Monday, 30 December 2013

OUTFIT: but you give me the electric twist and it kicks like a pony.

yeeeeeah! finally decided to tie into the planned zumba lesson - me and a friend went to the ladies world gym yesterday and we both were soooo nervous XD fortunately they served sparkling wine before the course had started and our glasses eased our excitement a bit, in a positive sense XD ... the lesson was so much fun and we decided to make a deal for a 12 month period, including all gym machines and the sauna. now isn't that a perfect anti-procrastination programm? ;) we felt very much at ease there, also because it was a gym for women only, very small and familiar and the runner of the gym was very dear and motherly, offering more glasses of sparkling wine, orange juice and coffee, which we accepted with thanks. also we're already on first name terms with her. and the best: the lockers are PINK! XD oh i'm so happy. 

yesterday i also experienced once more that sports make a very good mood. the zumba lesson and the workout afterwards were so arduous, but a short while afterwards i really felt like a new woman and felt so invincible ... i don't want to miss that. and i'm looking forward to my next workouts and zumba lessons in my new gym 

 blouse: H&M / skirt: tally weijl / beret: galeria kaufhof / heels: vintage / bag: picard / necklace: chanel / earrings: chanel


  1. The skater skirt looks great with the beanie, cute outfit :)

  2. Love how you styled this outfit!


  3. i like your skirt very much :) looks great!

  4. Nice skirt.


  5. Hallo liebe dahi, das klingt gut und sieht auch sehr gut aus, wie und mit welchem tollen Outfit Du Dich hier zeigst! Bist halt einfach eine Schönheit und die Fotos sind auch wieder so etwas von gelungen genauso wie die gesamte Zusammenstellung Deines Outfits <3 Ich bin absolut Deiner Meinung, dass Sport gute Laune macht, ich finde es Klasse, dass Ihr die Initiative für Euer Wohlbefinden auf so eine angenehme Art und Weise ergriffen habt :)

    Liebste dahi, ich wünsche Dir einen wundervollen Start in das Neue Jahr, bleib wie Du bist, es ist einfach so wunderbar, dass es Dich gibt <3

    Alles Liebe von Rena

  6. Your image perfectly reflects your emotional state. These things form a holistic and harmonious style. I think that you feel comfortable yourself.

    1. thank you for your beautiful comment! you're right, i do. i think that i own an amour de soi and i'm happy about it.



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