Monday 29 February 2016

Sunday 28 February 2016

IMPRESSIONS: spring lets her blue ribbon flutter in the breeze again.

spring lets her blue ribbon
flutter in the breeze again;
sweet, familiar scents
drift with promise o'er the land.
violets lie dreaming already,
soon to be awakened.

listen, the sound of a harp,
so faint from so far!
spring, it is you!
i can hear you coming!

Saturday 27 February 2016

TRAVELLING LOVE: 3 days in amsterdam.

[en] not long ago i have made a 3 day trip to amsterdam with my dear friend a. the city has been on my bucket list for a long time but due to work, my relationship, our house moving and the whole shebang i did not really get to travel around – apart from the small trip to the shoe step of the year in hamburg last year. i must have lagged far behind the great amount of fashion bloggers who already have visited the dutch capital. but the city is still pretty nevertheless!

our hotel, the hampshire manor was incredible. the elegant interior and our extensive, spacious and stylish room compensated for the long and unwieldy trip which we had previously taken upon ourselves.

amsterdam is comparatively small as a capital or city and very idyllic with all of its canals and bridges and narrow, colourful houses. the population scarcely breaks the one-million barrier and for each inhabitant of the city there's at least one bike. generally the city is very bike-friendly and rather not designed for automobiles. two wheels are better than four in Amsterdam.

since the city is very small it is worth to explore it on foot. i prefer this way of exploration because then you've got the chance to experience the atmosphere of a new place or city much better than by hiding yourself away in subways and similar. but what is also loads of fun is taking the tram. the network is extensive so that every corner of the city is well connected. it also drives very slowly, which offers a great view onto the city, together with the panorama window displays. if you pass the nights near oosterpark just like me and a. the tram is a great possibility to get faster into the urban core – although a walk wouldn't have taken more than 30 minutes (who could state this about paris, berlin or even london?!). furthermore i have never seen a ticket boot directly INSIDE the tram! and the tickets are also very cheap with 2,40€ for 1h and 7,50€ for 24h.

today i want to share some of my most beautiful photographic impressions out of amsterdam with you, along with some advices about what to see and experience. the city itself is incredibly photogenic and offers loads of great sceneries for outfit shootings. furthermore amsterdam offers a broad cultural program, great museums, picturesque little cafés and restaurants and a laid back, multicultural and open lifestyle. a canal tour is essential, especially if the weather is as nice as how we have experienced it on day 1 of our trip. to experience amsterdam from the water is priceless!

it is optional to visit one of the countless coffeeshops which can be found on every corner in amsterdam. but the city offers so much more than the possibility to get high or to stare at naked boobs in display windows.

Friday 12 February 2016

VEGAN: fruit inspiration #eattherainbow

[en] hi peeps! delightful, delectable and delicious: all can function as characteristics, or even synonyms for fruits. fruits are full of healthy power, they are beautiful to look at and nourishing. fruits can serve as a whole or breakfast accompaniment, as a healthy snack, they can be eaten for lunch or dinner. they can be enjoyed raw or cooked. there are so many possibilities to become creative with fruits. social media such as instagram inspires us to decorate it in beautiful arrangements to live up to the beauty of this food and because you eat with your eyes (first)! all the photographs in this post are self made and also made their way onto my instagram account. feel free to stop by for a visit!

my favourite fruits are raspberries, strawberries ... i guess all kinds of berries. and of course red grapes.

do you like fruits as well? which ones are your favourites?
how do you love to prepare them?

Saturday 6 February 2016

SHOOTING: you do not have a happy life - you make it.

[en] hi peeps! last saturday le boy and me seized the opportunity to make some outfit shots since the weather became a bit warmer and it was a somewhat sunny day here in baden-baden. we have bought a flower bouquet for our dining table shortly before the shooting and decided to integrate it into some of the pictures. 

it was so damn windy so that most of the pictures had gone bad but that did not diminish the fun factor. they also make a good chunk of my repertoire of outtake pictures which i'm collecting since my very first shooting in 2013 and i'm also planning to do an outtake post soon. 
you might already have seen some outtake posts on other fashion and style blogs. i always love to look over these because they are loads of fun and definitely depict a part of real blogger reality, where all that glitters is not always gold and what you see among the blogs is always a range of best results of pictures taken. i guess that readers (and here i include myself) also love these posts because the decision to depict the non-observable reality behind the 'beautiful look' makes the person behind the blog more tangible, likable and authentic. 

what do you think?

Tuesday 2 February 2016

FOOD: pancake tower with blueberries & chocolate.

[en] hi peeps! you might already have discovered these beautiful and artistic pancake towers topped with loads and loads of beautiful fruits, chunks of chocolate and different sauces which totally overflow social media, especially instagram and which really make your mouth water. definitely #foodporn at its best!

some time ago i decided to try the creation of a pancake tower myself and i can say ... it was definitely worth doing it. le boy and me really indulged in this celebration of calories - a feast for the eyes as well as the pallete!

if you want to try it out yourself, you should definitely stop counting calories. you would feel too miserable and that would be a pity regarding the culinary delight.

it also doesn't take much longer than making the actual pancakes and it's great fun to get artistic in terms of decoration while having the smell of freshly baked pancakes in your nose ... mmmmmmh!