Wednesday, 14 February 2018

STATEMENT: be my valentine - or not?

[en] It's Valentines Day! To mark the occasion i want to share some romantic outfit recommendations for you. Me, i guess that i'll be wearing my red Dolce & Gabbana lace dress which i have shown you in my outfit post 'i dreamt i dwelt in marble halls' which i have posted in 2015. This beauty is worn way insufficiently and i believe that it goes nicely with this festive occasion.

But of course i know that the opinions regarding this day are somewhat ... divided. Personally I believe that a day devoted to the most wonderful thing on earth is beautiful. Why not celebrate this day with the one you love the most?

flower garden.

Monday, 12 February 2018

STATEMENT: #thirtysomething | pearl embroidered beret, green blouse, chicuu shorts, vinyl boots.

[en] Some days ago i crossed that notorious age border and lined up in the group of the so called 'Thirtysomethings'.

Crossing the border – fears about social conventions, the future and self-doubt.

Of course i contemplated about this very special age in advance and about the social conventions concomitant with it.

I must admit that there was a whole lot of fear inside of me when i thought about this whole new chapter of my life. And this fear was accompanied by a whole lot of doubt and frustration regarding my surroundings and my life. I guess that the latter emerged because of my last relationship which turned out as a complete failure. Once again.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

GIVEAWAY | INTERIOR: bredemeijer cosy manto in gold.

[en] sponsored post - you know that i love everything shiny and beautiful, that's why i totally enjoy beautifully designed decoration and crockery. some time ago i ran a chance to collaborate with the trditional crockery brand bredemeijer. i chose their beautiful teapot cosy manto in gold. i love the beautiful golden details in combination with its white china. it fits perfectly to my interior and sweetens any teatime.

bredemeijer also gifted me with a second teapot to raffle for you, my dear readers. the bredemeijer cosy manto teapot in gold is worth 106,95€.

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