Thursday, 21 November 2013

wishlist 13/14 ♥

today i want to show you my wishlist for 2013/2014 - i don't know how many pieces i will be able to buy this or next year. 

most of those pieces were in my mind for a long time, especially a black flared wool coat, and the CSC - i also thought about a DSLR but i think i'd now prefer the former. since last year i want to have a nice black leather skater dress, because i love the fitting and i love leather - i also already know how to combine it ... :) 
and i'm so so so in love with chanel, which you might already have noticed while reading my profile ... i absolutely adore the label and its founder. the 2.55 was on my imaginary wishlist for a long time and i hope that i can afford one next year. i already owned a pair of vintage versace sunnies years ago, quite similar to the one shown below, but unfortunately i lost it - i was so sad back than :( so i really need another pair. 
and since the day my hairdresser straightened my new pony in this wonderful salon in mannheim with a ghd straightener, i want to own one, too :D 
and le fabuleux - just stands on it's own, don't you think? for me it's an object of desire since i was a young teen. the symbiosis of white and gold is ultimate luxury, but only if you use high quality materials, and LV definitely worked that out.

i will show you some impressions from berlin the next days, so stay tuned 

1# black flared wool coat / 2# le fabuleux / 3# chanel 2.55 / 4# vintage versace sunnies / 5# CSC / 6# vintage chanel earrings / 7# chanel boots / 8# ghd straightener / 9# leather dress

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  1. I adore the black flared coat... beautiful :-)

  2. I love seeing what are on people's wish list! That black dress and black coat are beautiful, you would have everything on this list for years to come! You have great taste!


  3. Nice wishlist. Those chanel earrings look soo beautiful!


  4. Hi dear, you have the best taste, I love everything on your classy and fabulous list! You are always so sweet to stop by...Aren't you glad it's Friday already :)

  5. Thanks for your insightful comment, have a splendid weekend doll!

  6. eine so tolle wishlist! :)


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