Friday 30 March 2012

Monday 26 March 2012

and i look across him and see my morning sun.

secret reversers.

this is what makes me happy:

-florence + the machine / beirut / tori amos
-prettily decorated note books, calendars, photo albums
-to be in front of the camera or behind
-eclaires / latte macchiato with caramel syrup / chai
-playing chopin / satie on the piano
-the night ...
-spraying perfume in the hair and scarf in the morning
-to stand in line in the supermarket with a box of chocolate and chowing them in the train, while the people are staring
-creating sims and letting them die quickly afterwards
-coffeeshops, coffee and such stuff
-to hug and kiss somebody you really love
-buying chips and beer in a french supermarket with riff-raff money
-dancing on in the middle of the streat and singing if it overcomes you
-laughing so hard you cry because you love the german version of lamas with hats so much
-to mix up foreign words with vernacular language
-eating in general / talking about food
-lying cuddly in your own bed and falling asleep
-getting to know a city on the basis of museums, coffeeshops and a walk near the river
-exploring parks at night, hand in hand with the person you love
-my chanel-earrings
-amélie / eagle vs. shark / moulin rouge
-cuddly dolphins
-getting a surprise present of a good friend of yours when you expect it the least
-the same reversed
-the last golden rays of light after a good day
-grinning in the full train because the part of the book you're reading at the moment is so perfectly described and don't give a damn about the people who cannot cope with the situation and who sit in front of you
-writing a really good short story, printing it out, reading it by yourself, smiling, and then putting it in your wallet to always carry it with you afterwards
-clothes that are light, but keep you warm
-tube scarfs in red and nude
-to be told 'i love you' in korean
-croc (ankle-)boots
-a kiss on your forehead
-coffee with milk and a good book in the 'barock' in landau
-spontaneously visiting the luisenpark
-dressing up and feeling well while laughing and going right through the city with a good friend of yours
-having a pleasant conversation with friends
-going to the cinema after months of abstinence and watching a movie you wanted to watch for a long time and which still is still running
-the red light of my blackberry ... :)
-making travelling plans, and which are to be realised in the near future
-what-i-still-WANT-to-do-lists for the next years and realising them by and by
-walking along the beach and recognizing your own footprints in the sand
-knowing (and having confirmed) that you're pretty
-deja vu experiences at foreign places ...
-thinking of the house you will be living in one day
-realizing, that there are secret talents in you, or rediscovering old ones
-to strike a really high note in a song, though you always thought you'd never succeed in that
-smiling at somebody and getting a smile back
-to be able to live in the present and to know that your future will be as perfect as it is now ...

Wednesday 21 March 2012


i found a new store in the world wide web. it's called 'light in the box' and well ... just look at those amazing shoes i've just found.
now i toy with the notion of buying one of these pairs - but i just cannot make up my mind WHICH one to choose ... or actually choosing one at all?

what do you think?


(pics via

Tuesday 20 March 2012

'cause every time I see your bubbly face I get the tingles in a silly place

hi dears!

today we had 20° ! :) spring had already arrived off the record but now it finally arrived officially! we had to use that, so today went to the star freshery in mannheim (do you know it?) to finally get bubble tea and cupcakes ... unfortunately the shop had run out of bobas that day -.- so i decided to take a black tea with milk and mango jellys instead and my love got a hibiscus yoghurt tea, also with mango jellys. along with it we had cupcakes - me a 'strawberry queen' (get a load of that XD) and my love had one with coco and cream and a chocolate topping ...

Saturday 17 March 2012

runway fashion fall/winter 2012/13

spring hadn't really started yet and the designers already dashed forward to the fall/winter season with runway shows.

what are your must haves or it pieces for the upcoming season?

food love: let's spread some love ...

... and have a wonderful, sunny day :-*

Thursday 15 March 2012

oh, oh no, oh no, oh no no.

well, just think about that:
you'll just try to make some funky photos of your (admittedly) simple outfit with your black skater dress and red scarf
... and then you watch them over ...

Wednesday 14 March 2012


yesterday we visited one of my favourite bars. it's the 'maritim mannheim'. 
it's a piano bar, very elegant, with brown leather chairs and golden chandeliers and a really nice waitress. yesterday there were also two musicians playing nostalgic songs ... 
it was such a lovely evening !

dress: H&M
scarf: beijing exclusive
earrings: ASOS
shoes: deichmann
belt: patricia field
jacket: H&M
 necklace: beijing exclusive

do you like bubble tea? do you have a favourite café/bar? :)

Tuesday 13 March 2012

food love: shake it out.


just felt like making a strawberry milkshake - so i made it. first pic shows our kitchen window, orchids and my basil plant i never water ... well, you can see it there ^^ i just do not have green fingers ... :( 
i got some parisian madeira cake with pudding cream inside and sliced almonds on top with the milkshake ... want some too ? :)


Saturday 10 March 2012

it's springtime!


yeeeeeeah - spring has finally stretched out it's wings! ... well, actually at least some days or a few hours. some days ago you really could feel the warmth of sun on your skin. my outfit is dedicated to the first warm days of the year, after this awfully frosty winter.
what do you think of it? :)


shirt: beijing exclusive
skirt: h&m via KK
coat: beijing exclusive
cardigan: clockhouse
scarf: beijing exclusive
earrings: ASOS
ring: beijing exclusive

Thursday 8 March 2012

... et moi, je suis ophélie.

... no, actually not. i'm just very much into everything that has to do with ophélie or her fair-weather friend hamlet.
does anybody know the marvellous opera by french composer ambroise thomas? it's a masterpiece of musical art. and i think it's one of the best operas i've ever seen.
it was in 2010 when i saw it in the MET NY live in HD production with marlis petersen and simon keenlyside. the play had also been published on dvd.

but when i think of my examination phase (the next exam will be on the 26th of march, uargh.) i could turn into a different kind of ophélie - maybe running around in circles while screaming aloud. ... yep, that would be an idea. not.
but there will be a welcome diversion on the 28th of march. i will visit paris to see florence + the machine live in concert. this will be sooooo awesome! :)

... ok, well - i should really carry on with the learning stuff now. :/

dress: glamorous UK


Marni for H&M.


What do you think of the new H&M designer coopertation with Marni?
They get in line in a list of former cooperations with prestigious labels such as Lagerfeld, Victor & Rolf, Versace, etc.

Did you see the TV-spot yet? 
If not so, here is it ...

I like Sofia Coppola as director ('Lost in Translation' and the oh so splendid 'Marie Antoinette') - she has a very different style of camera work and her films glimmer in poppy colours or - in the case of the Marni TV-spot - in lovely pastel colours.

Well, if I am honest I did not expect very much from another designer cooperation with H&M. The last collections were kind of ... distractingly boring.
Or really ugly (just think of the Versace for H&M collection. Uaaaah ...)

But this is kinda different. 

(pics via

I think the brown white dotted dress  and the blue and brown colour block one are really lovely. I also like the brown bag ... although i actually do not like such a puristic design.
The collection is now available in selected stores and online.
Hum ... OK. I have a mind to grab me some pieces. :)

You can get them here.


Sunday 4 March 2012

there's much more to life than what you see.


hi dears!

after a long time i have decided to line up in a visibly wide range of bloggers from around the world. i thought about it quite early but i simply never found the time and space to start.
actually i've always wished for a day with 24h multipled by 2 - it always seems that you have much more to do with much less time available ... XD

let's see how it works!

about me:
i'm a 24 old student from germany - very much into fashion, music and arts. due to my studying (i study philosophy and english studies) and interests which have been framed in the past i'm very potty about books. i could read all day ... but well, there's again the problem with time.
oh and i love eating.

i absolutely adore chanel, black green and red (you might be able to spot that in my future posts), berets, and clothes with lace - loads of lace ...
i love klimt, mondrian (dresses), kitsch, shabby chic and bric-a-brac, retro stuff and polka dots and oh i love crazy sunglasses ... i'm collecting them. i also like cocktail parties (while drinking loads of sex on the beach and pina colada) and mary janes and cowboyboots in crazy colours (i have a pair in bilious green with paisley-patterns). well and i'm so into big fat rings and jewellery with loads of pearls and ribbons.
i must admit i'm kinda girly sometimes ... but who is not?

i hope you will enjoy my scribble.

xoxo, dahi.


dress: beijing exclusive.