Friday 31 January 2014

NEW IN: new clothes for zumba ♥

today i want to show you some nice new stuff in my wardrobe - a new shirt and sneakers for our next zumba lessons and workouts. and the best is, both items are PINK! and i love them so much - the sports shirt is very comfortable and i already wore it two times at the gym and the sneakers are also very comfortable and nice to walk in them! 

what do you think of my new stuff? do you have a sports outfit or apparel especially for sports? do you work out at the gym?

Thursday 30 January 2014

the wedding of my mum - impressions ♥

my mum and her husband

wedding rings.

hi dears! finally i want to show you some impressions of the wedding of my mum, which took place 2 weeks ago. 
it was wonderful. 

the pankratius chapel was a nice quite modern church with a charming wooden interior and an amazingly huge and spacious organ - i played the entry to the wedding ceremony, the wedding march by mendelssohn and later two pieces which my mum and her husband had chosen earlier. 
there were two other musicians, a pianist and a singer from our church in mannheim. our korean pastor lead through the ceremony which was mostly held in german, but also korean. 
many german and korean friends of my mum and her husband attended the wedding. 

my mum wore a beautiful floor-length white dress with lace and pearls and a fascinator with a short viel and a beautiful flower which i had bought for her earlier. 
she looked awesome.  

my brother wore a black suit and a cream coloured vest and looked absolutely handsome. 

i wore my cream coloured ruffled dress from chicwish and chanel earrings. the dress was so comfortable and it is really recommendable for anyone who wants to look chic yet don't want to miss a certain wearing comfort. 

afterwards the wedding guests proceeded to a nice croatian restaurant where the wedding party took place. my mum changed into a traditional korean dress called hanbok which she designed herself (she had been a fashion designer while still in korea) and a red coat, but left her fascinator on. we ate delicious food in three courses and had loads of fun and great conversations. 

and guess what - i caught the bridal bouquet so i guess it's my turn next time, haha XD

me and my brother 

Sunday 26 January 2014

OUTFIT: today was yesterday's tomorrow.

leather dress: ZARA / coat: mango / bag: louis vuitton / shoes: via / scarf: via / earrings: chanel / watch: rolex / ring: via

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Friday 17 January 2014

OUTFIT: all of your brain could be mine ♥

this, with some slight changes, will be my outfit for the wedding of my mum tomorrow - i think that i'd rather wear my sammydress boots tomorrow, instead of the mary janes, because the former are much more comfortable and this will be a real must tomorrow XD ... but i really love the ruffled dress from chicwish and my owl bag - i think i'm in love XD ... the ruffled dress is romantic and in my opinion perfect for a wedding and the owl bag gives an overly cute twist ... also it reminds me of the harry potter series and thus i can also show that i'm a crazy potterhead XD i will also post some more harry potter inspired outfits in the future, so stay tuned :) i'm so very excited because i will play the entrance melody and hey, aren't weddings always an exciting thing?! ;) when did you last visit a wedding? i hope you like my outfit ♥

Thursday 16 January 2014

7 outfit inspirations to wear as a wedding guest - house of fraser AW 13/14

since my mum will marry this saturday and i'm quite in a dither because i will play the wedding march at the beginning, and i'm also very delighted for her. thus appropriate to the occasion today i want to show you some outfits which are in my opinion recommendable for a wedding. you'll look absolutely gorgeous in those outfits! and who says you cannot wear black for a wedding? just think about gothic weddings? and what about black best known as the most elegant of all colours? ;) 

in my opinion weddings are the perfect occasion to strike with your great sense of fashion and style and to stand out of the crowd.

i created every outfit with the beautiful selection of apparel from the UK based onlineshop 'house of fraser' and their collection for AW 13/14. 

i hope you like them! 
which one would be your favourite?

Tuesday 14 January 2014

OUTFIT: good morning freedom, good night lullabies.

hi dears! now here's first real outfit post with my new jeffrey campbell lookalikes from sammydress which i already have shown you here (click). 
i love them so much !!! 
yes they look super high, and they ARE, indeed - each boot with a plateau of 4cm, and a heel height of 12cm - but still very comfortable. i never could have imagined that, but i felt really certain after all the dancing when we celebrated the night to my birthday at the wonderful tiffany club in mannheim (here you can see some impressions: click) ... but then back home i noticed my slightly swollen feet and the next day i had a real muscle hangover. well but it's of course more than okay for SUCH a height and normally i rather wear wedges because generally they are more comfortable than normal heels - but these are also much more comfortable than my wedges from super mode which you have already seen here (click). 
also, i don't think that the hangover and swollen feet came solely from the shoes, but also because we danced quite excessively XD

shopping love:

Lovely Round Neckline Long Sleeves Beading Print DressDelicate Euramerican Black and White Stripe Nipped Waist Sheath Dress

Modern Euramerican Three Quarters Sleeves  Dress Polished Popular Slim Long Sleeves Knit Sheath Doll Collar Dress

Graceful One Shoulder Rhinestone Tunic Rose DressUnique Hot Selling V-neck off Shoulder Sleeveless Red Day Dress

today i want to show you another wishlist with the nice dresses from - i have written about that onlineshop before and it's really recommendable. the prices are very low and the quality of the designs is absolutely acceptable. they have got a nice selection of dresses, shirts, skirts, pants and also wedding & evening dresses. today i want to show you some of my favourite plus size party dresses - i have got the dress size 38/40, thus i would rather choose size M or L. L is better for you to order in asian online shops if you also wear an european size S or M, because the sizes vary a lot from european ones and are much tighter, thus we can speak of asian plus size dresses here. i'm also half-asian (more precisely i'm half-korean) but i'm wearing an european size M, mostly. within the last few years i have ordered loads of clothes from asian onlineshops because the prices are much more reasonable than those offered by many big clothing companies and their chain stores, but you have to be mindful of the sizes, as already mentioned above. some days ago i have found many nice (asian) plus size party dresses on and since on saturday i have been in da club for the very first time and i liked it, i might be in need of more nice party dresses or ... let's say i'm much more inspired to search for such dresses now XD

and once more i have noticed that i really cherish styles with loads of lace, leather details, ornamental embellishments or a nice pop of colour. you might also have noticed that from my previous outfit posts and wishlists XD

most of the dresses range from 15$ to 35$, thus very affordable.

what do you think of my selection? i hope you like it and that it's a nice inspiration for the next time you're partying or clubbing ;)

Monday 13 January 2014

new in: sammydress, cash box, (birthday) presents, vintage & mango.

there are some new and beautiful pieces in my wardrobe, on my vanity table and in my cupboard :) yesterday was my birthday and my bff chrissi gifted me with chocolate from lindt and beautiful jewellery. some days ago i also received my price which i have won the other day in a blogger giveaway - a cookie cutter and a cupcake maker - can't wait to induct it :D and i now got the beautiful white mango coat in my favourite colour red, and i love it! also some days ago my mum gave me some beautiful pieces out of her wardrobe - an ornamented leather jacket, a velvet blazer and a fur jacket. and two days ago i received my long-awaited pair of jeffrey campbell lookalikes from sammydress (thanks again for the beautiful shoes!) - they are very high, but quite comfortable. i wore them when we celebrated the night to my birthday. also i have got a new cash box for my future participations in DIY markets and fairs - the first events are already planned :)

Sunday 12 January 2014

OUTFIT: yo dahi, it's your birthday.

this was the first line of a birthday card i received some years ago - loosely based on the infamous song by rapper 50 cent (actually one of my favourite performers back then) - and today i finally overstepped the mark of 26 years. one year older - but i never felt better (and younger) than now. i already told you that i really can't wait for all the good things to come this year, the film welcome to me where kristen wiig will wear my guitar brooch, the MBFW, already planned meetings with fellow bloggers and voyages around the world. this was also the very first time i visited a club (yes indeed, i have never been to any - except the church disco when i was 13, but i guess you will disallow that XD) - i celebrated the night to my birthday with my dear bff chrissi who now also got a blog (you can visit her here) and i'm so glad i could share this premiere experience with her - omg it was so much fun. before i rather went to see an opera or went to diverse jazz jam session instead of doing a pub tour or visiting discotheques or clubs but it was such a great experience - many well dressed people, good music, good mood, drinks and talks. this was a fantastic time. i never have felt younger than now and i want to repeat this very soon! :D

i am showing you some of the impressions of this great evening (thanks again dear chrissi for the lovely evening, and also for the beautiful gifts, the chocolate, and especially the beautiful earrings and ring) and the outfit i wore back then - i slightly changed it and wore another necklace and my new jeffrey campbell lita lookalikes from sammydress (i will show you another outfit including them soon) and my lovely louis vuitton bag which was a gift from my dear imo from korea many years ago (i think i must have been 13 when i received it back then).

i hope you like it! have a fantastic week!

Friday 10 January 2014

define your style - the latest men's fashion.

today i want to show you my favourites of the latest men's fashion. i love the tiger printed and sharply tailored colourful shirt and nice woollen trousers with a loose fit in addition with brightly polished lace-up shoes and a casual leather bag, and the modernly tailored black coat with its irregular collar in addition with cognac coloured boots and sunnies with shades of the same colour. 

what do you think about the styles shown below and do you have favourite styles in men's fashion?

all pictures via

Wednesday 8 January 2014

the best of the blogs - the winner of jan 14

the best of the blogs of january 2014 is there! it is carina with her beautiful blog 'gone somewhere far away' where she gives us beautiful insights in her au pair year in the US, more precisely virginia. i love her blog and it is very watchable, but also readable because you get loads of information which would clearly help you if you also planned to become an au pair girl!  

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Tuesday 7 January 2014

shopping love: pariscoming wishlist ♥

do you know the onlineshop pariscoming? this is a very nice streetwear fashion store where you can get fashionable dresses, outerwear, jewellery and shoes at reasonable prices, and omg HOW reasonable if you look at the amazing patterns. shipping is free and you have 60 days to return or exchange your purchases if you're not satisfied. 

well, if i'm honest nearly every piece out of the onlineshop pleases my eyes. you know, i am a huge fan of fabulous dresses and i wear them from spring until winter. i wouldn't be in need of jeans and other pants if i didn't have any. and i absolutely adore the grey and red plaid dresses from pariscoming, the sequined golden dress, the green and black lace dresses, this fabulous feather skirt, the wonderful orange coloured coat, the eagle necklace, the doggy flats and the skeleton ring. very beautiful. i would really love to empty pariscoming of its stock - but that would be quite unreasonable for my purse XD


Feather Embellished Zippered Sleeveless Black DressGrey Plaid Print Two Pieces

Cut-out Stereo Flower Embellishment Pleated Dress
Red Plaid Print Long-sleeved Dress

Monday 6 January 2014

spring into season!

hi dears! today i want to introduce you to my favourite styles for the upcoming spring/summer 2014. i especially adore the colour- and artful pop art style, the romantic and feminine flower style (look at this rosecoloured dress, fabulous!), the cultured looks featuring prints of classical artworks, architectural masterpieces and wonderful mosaic patterns which i already celebrated in domenico dolce & stefano gabbana's fall/winter 2013 collection and of course the black & white style which i believe that no season should do without because for me it's a tremendous embodiment of timeless elegance. 

all pictures via

Wednesday 1 January 2014

the best of the blogs - feb 14 ♥

happy new year, my dears! now you again have the chance to become the best of the blogs!

what do you have to do?

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you can apply from today until the 31st of january. i will then select 1-5 blogs which i will present on one of the first days of february 2014. this is contingent upon the quality of the blogs which will participate.

this is a permanent campaign which is repeated regularly, so stay tuned 

good luck