Sunday, 6 April 2014

karma is bursting! my best outfits

i really do love and the possibilities it offered to me. it broadened my look onto the fashion industry and gave me the chance to get in contact with beautiful and talented fashion bloggers and creatives from all over the world and to make strangeness and charms more popular. i have signed up at nearly at the same time i started strangeness and charms, it must have been in march, i think. and i created my very first outfit post there on april the 24th. in total i've got 16 hypes for this look - ain't this popular, huh? XD

today i want to show you my best loved looks on and i invite you to sign up there, too because it's a fabulous way to share your love for fashion and get in contact with people who share the same passion for this beautiful and innovative art form.

see you there!

don't forget to participate in the best of the blogs campaign for may 14!


  1. Some lovely outfits!


  2. wow! Ich habe noch nie bei lookbook so viele Hype bekommen :))) Vielleicht deswegen, weil ich dort nur selten bin... Dahi, du hast aber auf jeden Fall ein kreatives Köpfchen und lässt dich so viel bei den Fotos (wie, wo) einfallen! LG, Xenia und schönen sonnigen Sonntag!

  3. Dahi, I love that first dress... very romantic looking :)

    There are some really sweet looks here... I am on not on Lookbook as I don't do fashion shoots but it really sounds like a fantastic place to share your looks with each other and get inspired :)

    I hope your weekend was great and that you had some fun <3 xox

  4. love them all. not surprising they had so many hypes. I have followed back on bloglovin.
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. I love that first dress! Lovely looks!


  6. Dankeschön, ich werd mein Bestes geben :D Leider bin ich in den letzten Tagen gar nicht zum Lernen gekommen und langsam wird's knapp :S Aber die neue Wohnung ist's wert! :D
    Die Outfits sind alle sooo toll! Ich glaub ich werd dann, wenn ich umgezogen bin, auch mal mehr Outfit Posts machen. Im Moment ist es so eng und schlecht beleuchtet in meinem Zimmer... Vor allem muss ich mich immer auf mein Bett stellen, damit ich ein bisschen helle Wand hinter mir hab.

    Liebe Grüße ♥

  7. Du hast so einen vielseitigen Stil, einfach wunderschön <3

    Liebste Grüße, Ann-Cathérine

  8. I hyped every single look you upload :3 I love so much your style

  9. Wow, die Cat Bag ist toll ... und ich liebe das Rotkäppchen Kosüm! :)

    GLG, Sabrina
    Soap & Glory Give-Away

  10. Just stumbled across your blog and I'm already in love with your unique style and interesting, gorgeous photos! I had heard of Lookbook before but never really bothered with it - I shall be signing up soon to hype some of these looks! Especially love the one with the red dress and floral crown, just lovely. xx

    Kathryn | effievanity

  11. wow! Da sind wirklich absolut klasse Bilder von und mit dir!!
    Richtig toll :-)
    XO Naddel

  12. Nice pictures :) , Smart work :) .


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