Saturday, 6 February 2016

SHOOTING: you do not have a happy life - you make it.

[en] hi peeps! last saturday le boy and me seized the opportunity to make some outfit shots since the weather became a bit warmer and it was a somewhat sunny day here in baden-baden. we have bought a flower bouquet for our dining table shortly before the shooting and decided to integrate it into some of the pictures. 

it was so damn windy so that most of the pictures had gone bad but that did not diminish the fun factor. they also make a good chunk of my repertoire of outtake pictures which i'm collecting since my very first shooting in 2013 and i'm also planning to do an outtake post soon. 
you might already have seen some outtake posts on other fashion and style blogs. i always love to look over these because they are loads of fun and definitely depict a part of real blogger reality, where all that glitters is not always gold and what you see among the blogs is always a range of best results of pictures taken. i guess that readers (and here i include myself) also love these posts because the decision to depict the non-observable reality behind the 'beautiful look' makes the person behind the blog more tangible, likable and authentic. 

what do you think?

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

FOOD LOVE: pancake tower with blueberries & chocolate.

[en] hi peeps! you might already have discovered these beautiful and artistic pancake towers topped with loads and loads of beautiful fruits, chunks of chocolate and different sauces which totally overflow social media, especially instagram and which really make your mouth water. definitely #foodporn at its best!

some time ago i decided to try the creation of a pancake tower myself and i can say ... it was definitely worth doing it. le boy and me really indulged in this celebration of calories - a feast for the eyes as well as the pallete!

if you want to try it out yourself, you should definitely stop counting calories. you would feel too miserable and that would be a pity regarding the culinary delight.

it also doesn't take much longer than making the actual pancakes and it's great fun to get artistic in terms of decoration while having the smell of freshly baked pancakes in your nose ... mmmmmmh!

Monday, 18 January 2016

NEW IN: emerald green lace & fringes, fake fur, pussy bow, hot pink & electric blue.

[en] hi peeps! there are some new pieces in my wardrobe. in the past few weeks i received some beautiful new emerald green apparel pieces: this beautiful lace dress from boylymia, the emerald green fringed dress from H&M which i have already worn at new years eve, a silky carmen blouse, an electric blue short sleeved blouse (i love this colour!), a cute little penguin from bukowski toys (the ressemblance to the homonymous author made me laugh out loud), a bright grey cape, a fake fur coat in black (and it keeps me soooo warm!), a fake fur vest, a hot pink a-lined skirt from boylymia, and a pussy bow blouse from french connection, bought second hand at

what do you think of my new picks?

have you already bought some new apparel in this fresh new year?