Saturday 24 December 2016

FESTIVE SEASON: my top 10 favourite christmas songs.

[en] hello my dears. today, on christmas eve, i want to share my favourite top 10 christmas carols and instrumentals with you. some of them are merry, some of them mirror the feelings of the past horrible things that happened all over the world. all of them contain the true meaning of christmas for me: love. love as a light shining through all the times of hardship one has to endure. 'a thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices. for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn'. these lines from my most favourite christmas carol, 'oh holy night', summarizes it all.

i'm wishing a very merry christmas to all of you.

what are your favourite christmas songs of all times?

  1. oh holy night - nat king cole
  2. a christmas song - nat king cole
  3. i'm dreaming of home from merry christmas
  4. maria durch ein dornwald ging - wiener sängerknaben
  5. walking in the air from the snowman
  6. love actually – love theme
  7. twelve days of christmas - kathleen battle, frederica van stade, andré previn
  8. here come's santa claus – doris day
  9. marys boy child - kathleen battle & co.
  10. cool yule - louis armstrong

[de] hallo meine lieben. am heutigen heilig abend möchte ich meine 10 liebsten weihnachtslieder und instrumentals mit euch teilen. manche sind fröhlich und manche widerspiegeln die schrecklichen ereignisse der vergangenen tage, welche die welt und unseren frieden heimsuchen wollen. aber alle von ihnen werden geprägt von der emotion, welche das weihnachtsfest ausmachen sollte: liebe. liebe als ein licht, das in der dunkelheit leuchtet und welches all die widrigkeiten des lebens ertragbar macht. 'eine aufregende Hoffnung, die von leid getragene welt freut sich, dass ein neuer und prachtvoller morgen anbricht'. diese liedzeilen meines liebsten weihnachtsliedes 'oh holy night' fassen es perfekt zusammen.

frohe weihnachten an euch alle.

was sind eure allerliebsten weihnachtslieder?

Tuesday 20 December 2016

#bloggermeeting adventskalender - INSPIRATION: 101 things in 1001 days.

[en] hello my dears. this years coming to an end very soon and ... to be honest i'm quite happy that it's just like that. too many horrible things have happened within the course of this year. in terms of world affairs just think of the new years eve of horror for many thousands of women and girls in cologne. think of great britains' exit from the european union. think of populists all over the world coming to power, of growing hate and right-wing thoughts, of paris and belgium, of turkey and the krim, of syria and, not just since yesterday, of germany. the witch-hunt against the south korean female president, a misogynist and openly right-winged president in the USA.

and in terms of my personal life my life very early had a bad start. i don't want to write too much about it, because this would be getting too personal. i can just say that it was a nightmare. and yet, there were some moments compensating many of the bad ones this year. after a long time of contact termination me and my mum reunited and managed to have a much more open dialogue and gained a deeper connection than ever before. i got to know many interesting people and new friends i don't want to miss in my life anymore. i reached 15k on instagram and got the possibility of some new and very inspiring blogger cooperations. i have visited london for the very first time with a very good friend of mine and next year there will be many more interesting blog collabs to follow. and, after a very hard time together, i have found a new friend. a friend for life and i thank god for this beautiful present.

well and i also have made up my mind about some things in my life that just don't go right - after a long period of desperation - and that i need to change some things to make it better. also in terms of work ...

you know that life can be very hard at times ... and that you will more often experience bad days than good ones.

but it's also true that, well, it's the bad times that will make you stronger and which also will make you more aware to appreciate the small happy moments. it is these very moments that make our lives worthwhile.

the auther and writer Robert Frost also knew that 'happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length'. and oh how well does that fit into my very personal life this year.

but human beings are able to transform their lives to the better, if they are willing to do so.

so why not trying to multiply the chances of happy moments by actively planning them?

that's why i love the idea of '101 things in 1001 days'. a personal list of 101 preset personal tasks in a period of 1001 days which can help you to approach life more awarely and to seize the day to the fullest!

the expression of 'things' might be a bit deceptive because the focus of course in all about moments, experiences and not actually material 'things' which can only make you happy for a very short moment and it's the moments which will linger in your hearts and which will create memories that will stay in your hearts forever.

let's get active in creating and re-creating our future. why wait for sth. to happen when you can immediately start making it happen yourself?

i hope this post to be inspirational for many of you, my dear fellow readers, and i would love you to comment below if i inspired you to create your own personal '101 things in 1001 days'.

you can find more details about the project (and more inspiration for your own list) here:

my 1001 day project starts on december 20, 2016 and will end on september 9, 2019.

the countdown and full list are over here.

  • write the list

  • drink champagne and eat oysters with my friends on Christmas Eve
  • make gyoza and mandu with a japanese friend of mine
  • take my mum out for a musical visit
  • inspire someone to create their own 101 in 1001 days
  • make a trip with my mum
  • cook a korean dinner for my brother and my dad
  • send flowers to someone 'just because'
  • visit the graves of my grand-aunt and cousin
  • prepare a turkey feast and invite all friends to come over and share it
  • research my family tree and find out more about my ancestors
  • send out selfmade christmas cards to my family and friends
  • buy a stranger coffee
  • make a picnic with friends
  • celebrate a kick-ass 30th birthday with all my friends
  • celebrate new year's eve with my girls
  • pay for someone's order behind me in line
  • attend the wedding of a good friend/my best friend
  • build a snowman with someone
  • take silly photos in a photo booth with someone
  • leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find
  • write a handwritten letter to someone special in my life
  • do a closet clean and donate everything
  • visit the graves of my grand-aunt, grand-ma and cousin, light a candle and bring some flowers

  • find THE ONE
  • get engaged
  • get married
  • fast for seven days on water, tea and organic juices
  • refresh my french language skills
  • refresh my korean language skills
  • drink bubbly in a hot tub
  • see jonas kaufmann live in concert
  • take dancing lessons
  • kiss under a mistletoe
  • stop smoking
  • work through all my open browser tabs and close them
  • go to the cinema alone
  • watch every movie in which my grand-aunt linda wong took part
  • visit a horse racing
  • pay off all debt
  • see neil hammon/god help the girl/stuart murdoch in concert
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
  • visit an antique market
  • be able to say thank you in 10 different languages
  • restart archery
  • manage to fit into my old prom dress until my 30st birthday
  • sing at a karaoke bar
  • reach 55 kilos/size S (or be happy at my weight and say, “Screw it”)
  • dance in the rain
  • read all 'a song of ice and fire' books
  • go swimming at night
  • say yes to 5 things i'd normally say no to
  • finally put up my own curtains in my flat
  • read the bible completely
  • take a mensa test
  • visit the roomers rooftop bar in baden-baden
  • attend a TV show or sth. TV related
  • visit a karaoke bar again
  • visit a day spa and get a massage
  • write my name into the sand
  • paint another oil painting

  • write a list of 100 places i still want to visit in my life
  • visit my cousins in NYC
  • visit my grand-uncle in texas
  • visit las vegas
  • revisit my family in south korea
  • visit japan
  • visit barcelona
  • visit oia
  • visit a city in germany i have never visited before
  • visit mont saint michel
  • visit rome
  • give berlin another try

  • visit a fashion week
  • have a reader meet-up
  • reach 20000 followers via instagram
  • reach 30000 followers via instagram
  • reach 50000 followers via instagram
  • have a shooting in paris
  • have an extravagant beauty shoot
  • create new business cards
  • find a job i love
  • test my english language skills and receive a certificate
  • write another book
  • celebrate my 5th blog anniversary with a photo shooting and golden balloons

  • learn how to make pasta
  • have a fancy dinner on the beach
  • try fugu fish
  • take a baking course on how to create opulent cookies/cakes
  • Try eight new-to-me foods
  • eat a burrito
  • drink a crazy shake
  • go berry picking

  • own a coffee table book
  • own a car
  • own a chanel 2.55
  • own a better camaera (DSLR or sth. similar)
  • own a go-pro
  • get that star-wars themed IKEA lamp that's so cool
  • get me a costume/trouser suit with the perfect fit
  • buy a new pair of glasses
  • own another game of thrones costume
  • own a damier bag

Thursday 15 December 2016

FESTIVE SEASON: CHICWISH flared brocade dress, gamiss bucket bag, dragon bracelet, chanel earrings.

[en] hi peeps! today i've got another festive outfit post for you. the shooting took place that the beautiful castle favorite near baden-baden. i have worn a beautiful flared brocade midi dress by chicwish, my favourite chanel earrings and my gamiss bucket bag which i also took with me at the grand prix ball in september. i think that flared dresses are perfect to create a feminine shape and my new friend, paula the swan, thought alike!

what will you wear at the upcoming christmas days?

Friday 9 December 2016

EVENT: FESTIVE SEASON - grand prix ball baden-baden 2016.

[en] hi peeps! within my festive season series today i want to show you some impressions of my first ball i have ever attended in baden-baden. i have visited the grand prix ball which took part in the time-honoured bénazet hall at the kurhaus casino within the baden-racing festival week on the 3rd of september.

it was a glamorous evening with a wonderful framework program, an amazing 4 course dinner, many of well-dressed people and a live swing band, which attracted the guests to the dancefloor.

furthermore all the guests got free entrance to the casino which was located in the same building. the guests were also given a red carpet welcome and it was an amazing feeling to walk across it with all the numerous spectators.

all female guests were gifted with an escada goody bag which included a voucher worth 200€ and a dusty blue wallet.

in my floor-length red lace dress i felt more than appropriately dressed.
yes, i definitely should have taken more pictures but my senses and synapses were too busy but also more than satisfied.

the next ball in baden-baden will take place on new years eve. prices range between 140€ - 180€. please click here for more details.
don't let the chance slip, it's worth it!

floor-length red lace dress: cndirect (similar here) / earrings: chanel (similar here) / bag: gamiss (DIRECT LINK)