Sunday, 22 February 2015

travelling love: belvedere museum, vienna.

[en] hello my dears! today i want to share the next part of my illustrated viennese travel diary. accompanied by an incandescent and warm sun and perfect blue sky le boy and me decided to indulge in the abundant cultural offerings of vienna. thus our way beaconed us to the belvedere. the baroque belvedere castle, built in the beginning of the 18th century, today houses diverse museums with prestigious temporary and permanent exhibitions. during our stay in vienna, an exhibition named 'looking at monet' was held in the lower belvedere, which dealt with the manyfold influences claude monet had on different viennese painters from the turn of the 20th century such as klimt, and an exhibition about the hagenbund, an artists association whose members dealt with cubism, expressionism, surrealism and many other styles.

the exhibitions were fantastic, as well as their scenery - not only because i'm a long time admirer of the baroque period, but also because of my consort, who gives light to each and every day since we have met the year before. 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

room tour: kitchen.

[en] hello my dears. today i proudly present you my country style kitchen. it is designed as an open-plan kitchen. this is the place where i welcome and teach my pupils, where i'm eating my breakfast and lunch and where i'm working for my blog and my onlineshop DejaVu.

the kitchen was constructed by my stepfather after i told him how it should look like. i wanted a country style kitchen in white with brown worktops and golden handles.
i also got a new white fridge-freezer and a country style cupboard for my cleaning utensils.

to form a nice atmosphere and to create a harmonious room concept i chose white as the main colour, and different pops of colour in the form of loads of flowers and herbs.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

shopping love: new origami articles @DejaVu ♥

[en] hello my dears! today i want to show you some new articles which i have recently put into my onlinestore DejaVu. i have created some new origami figurines - my first attempt of making origami flowers (more precisely tulips, which are available in many different colours) and heart-shaped origami bookmarks and hidden safes. what do you think of my new creations?

[de] hallo meine lieben! heute möchte ich euch ein paar produkte zeigen welche ich vor kurzem in meinem onlineshop DejaVu eingestellt habe. ich habe ein paar neue origami figuren hergestellt - darunter mein erster versuch, origami blumen herzustellen (genauer handelt es sich hierbei um origami tulpen, welche in vielen verschiedenen farben erhältlich sein werden) und herzförmige origami lesezeichen und origami herzen mit geheimfächern. wie gefallen euch meine neuen kreationen?


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

the best of the blogs - the winners of feb 15

[en] hello my dears! today i want to present you the winner of februarys' version of 'the best of the blogs'. the winner is esra from 'nachgestern ist vormorgen'. i love her blog and her extraordinary style. congratulation to you!! and thanks to everyone who participated.

[de] hallo meine lieben! heute möchte ich euch die gewinnerin der februar-edition von 'the best of the blogs' vorstellen. diesmal hat es esra von 'nachgestern ist vormorgen' geschafft. ich liebe ihren blog und ihren außergewöhnlichen style. glückwunsch an dich! und danke an alle, die mitgemacht haben.



Monday, 2 February 2015

travelling love: welcome to hogwarts - state hall of the austrian national library.

[en] hello my dears. today i want to show you the next part of my visual travelling diary from vienna. weeks before our trip to vienna i have skimmed through the merian travel guide le boy had gifted me with earlier. there was one place i especially craved to see. it was the state hall of the austrian national library. i always was very much into books and libraries dignifying the beauty of literature and on my inner bucket list there was the desire to see all the beautiful libraries visitable in the whole wide world. i haven't seen so many, yet, but i was in urgent need to see the state hall once i got sight of it in the viennese travel guide. so we made a plan to see it on our third day in this beautiful city. i was definitely not disappointed. it wasn't the stendhal syndrome i felt inside of me, although i felt overly at the mercy of a total sensory overload, but in the best sense of the word. i was amazed of the beauty of a gazillion of century-old books, statues, globes, frescos ... and i had the huge craving to stay there forever. to never leave again. the first outspoken thought of le boy was: 'omg, we're in hogwarts!' and yes, i had the same thought. i imagined that the ancient and sacred halls of hogwarts would have had the same impact upon the first-years when they marched into the great hall for the very first time.