Sunday 27 October 2013

NEW IN - ghd, swans, cats, spikes ♥

there are some new pieces in my wardrobe which i want to introduce. i went shopping with an old schoolfriend, one could say that she was my BFF back then. we haven't seen each other for years but it was as though nothing had happened and we had a very good time with latte macchiato and hazelnut spread and a stroll through the city and its shops! 

we went to new yorker (i haven't been there for ages) and i must admit that they had some very nice apparel - and jewellery. and donata gifted me with a very nice spiked armcuff made of faux leather, which i had tried on before. she's such a lovely person, i love her so much 

we also went into the jewellery store 'i am' where i have found some very nice byzantic inspired cross jewellery a few days before (and i was very reminiscent of the D&G fall/winter collection), but i wanted to do pure eyeshopping that day ... but i just couldn't when we went through the plushie departement of galeria kaufhof later (who also have a very nice steiff store in there), and when donata showed me this oh so lovely plush swan
i just needed to buy it because it was so beautiful and oh sooooo cute. i thought of naming her 'elizabeth swann' :) and i think elizabeth looks very stylish with the spiked armcuff, huh? 

... and i've bought a new ghd comb to posh up my pony hair! ... and there's also a new cat shaped white leather bag in my wardrobe. i have already made some outfit photos with it and she already stepped out the house with me two times (and she liked it very much, back then!) 

Wednesday 23 October 2013

OUTFIT: feelin' like a lollipop forgot in pyongyang, dancin' to the voodoo beat boom bam bam

this outfit features one of my new and already SO beloved miu miu dresses (i've got another one in black). 

i really needed a dress in a nice bright red and i made a find with this designer which has a great capability to become one of my favourites, because the dresses are perfectly tailored, very comfortable and easy-care - what more could one want? 
and no joke, i'm feeling so unf**kinbelievably great in it, especially in addition with my new haircut (yes, i'm still TOTALLY euphorized because of it), my favourite statement earrings from ASOS, the hermès bracelet and the mile high leather heels (which are very comfy, although they don't look like it) and the song 'le pop' by katzenjammer, still one of my favourite bands !!!! 
i believe it to be the perfect soundtrack for this outfit (and my mood hahaha). the quote is taken from the lyrics of 'le pop'.

hope you like it - i mean both, my outfit and the song - although both are a bit crazy, but, well ... who cares XD

Tuesday 22 October 2013

shooting: alice at court.

i'm a big fan of alice's adventures in wonderland - especially the book, written by lewis carroll (i'm so grateful for this story, he is a genius!), but also of the various film versions: disney's animated cartoon of 1951 and also of the latest film version by tim burton from 2010, starring johnny depp and mia wasikowska. 

i really adored the costumes alice wore in the course of the film - and especially this dress she wore at the court of the queen of hearts, the latter played by helena bonham carter (also a genious, i love her, also as bellatrix lestrange in the harry potter films!)

this wonderful dress creation in red and black and white, with layers and layers of tulle, the phenomenal petticoat and the playing card design is fabulous! a long time i dreamed of making an alice in wonderland shooting, and i really wanted to have this fabulous dress for this special occasion! and i found it. OMG i really found it, and it was way too expensive ... but i didn't care, haha ... i just thought that i'd make this shooting and resell the dress afterwards.

my photographer joe (click), who also made the holi colour shooting (click) and the one with the balloons and the pink dress (click), took photos of me in the castle garden of the rokoko castle in schwetzingen - which is a very beautiful location for photo shootings or simply a little stroll on a sunny day.

the shooting was fun and i hope that you like the photos!

Monday 21 October 2013

FOOD: a simple korean dinner.

if we don't know what to cook, we always have the possibility to eat a simple korean dinner, which is absolutely tasty, variable and very easy to prepare!

  • first and above all things you need rice, THE base of every asian dish. 
  • then you need  (or in western letters: gim), this is dried seaweed. in korea it is very cheap, but the import prices are exploding in germany. the last time we cooked this dish we didn't have some, but there's a good alternative:
  • big lettuce leafs! also tastes great (and you've got more to eat, haha).
  • then you need 고추 (or in western letters: go chu jang), this is also a good and spicy base for many korean dishes. it's a sauce made of rice, soy beans and chili - very very hot and very delicious!
  • this was the base! you can modify what to eat with it, fish, meat, pickled vegetables - there is no limit. 
  • we always love to eat tuna with it. and mostly that's all!
  • ... but this time i also wanted to eat some garlic cloves, too - so i prepared another bowl with them.

you then just take a leaf of  or a lettuce leaf, fill it with 고추 and tuna, close it and put it in your mouth. this (you can see it in the last photo) is called  (or in western letters: sam), literally it means 3.

when preparing a korean meal, be mindful of giving each ingredient or dish their own bowl. 

if koreans want to eat really big, you could find 70 to 100 little bowls on the dining table, and each would be filled with a different dish.

Friday 18 October 2013

D&G fall/winter 2013-2014

now isn't this real beauty? isn't this opulence, pure elegance, glamour and art you can wear? domenico dolce and stefano gabbana really set the right tone for me - i love the textures, the lacy dresses, the lush red colour, the bycantic mosaic designs and the religious inspired jewellery - especially the crowns are such a beautiful accomplishment to the runway outfits. i also had the mad idea to get me my very own D&G crown (but they are already sold out on, unfortunately).

the campaign photographies, featuring monica bellucci, bianca balti, andreea diaconuand kate king in between beautiful young men in black suits and young priests in their robes, were shot by domenico dolce himself, and were photographed at wonderful taormina cloister, which has also been an inspiration for the whole collection.

 what's the most important and wonderful fact is that those beautiful dresses are fashionable, yet wearable, at that's what i love the most.

i'm deeply in love with this whole collection and campaign and just had to share my favourite pieces/photos it with you. but what do you think of it?

Thursday 17 October 2013

my first photo book / sedcard / model book ♥

some days ago i received my very first photobook. my father had won a voucher for an albelli photobook recently. he gave the code to me and adviced me to make a booklet with the best shots from my previous fashion shootings. i believed that this was a quite nice idea so i heeded it and there it is! i think it looks quite nice. the quality is good and the cover is quite fashionable. i'm very pleased. the book features photos from cw foto (click), foto speyer (click) and itechkast photography (click). 

you can purchase your very own photobook here.

Saturday 12 October 2013


'a life lived for art is never a life wasted.'

... what a fantastic statement, and how true. that's what macklemore states in his song ten thousand hours. a fantastic musician, artist, overwhelmingly creative mind. someone who knows his craft. someone who is really in love with what he does. 'if i had done it for the money i'd have been a f**kin' lawyer'. gladly he didn't do the latter. gladly i have visited his concert on the 29th of september´with his friend, just some days ago. his music and lyrics are powerful statements of (social) courage, strength, and a huge love for life. and that's what you can experience when you visit one of his gigs. i can recommend this experience to all of you. this is a true artist, someone who really loves what he does!

the pictures were taken by chrissie and me (and she mastered it to show that the sun shined out of the behind of the opening act), we also made some videos, one of it you can find in this post and on youtube (click). omg and they had a cello on stage! i love it when musicians have unusual musical instruments on stage, just like florence and the machine, who always take a harp with them ... 

the audience was quite mixed. at the entrance we saw mothers with their children, adolescents and young people in white tees and blue jeans, some girls in casual dresses ... and we felt quite overdressed, because we both wore chiffon and silk blouses, jewellery and stuff and drank bubbly, haha. we had seats, and some ranks ahead us we spotted some seniors in suits.
i think the standing place wouldn't have been good for us. first, it's uncomfortable and second, i'm feeling way too old for that, haha.

my favourites were thrift shop (wanz was with them), same love (the song which made me a fan forever, because it is a beautiful statement towards humanity and tolerance) and starting over ... goosebumps in between! because of the cello, the lyrics ... somewhat a ray of light in dark times. somewhat it turned into a secret reverser for me when i'm feeling down. in general i think that concerts will always make you feel alive when you're feeling down. and if you have such amazing artists such as macklemore and lewis you'll experience this much more. i wouldn't want to miss it.

Wednesday 9 October 2013

OUTFIT: so we put our hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us!

i know you guys waited for way too long but here it is: this is the outfit i wore for the macklemore concert on the 29th of september! the pussy bow blouse and the leather skirt were quite new pieces in my wardrobe. the necklace was an older piece (by my beloved favourite label, chanel), just like my pink ostrich bag from italy, the tights, the earrings (also chanel), the coat and the beret. the shoes were a gift from my mum - yeah well ... depending on how one looks at it. she gave them to me with the words: 'dahi, you're always wearing high heels and i cannot wear them anymore so take them, they'll fit you.' ... as if i'm high heel obsessed ... ! :O ah well, but okay, i could be one, actually, if i looked at my older pics XD

... impressions of the concert will follow, too !

Monday 7 October 2013

new in - vintage leather, romwe, neon chic!

back from paris and back with a new haul for you! ... i've got some new pieces of apparel in my wardrobe, some pieces bought, some were gifts from my mum, especially the nice vintage leather blazer which i already wore 2007 for my graduation party (long time ago, haha) and some days ago she said: 'dear, you love it so much, so you can keep it!' and i was so happy! the neon pink and the blue jumpers were also gifts, she bought them some months ago but never wore them. i asked her months ago WHY the hell she bought a neon pink jumper (she had never, never worn pink, really, she hated that colour). 't'was an impulse buying', she said ... and i was just like WTF ... okay. some days ago we swapped some apparel and i asked her about the pink jumper and she gave it to me, and also the blue one. the neon yellow dress was a purchase from and it's so perfect for me, especially with my new hairstyle - goes very well together. the red and the black dress are from MIU MIU and i already love them so much (although they are a bit short). the skirt is from romwe, i fancied it for a long time and then i was courageous enough to buy it. but i still don't know how to combine it, what do you think?

Wednesday 2 October 2013

OUTFIT: new haircut !!! ♥

hi dears, omg i'm still totally euphoric because of the macklemore concert i attended on sunday (pictures will follow in short, i promise!), because of paris which i'll visit on saturday (can't wait ... !) aaaand because of my new haircut i got today. omg it was really what i had fancied before and i think it's so so so so pretty - i feel just like a whole new person, no joke !!! i wanted to keep my long hair, but wanted it to be straightened, and i wanted a pony. i haven't had one since my 12th or 13th birthday i think. those guys from stefan gass hairdressers (click) really know their craft - especially karsten, who did my hair today! ... and the service was great, too - all of you honeys should get your hair done there. it's a phantastic experience and you'll look so fab afterwards! ♥

Tuesday 1 October 2013

the best of the blogs - november 13

become the 'best of the blogs' !

what do you have to do?

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you can apply from today until the 31st of october. i will then select 1-5 blogs which i will present on one of the first days of november. this is contingent upon the quality of the blogs which will participate.

this will be a permanent campaign, so stay tuned 

good luck