Friday, 14 February 2014

OUTFIT: i'm a participant of 'game of style', feb 14 ! ♥


guys i'm so so so proud! i was chosen to participate in the game of style challenge for february 2014!
what is game of style?

game of style is a fashion blog, where 5 fashion bloggers compete against each other in a styling competition. this is repeated every month. every week a styling task is set, and every week one blogger is disqualified.
in the first week an outfit is fixed which the participants have to re-style as exactly as possible. then there's only a single item fixed and in week 3 a single theme. in week 4 the winner is investigated, who has to set the styling tasks for the following run.

this is the outfit for the run where i'm participating.
i already got an idea how to style it. stay tuned!

don't forget to participate in the best of the blogs campaign for march 14!


  1. Klingt ja sehr cool, ich bin gespannt! :)

  2. Congratulations Dahi... the outfit is great... good luck with all the challenges :)

  3. That is so exciting you were chosen for that! Congrats!


  4. Hallöchen Dahi,
    ich war gerade "drüben" ist ja ne coole Idee :-)
    Natürlich drücke ich dir ganz feste die Daumen!!!!!!!!! Du weißt ja, ich steh so oder so auf deine Styles ♥, egal was die Jury meint ;-) Du hast aber keine Mütze auf, deswegen drücke ich mit beiden Daumen zwar n bischen schlechter beim tippen, aber was solls.
    Wünsch dir noch n schönen Abend
    LG Nadine


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