Friday, 10 February 2017

SHOOTING: snow white and bright red.

[en] hi peeps! to be honest i'm really no fan of cold temperatures and if there's somebody who feels the cold it will definitely be me. i also wear scarfs in summer and i also shiver from a bit of cold wind. nevertheless i have to admit that there are some things i love about winter: christmas and everything linked to it ... and magical snowy, icy landscapes.

the impressions from todays post were shot in the extensive gardens of castle favorite near baden-baden. it was freezing cold and i nearly couldn't stand the spirited winds, but it was worth the effort. it was a beautiful white and blue coloured glistening world and the willow where part 2 of our shooting took place looked almost surreal. 

the bright-red wool coat was a perfect contrast with the icy crystal magic.

what do you like the most in winter time?

model & styling: dahi k.
location: schloss favorite.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

SHOOTING: colour block sweater & scuba skirt, golden sneakers & pink headphones.

[en] hi peeps! spring is just around the corner and today i've got a fresh new outfit post for you! the photos were taken from my regular photographer florian gehrmann. we have chosen one of my most beloved locations near baden-baden, the beautiful baroque castle favorite. it was perfect weather with a spring-warm sun but a sharp cold wind which made at a bit hard to take photos - but fortunately you can't see that in the pictures, i'm professional, after all XD i have worn my new colour block set from ZAFUL which consists of a pattern sweater (which would have kept me really warm, if you had ignored the cold wind XD) and a scuba skirt, pink headphones, my favourite vintage sunnies from, black faux leather leggins, golden sneakers and my marina drawstring tote from michael kors.

what do you think about my combination? 
what are you looking forward to wear this spring season?

location: schloss favorite.
model & styling: dahi k.

Monday, 6 February 2017

NEW IN: JORD wood watch frankie dark sandalwood.

[en] hi peeps! sorry for not having posted for so long. i've got so much to do with orders from my online store Tamako Design and my personal life is also yeasty these days ... some sad things did happen but so many more great things. some days ago for example i had the chance to work with a visagiste for the very first time and it was great - the visa put on a special make-up for my first geisha themed shooting near baden-baden. kate really did a great job and i will show you the photos as soon as they are edited by sebastian and simon.

today i've got another new in post for you. i want to introduce you to my new and beautiful jord watch. jord watches are all made of wood and they are super beautiful and thus i was very happy to receive my very own watch. it's from the frankie series and made of dark sandalwood and an emerald green clock-face. it was delivered in a super beautiful engraved wood box which is so decorative that it already found a permanent place on my coffee table. unfortunately it's a bit tight but i will take it to the jewelry store soon to adjust it. that won't cause any trouble because jord always delivers some extra links for adjustment.

what do you think of my new wood watch?

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

SHOOTING: red beret, colour blocking dress, red blazer.

[en] hi peeps! happy new year! today i've got the first outfit post in 2017 for you with my new colour block dress from fashionmia, a red mango blazer, bought second hand at, my new red beret (which i also have bought at and which fits perfectly to my new hair style. and yes, your eyes perception doesn't betray you: it's copper brown, and it's SHORT! 
i simply felt like totally changing my look and i love it! it was the best decision i could have made because my old hairstyle bored me that much and i didn't like to see it in my mirror reflection anymore. it immediately felt natural and now i believe that my hairstyle also matches my character, mood and life. 
what do you think of it?!
oh and by the way i have made my first outfit vid ever - think it turned out quite well, what do you think?

have you ever made outfit vids yourselves?


model & styling: dahi k.
location: old castle hohenbaden, baden-baden.