Wednesday, 4 June 2014

INSPIRATION: pusheen the cat ♥

do you already know pusheen the cat? this is a super cute and chubby animated cat who loves food, cartons, good music and the internet. pusheen has its own blog (click here), a whole merchandise shop with lovely jewellery, apparel and cuddly toys (click here) and also written its very own book (click here) - ain't this a talented tiny one? XD ... when i saw this lovely little thing for the first time i immediately fell in love with it - it's simply too cute! i also love cats very much, but i guess that anybody will love this adorable and dear little thing - how about you? 

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  1. Dahi... I didn't even know this cat character had a name... I have him/her stickers to send on Facebook. So cute with good emotions ;-)

    Thank you so much for your comment, so happy to hear you are almost finished settling in after the move. I totally understand why you have been so busy.

    Chat soon and have an awesome day ;-)

  2. So cute. Pusheen really seems to have his stuff together, LOL.

  3. That's extremly cute >.<

  4. This post is so cute! I love it!


  5. Pusheen <3 cutest cat ever!


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