Thursday 30 November 2017

SHOOTING: pink bouclé, pearls & faux leather.

[en] sponsored - bouclé definitely ranges among my favourite fashion fabrics (alliteration alert! XD) and of course my favourite fashion icon coco is responsible for that. and if this beautiful fabric is coloured in shades of pink (and white) i couldn't be any happier! i'm also in love with the beautiful pearl details.

i have combined it with my favourite faux leather leggings, vintage and gem stone jewellery and my favourite red book bag (which you might already have seen in my posting about the perfect horse racing look).
and of course chanel jewellery and chanel make-up musn't be left out in an outfit which should be a hommage to coco chanel!

what do you think about bouclé and todays ootd?

model & styling: dahi k.

Thursday 23 November 2017

SHOPPING: 10 festive outfits for the holiday season '17.

[en] Advertisement - christmas is just around the corner and i can't wait for the first stroll over the christmas market (the christmas market in baden-baden will open its doors next week, on the 27th of november), the smell of freshly baked christmas cookies and the scent of delicious mulled wine.
of course it's also high time for glamorous festivities - and the perfect time to take out your most beautiful wardrobe pieces!

at the peek & cloppenburg online store i have found some flamboyant dresses, high heels and clutches and created my top 10 outfits for this years festive season.

which outfits would be your favourites?

Sunday 19 November 2017

SHOOTING: les nymphéas.

[en] the musée de l'orangerie is a magical place located in the beautiful parisian jardin des tuileries and houses some of the most incredible impressionist artworks, not forgetting the enchanting nymphéas by claude monet in two oval-shaped exhibition rooms.

todays shooting photos were taken within one of these showrooms. i really love the works of claude monet and his nymphéas, or water lilies, range among my most beloved impressionist artworks. luckily i have worn a matching dress this day - sometimes whilst looking at the outcome i cannot mark the beginning of my dress or the painting in the background ... i like that thought because it also reflects my understanding about fashion as an artform - thus i believe that my outfit choice must have been planned by my subconscious.

have you ever been to the musée de l'orangerie?

model & styling: dahi k.
photography: alice b.
jardin tuileries
75001 paris

Tuesday 7 November 2017

TRAVEL: paris undiscovered - my top ten places to visit in the city.

[en] paris ranges among my most beloved places on earth and it definitely has much more to offer than the eiffel tower. today i want to show you my top ten places in paris not every tourist might be aware of. good food and drinks included!

et voilà – here they are!