Friday, 31 October 2014

GIVEAWAY: DejaVu loves Potterheads ♥

as you already have read before i have uploaded loads of new harry potter themed articles onto my online design store DejaVu after a great outburst of creativity.

now i want to give you the possibility to win one of your favourite items from my harry potter collection!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

DejaVu: new articles in my shop - Harry Potter, Vintage, Origami

i always love to be productive when it comes to my work, which i love oh so very much, and yes, i'm glad to be able to live my very own personal dream: to have a creative job, to be self-employed with my own jewellery & design onlineshop, to have the possibility to work on amazing projects (the MBFW last year, schloss einstein) and to get in touch with other creative people from all over the world to work with them (for example with susan matheson and my contribution to the low budget production 'welcome to me') ... and also to be able to make quite a good living with it 

some days ago i have updated my jewellery & design onlineshop DejaVu and put some nice and new articles online. now you have the chance to purchase new harry potter jewellery, vintage style jewellery, gemstone jewellery & single origami cranes.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

outfit: start a new fashion - wear your heart on your sleeve.

hi dears, sorry sorry sorry for not having posted for such a long time, but there is a reason which made me stay away from blogging the last days ... it's all positive, indeed it is ... and beautiful. i've fallen in love. i've fallen in love oh so deeply - finally having found my other half, as described in platon's symposium, but never found before, the one who makes me whole, the one who forced me into happiness - and i never imagined i could feel like this, with no fear, and no doubt, with being so happy and feeling so much at home, no matter where, but always with him ... and i believe this time ... it was worth it all. all the struggles, all the fights, all the pain and all the tears i have shed in the course of my superficially somewhat short life.  time is temporary, not sustainable - it's only a mere number. it doesn't count ... it doesn't count anymore. 
and i couldn't be any happier. 
i'm feeling whole.

i'm starting a new fashion: i'm wearing my heart on my sleeve. because i cannot get hurt - with you my by side.
i love you.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

H&M studio A/W 2014

the new lookbook from H&M studio A/W 2014 really pleases my eye. i love the stylish mix of feminine and masculine styles. it's a nice style break and many outfits and styles are very sexy indeed.
you can see loads of overknee leather boots, cognac, white and black, aviator jackets, coarse knit, flowing fabrics & lucent material.
the large pics show my favourite outfits and styles in this post.

what do you think about the collection and my personal selection?