hug their bodies - instead of size S, they choose L, XL or XXL. they do not use a lot of makeup but they are likely to have rosy cheeks. 

the archetype of the mori girl boils down to the character of 'hagu', a girl in an anime called 'honey & clover'. she looked very much like the mori girls you can find today.

'mori style' is not only a clothing style, but also a whole lifestyle. mori girls drink tea, exchange clothes with friends, don't use cars of public means of transport, but rather travel by plane, bicycle or just walking. they love the old world and adore european cultures and hear alternative music such as celtic, folk, instrumental or world music. 'obel' is very dear to many mori girls!

i have totally fallen in love with this beautiful style and i would love to dress me in this way but i don't have enough clothes in this style and the purchasing would overwork my purse ... XD

but you can still watch and dream yourself into the enchanted woods, full of beautiful people in beautiful clothes ... enjoy.

all pictures found via google image search.

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  1. gestern kam eine Warensendung bei mir an *-*
    danke sehr <3
    werde das im nächsten post erwähnen :)

    ganz liebe grüße, lu


  2. hello sweetie ! these is such a beautiful post ! and beautiful pictures ,its amazing..! would you like to follow each other in gfc ,LB,FB,Bloglovin too? let me know , i always follow back ! will be waiting ^_^ ! xoxo


  3. Schöne Fotos. Ih mag diesen Style auch sehr.

    Lg, Lena ♥

  4. Awww ich möchte alle Kleider haben. :) Ich liebe diesen Style irgentwie.

  5. What gorgeous style! And that deer dress is exquisite! Do you know who that is designed by? I would love to buy it :D

  6. Hach was für eine wunderbare Shooting-Inspiration du doch bist! Ich glaub mir steht das persönlich nicht so, aber ich finds wunderschön...


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