Wednesday, 23 April 2014

food love: homemade butterfly cookies with fondant ♥

aren't these cookies looking lovely and absolutely delicious? i must admit that i have baked these cookies a very long time ago - last year. and i simply forgot to put it online. forgive me that! sometimes there's simply no time and i've got loads of work to do ... sometimes i'm very stressed and life has a quite firm grip - sometimes negatively spoken, mostly positive. and now there's a time when most of the things seem positive. there are exciting new experiences waiting for me and life isn't always simply about being safe and sound, but about being courageous and to see what's going on in this wide wide world - and maybe to find something more beautiful and bigger than anything you've had before. so this life is about being lived - and it wants to be lived, because of all the beautiful things that happen on your journey through it. preserve these memories, experiences and thoughts in your mind, your head, your soul.

have a wonderful week 

p.s. i made these cookies out of butter cookie dough and added fondant to it which i previously coloured green. i can tell you guys that this is really taking up time - but it's worth it, because those cookies were really mouthwateringly delicious - so if you want/need the recipe, feel free to write me!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

all you need is love ... but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.

... but too much chocolate isn't good, too. i had to endure that the last days because there was way too much easter chocolate and yes, if it comes to chocolate truffles, bunnies and pralinés i simply cannot say no - which isn't very healthy if you're lactose intolerant. XD but here's something nice: my new chandelier for the living room has arrived and it looks fantastic! also we will visit my new flat again today to see what still needs to be done and today we'll also visit the DIY market to buy wall paint - pink, petrol blue and white (it's gonna be legendarily colourful XD), and also some black paint for a tree which i want to paint into my bedroom and some golden paint for lovely flowers which will grow upon it, and also some white paint for porcelain vases which need a new colour and look. ahhh can't wait - i'm so curious :D

Saturday, 19 April 2014

you had all the prayers of my loose heart ♥

aaaahhh i'm so happy !!! ... finally i've received the keys for my new flat and my new renter is SUCH a nice guy who will help me with quite a few of the cosmetic repairs in my new flat and also will gift me with a new and beautiful country style lamp for my balcony so i can sit outside to read a book and drink a nice glass of red wine when it gets warmer <3 i'm still in search for a nice balcony furniture set but i already bought some new clocks and interior decoration for my new home. i have already measured the area i need to paint and next week we will visit the DIY market to buy paint, brushes and some other nice things to make my new home pretty pretty pretty! OH! i'm so looking forward to next month when i finally will move in - can't wait to show you the pics of my new home and the house warming party ♥ ♥ 

dress: vintage, via / cardigan: vintage, via / flats: gabor / bag: hoss intropia / ring: DejaVu

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

matt sartain.

today i want to introduce you to another fantastic contemporary artist and photographer - matt sartain (click). i think the overwhelmingly beautiful pictures speak for themselves. i especially love his travelling woman and the levitating man (the latter reminds me somewhat of one of my favourite artists, caspar david friedrich, although sartains works are much less melancholic or dark).