Friday, 29 November 2013

the tutu project.

do you know bob carey? no? then you should read on. bob is a photographer. when his wife developed cancer, bob started his very own therapy to come to terms with it. he put on a pink tutu and took self portraits in different situations - the grotesqueness of a, let's say 'well-built' man, nearly naked, save for his pink tutu, in mostly urban sequences made not only bob feel better, but also his wife: bob achieved to make her smile. and not only her, but also other cancer sufferers out of her therapy group. the tutu project became a sure-fire success, got shared in social networks and moved people all over the world.

what is special about these photographies is not only that the pictures really make you smile, but also that you realize that while you're watching this man in a pink tutu (which is really a grotesque situation), think about yourself in this world, that you're an individual in a foreign, unknown world, that you might seem alone, but you're actually not, and you can make this world your own, and find your place in there - no matter how different you are, because in fact you're not different, you're exceptional.

... and there's beauty all around you, you just have to open up your eyes to see it.

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  1. Wonderful and inspiring story!

    Best Wishes
    Sabine Everyday Pleasures

  2. great article, great photos from him, beauty is all around!! love you're blog
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  3. Wauw. Great photographs. Love the story behind it.


  4. Liebe dahi, das ist wirklich die ideale Therapie! Vielleicht hätte das meinem Mann auch geholfen, als seine erste Frau an dieser Krankheit gestorben ist ...

    Und natürlich meinte ich Deine Sedcard und zwar dahingehend, dass Du entweder gleich wieder anfängst, neue Bilder zu sammeln oder die jetzt entstehenden zu diesem Buch dazulegst, damit Du immer jederzeit nachschauen kannst, wie schön Du bist und warst <3

    Alles Liebe und ein tolles Wochenende - ich denke an Dich - von Rena

  5. Hi dear, your kind words are much appreciated...Have a warm and splendid weekend! Wow, I didn't know about this story before, what a brave man and so kind and thoughtful of him to do it for his wife

  6. Ich kenne ihn das der Telekom TV-Werbung. Wirklich beeindruckend, was er macht…

    Am 1. Advent startet übrigens meine Adventsgiveaway-Reihe. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du mitmachst :)

    Liebst, ina

  7. Now there is a man who is secure with himself... I love the picture with the rainbow :)

  8. great Post :)
    lovely wishes by


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