Tuesday, 19 August 2014

shopping love: the definition of a formal dress + the latest and most beautiful styles.

my dears, today i would like to give you a little lesson about the theories of fashion and dress codes. 

very often when you're browsing through the depths of different online shops you can read about formal dresses. maybe you saw loads of adorable short or floor length dresses with loads of embroideries and beautiful embellishments. and maybe you have asked yourself what exactly defines a formal occasion - and what a dress code in general is defined through.

a dress code is a set of rules governing what garments may be worn together and in what setting. further we can distinguish informal to formal settings.

informal occasions for example would be leisure activities.

formal occasions could be festivities such as weddings, prom evenings, anniversaries or cocktail parties. they could also be gala events, an award presentation ceremony, or a night at the opera house. just think about all the beautiful ladies in beautiful and flamboyant dresses at the academy awards night. the specific occasion now defines what you can wear in terms of dress length, colour, and so on.

Mermaid/Trumpet Off-the-Shoulder Zipper-Up Formal Evening  Dress

Flowers Trumpet/Mermaid Sweetheart Long Dasha's Evening DressSpaghetti Straps Column Floor-length  Taline's Evening Dress

Mermaid Floor-Length Sweetheart Brush Train Luba's Evening Dress

i have found some very lovely formal dresses of different length and colour on tbdress.com and today i want to show you my favourites out of this category. 
i'm always in love with mermaid shaped dresses, as well as lace, tulle and many black-coloured styles.

i hope that you like my selection and my little educational fashion unit.

now it's your turn
which styles would be your favourites? is there a formal occasion in the near future you're looking forward to?

Monday, 18 August 2014

vegan love: 유부초밥 - homemade yubuchobap / inari sushi.

some days ago i have made my very first sushi - fried tofu bags marinated with maple syrup and filled with sushirice and sesame. in japan these are called inari sushi and in hangul (korean language) it is called 유부초밥, or in western letters 'yubuchobap'.

they are quite easy to make, unbelievably delicious and totally vegan.

유부초밥 was one of my favourite korean dishes when i was a child and up to this day it still belongs to my favourites.

if you need the recipe feel free to contact me!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

new in: new goodies from milanoo.com ♥

some days ago i received some wonderful new accessoires and apparel from milanoo.com - a beautiful jumpsuit with blue and white ornaments, a funny lip shaped clutch and a pair of super comfy black thongs with silver-coloured embellishments.

i especially love the lip shaped and bright red clutch because i always wanted one and i always adore fancy accessoires because they always add an extraordinary and flamboyant touch to any outfit.

what do you think of my new wardrobe goodies? 

Monday, 11 August 2014

shopping love: cocktail dresses

i really love fancy dress shopping, not only when it comes to the point where i'm in need of a beautiful dress for a wedding party, a date night or another opera visit. one of my favourite places for fancy dress shopping is tbdress.com - they have a huge selection of special occasion dresses. 

today i want to show you a selection of my favourite cocktail dresses of the latest season.

A-Line Sweetheart Embroidery Beading Yarn Short-Length Cocktail/Party Dress

Gorgeous A-line Short Bateau Appliques Sequins Zipper-Up Cocktail Dress Column Mini Flowers Strapless Dasha's Prom Cocktail Dress

A-Line Short/Mini Beading Lace-Up Cocktail Dress

Sunday, 10 August 2014

room tour: a pink coloured living room ♥

ladies and gentlemen, the waiting comes to an end today: i proudly present you ... my pink coloured living room! you might already have seen some tiny parts of it in previous posts, but today the focus is solely on the living room and its special details.