Thursday, 3 April 2014

INTERIOR LOVE: interior ideas for a colourful home ♥

since i will move into my new flat soon i'm in search of nice interior ideas to create my very own and perfect feel good place. 

i already have some ideas in my mind - i'm especially in need of many colours. i would love to have a petrol blue coloured walls in my bedroom with a floral bedding, many photo frames and vintage furniture and a freehandedly painted black tree with golden blossoms and a living room featuring baroque and pink accents in addition with white and brown wooden furniture. 
the kitchen will get a nice country style in addition with shabby chic details (and i already have a very nice kitchen in prospect, with white furnishing and lovely golden handles ♥). i also would love to put some white ornamentally decorated outdoor furniture for the balcony. 

oh, can't wait to proceed working on my new dream flat and to eventually move in ♥♥♥

today i want to show you some very lovely inspiration for a colourful and individual home. 

how do you like my finds and which would be your favourites? ♥

all the pictures were found on pinterest (click here)

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  1. This post just made my day a little brighter! I love all these interiors!


  2. Beautiful photos!


  3. Pink and turquoise walls are the best for inspiring!

  4. Its one of my plans for ss2014: to paint my walls :) Thanks for these inspirations :)

  5. I love all the color... if I owned my own home I would definitely have color on the walls... beautiful :)

    When do you move? Moving can be exciting... I wish I could find a place for June ... I really need a change :)

  6. I think you described my room--it's blue with lots of floral print and pastel prints on the walls. I love that first inspiration image---holy moly, that bright pink wall has quite the impact. It reminds me of Kate Spade's aesthetic.


    Another Beautiful Thing

  7. Great Post!
    i follow you now on GFC & Bloglovin♥
    Hope you follow back:-)

  8. Hi very nice post, good to see such a very good collection of Interior Furnitures. These interior furniture's really enhance the beauty of the house. Thanks for posting.

  9. Hi du Liebe,
    ja jetzt geht es los und hier gibt es bald viel Einrichtungsposts :-)))
    Farbe ist toll,aber manchmal auch echt schwer. In der unteren Wohnung habe ich im Esszimmer orange und im Wohnzimmer rot gestrichen. Wobei ich dort noch keine Einrichtung hatte. Das ist ziemlich schwer dann eine Farbe zu wählen,aber ich kann es ja überstreichen :-)
    Ich bin gespannt wie es bei dir aussehen wird.
    LG Nadine


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