Wednesday, 5 February 2014

my grooming routine.

i had some kind of this post in mind for a quite long time and finally it is time to show the result to you. this must be my very first cosmetics post on strangeness and charms ever and i'm curious what you'll think of it! today i want to show you the products of my grooming routine. i've never been a beauty junkie and i've never been someone who would spend hours and hours in drugstores and such - on that score i'm quite conservative and, if you like, quite boring in my notion. you'll need to know that i've got a really sensitive derma and it is very difficult for me to find the perfect products which are compatible with it. i have searched for the best products for my skin for quite a long time. often it seemed like a never-ending journey - not even natural cosmetics helped me in terms of face care, or at least most of them. but finally i found those items which do not cause me any problems such as skin irritations, pustules, spots or dry skin.

for cleaning my skin and for removing makeup i use the 3 in 1 cleansing milk from vichy, which is very soothing for my sensitive skin. it also removes all my makeup, including kohl and mascara.

for my regular skin care i use weleda wild rose oil - it has a wonderful fragrance and creates an ultra soft skin. and it's absolutely natural. i also use it for my face as a mask, but not too often, because of its greasing characteristic. sometimes i also use it as a deep hair conditioner.

to wash my hair and body i use a pH skin neutral, dye free, perfume-free, preservative-free and 100% natural bodywash from alverde - after the hair wash i'm always using lemon squash which i dribble upon my scalp. guys you won't believe me but since i use those products i hardly shed hair and it's also extremely shiny. 

from time to time i'm also using a body peeling, also from alverde, with lotus and coconut flakes.

i hope you enjoyed my post and that it was informative and interesting!
have a nice day 

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  1. Looks like great products.


  2. Sind die Vichy Produkte gut? Und passend zu deinem letzten Kommentar: an dem Tag habe ich das erste Mal laktosefreie Milch gekauft und getrunken xP

    Liebst, ina

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  3. I will have to try out some of these products! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Nice looking products ... I don't think I have seen the name in Canada :)

  5. Huhu 'Sensibelchen' ;-)
    Ich habe sehr dicke Haut und meistens benutze ich gar nix. Vielleicht sollte ich mal öfters n peeling machen. Wenn dann benutze ich dafür Seesand-Mandelkleie oder so ähnlich von aok. Und zum abschminken nur nivea-creme aus der großen blauen Dose ;-) ...grübl,vielleicht sollte ich das auch mal posten...
    Das Wildrosenöl hatte ich auch schon mal in der Hand. Nun,nach deine. Bericht nehme ich es beim nächsten mal wahrscheinlich mit!
    LG Nadine


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