Sunday, 17 September 2017

[ADVERTISEMENT] NEW IN: mules, statement sleeves, fashletics, MAC, liquid matte lip colour, marble cases and vegan goodies.

[en] hi peeps! today i've got another new in post for you – it's been a long time since the last one and in the meantime many new pieces found their way into my wardrobe (and also my kitchen) and i want to introduce them to you now.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

TRAVEL: follow me to cinqueterre - hiking in riomaggiore & monterosso al mare.

[en] hi peeps! seen one, seen all?! … some people argue that all the five villages of the cinqueterre in italy resemble each other, but i definitely do not believe that you can generalize it like that.

'cinqueterre' can be translated into 'five countries' and comprises the villages of monterosso, vernazza, corniglia, manarola and riomaggiore which are all located by the sea. no more than 7000 inhabitants live here.

the cinque terre are not accessible by car, but only by train. of course you could also reach the villages by foot. there's a great variety of beautiful hiking trails throughout the whole of cinqueterre and the surrounding area.
there are hiking routes for absolute beginners and advanced hikers – some do not take more than 40 minutes and on other routes you could spend the whole day.

every village is very scenic and charming. especially vernazza with its beautiful and colourful little houses and the picture perfect yacht harbour is worth a visit and should find its way onto your travel bucket list.
unfortunately we haven't made it there this time, but i'll make good for it in the future.

those who think that the cinqueterre are boring do not seem to be able to appreciate the beauty of this idyllic and peaceful place on earth, its friendly inhabitants and its beautiful flora and fauna.

it's no wonder that the cinque terre also belong to the world cultural heritage. even if the sun isn't shining the five little villages remain beautiful and charming - especially if you wander off the beaten track you can discover many new highlights.

lace dress: H&M (similar hereherehere) | earrings: saint laurent (similar here) |  | scarf: majea (DIRECT LINK) | floppy hat: H&M  (similar here) | marina drawstring tote: michael kors (similar hereherehere) | round sunglasses: ASOS (similar here)

Friday, 1 September 2017

SHOOTING: colourful statement sleeves & sun bonnet.

[en] hi peeps! by and by autumn find its way into the realms of germany and i'm still full of impressions of beautiful italy and its warmth.
i hope that todays outfit post will bring you back the manifold beauty of summer and the feeling of warm rays of sun on your skin.

you might recognize the tunic i'm wearing because i have already mentioned it in my post about the beautiful boutique lo scrigno pisa where i had bought this amazing piece of apparel.

the photos were shot in the grounds of villa rosetta which had been our home during our trip to italy. every time i look at them i can smell the luscious scent of yasmine blossoms again … no, i'm really not fond of autumn. and yes, i must admit that i'm quite sad that summer dwindles and will soon bid goodbye until the following year ...

are you already missing summer? which season is your favourite?

Sunday, 27 August 2017

TRAVEL: hiking at a height of 800 metres in liguria, italy.

[en] hi peeps! standing on one of the highest mountains in liguria, admiring the golden light of a setting sun which left any photo filter unnecessary – this was one of the most extraordinary (and most beautiful) moments of this years roadtrip to italy.

it can also be regarded as a boundary experience.

as long as i can remember i have been suffering from an extreme form of vertigo. thus it wasn't a given that i'd join my girls on this trip, because, after all, it was the goal to hike up to a height of more than 800 metres above sea level – exposure therapy, literally.

of course i didn't want to join my travel mates at first. but they persuaded me, nevertheless, and told me that i might regret my decision at a later time ('the 3 big D's have to stick together – and we're also in need of one last moneglia-selfie!')

i'm glad the girls were able to change my mind.
it was a life-changing experience – and that's in no way exaggerated.

it was a very sponatenous decision to join my travel mates and thus i wasn't very properly dressed for an evening on a mountain top (which can get quite cold, even in summer). i can tell you that my tunic, shorts and leather jacket weren't sufficient and because of that i spent the rest of the night sneezing.

the climb was exhausting, of course, but the sight of the mountains covered in the golden evening sun, accompanied by italian rosé wine and omelettes with parmigano reggiano made up for all preceding exertions.

the bestsellinggerman author hermann scherer says that 'risky' situations unlock a bigger potential for feelings of happiness than so called 'soft targets' or, in other words, targets which you can reach effortlessly.
the experience standing on a mountain varies whether you climbed there yourself or were flown on top by a chooper or the like.

experiences which take a lot of effort offer a greater potential for happiness.

this roadtrip was full of confronting encounters, coping with anxieties of different kinds and deep conversations accompanied by italian wine. you definitely couldn't call this a journey of relaxation, but i don't care.
when i came back i felt more free, open and bold than before.

when I stepped through my front door i realized that i had changed. i realized that i could achieve anything if i only believed in me. i realized that it's worth stepping out of my beloved comfort zone to dare something new (even if some kind of initial help is necessary).

no beach vacation would have had the same effect onto my personality and onto my personal views upon life – but i would enjoy one nevertheless.

the day of our departure i also chose to quit smoking – after 10 very long years. i have tried to quit this bad habit several times before but never succeeded.
and now i can say that i did it, finally!
i'm very proud that i was able to achieve that because it cannot be taken for granted, if you look upon other spheres of my life which bring me to my knees, time and time again.

and now it's your turn: do you remember any occasion which caused you some effort but which also made you very happy in the end?
i'd love to read of your own experiences!