Monday, 28 July 2014

vegan love: homemade vegan pizza.

making your very own pizza dough isn't difficult - it's very easy! just like tarte flambée, you simply need very few ingredients which can be counted on the fingers of one hand. for the basic dough you need flour, yeast, water and olive oil. you can spice it up with sugar and a bit of salt, but you don't have to. thus it's very easy!

below you can read the exact amounts which you will need to mix the dough together.

you can add different toppings. tomato purée and vegan cheese are essential. what you add on top is free for you to choose. for my very first homemade vegan pizza i have chosen onion bits, tomato slices, kalamata olive slices and many different herbs and chili.

it's very delicious and oh so easy to make - you simply have to try it out yourself!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

interior love: painting glasses white.

since most of the decoration and furniture in my kitchen is white i wanted all of my vases to look like that, too. unfortunately i didn't have so many white vases but on several blogs i have read about the idea to use pickle glasses of different shapes and colouring them white so that one can use them as small vases afterwards. i liked this idea very much and thus i gathered loads and loads of them, bought varnishing spray in white and started my new DIY project!

what is most important is that you're working outside (if possible) and that you've got enough support surface because the spray will have a huge diameter. thus i have chosen some of my old moving boxes. with a distance of approx. you should stick to a distance of 15-30cm between they spray and the glass you want to colour. in a few hours the glass should be dry. but precautionary i have waited one day or 24h until i put them back inside.

another time you're getting best results for less work. i love the look of the new vases. the different shapes add a fun and also sophisticated twist on the table.

Friday, 25 July 2014

outfit: let 'em talk 'cause we're dancing in this world alone.

i love summer - it's warm, you can drink your lactose free latte macchiato outside, you can wear light clothes in candy colours and wear sunglasses without anybody looking dumb at you XD ... well, not that i really care. nobody should care what other people say, if one's not hurting anybody but just doing one's own thing. lorde knows best. that's why i chose a line of her song 'a world alone' for this outfit post. why caring about other people's opinions if you feel like singing in your car, if you feel like kissing in the rain, if you love harry potter although you're an adult and that's a book series 'only written for children, and you're definitely not a child !!!', ... or if you feel well after being dropped into a pot of candy colours with high class jewellery and black cat eye sunnies with nothing really matching in the eyes of bigoted micropolis inhabitants - why caring about it if that's YOU. so show yourself. BE yourself! you only have one life, and you got to live it to its fullest.

i'm wishing you all a great day 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

interior love: painting frames white.

today i want to show you another DIY project i have started and finished some time ago. i already reported about my other vintage frame project earlier this year. you might have read about it here: click

now i had some more wooden frames which were made of ordinary and somewhat boring brown wood and i wanted to colour them white, so that they would fit into my kitchen where the colour white somewhat prevailed. 

again i used wood varnish. i have painted with a big brush and a smaller one for the finishing touch. it also didn't take as long as the first time, but now i only had four small photo frames, and i also needed a single layer of varnish.

i must admit that although you're not doing much you've got a very huge change. the look of the frames is so much different and i was very satisfied with the end result.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

outfit: this is the beginning of everything you want.

i love this song line from the beautiful intro to boy's fantastic debut album. you might already have heard of it, or them. if not so: do it! immediately. these two ladies are musicians with all their heart and soul and with high ingenuity. and this ingenuity can be heard in each of their 12 titles. in the musical harmonies and in their lyrics, too. 

well, it doesn't happen often that i must admit that i really love EVERY song on an album but it happened with boy.