Sunday 31 December 2017

SHOOTING: new years eve outfit '17 | french beret, brocade dress, velours blazer & vinyl boots.

[en] my dears! in my last post i have already announced that today i will show you my personal look to celebrate new years eve '17. i'm wishing you a perfect evening, a glamorous party and a happy, healthy new year 2018, sprinkled with an abundance of beautiful moments and encounters. god bless!

Saturday 30 December 2017

SHOPPING: winter trend 17|18 - the most beautiful berets of the season.

[en] Advertisement - hi peeps! you might already have stumbled upon this winter trend on manifold blogs and lookbooks. i can definitely regard the french beret as my favourite trend this winter season 17|18 (and the colour red, of course!). in french language it is known as the béret basque and for me it is one of the key pieces composing the french style. if you already read my 'about me' and previous posts on Strangeness and Charms you could imagine that i'm a sucker for french lifestyle, food and of course fashion. i love everything regarding the savoir vivre of the french, they simply know how to live the good life and of course i'm very much in love the the style of the parisian ladies.

i purchased my first béret basque in 2000, when the expo world exhibition took place in hannover, germany. needless to say it was bought at the gift store of the french pavillon. it was navy blue made of the most tender cashmere fabric and of course worn at any occasion imaginable – c'était vraiment un coup de foudre!

in todays post i want to show you my personal selection of this headdress à la française. and just in time before starting to celebrate new years eve at the casino in baden-baden i will show you my outfit for this special occasion (maybe you have already have seen some details of itin my insta feed) – stay tuned!

what do you think of the beret trend and do you own one (or more) yourself?
do you find some favourites in todays post?

Sunday 24 December 2017

SHOOTING: snow white and bright red.

[en] my lovely readers, i'm wishing you a merry christmas time and wonderful moments with your favourite people, loads of fun and great food! i will be driving home for christmas tomorrow to spend christmas day with my family in gießen. how will you celebrate christmas '17?

once again we will have no white christmas in germany, thus i want to help you out with todays outfit post – we took these crystal magic photos some time ago in the vast gardens of schloss favorite near baden-baden.

this year i also became a bit reconciled with the cold seasons. might be because of the fact that i stopped smoking some months ago and that since then it takes some time until i start to feel the cold. or maybe it's because i feel more comfortable with my life and with what i have already achieved and that i know what i still want to achieve.

maybe it's some kind of catharsis. I'm excited when i think about the new year. i'm curious to get to know it, alongside with all the new impressions which i will be able to experience. it will also be a new and big chapter in my life, because i will finally turn 30. oh, how the time flies. sometimes this thought scares me. but then again i believe that every year offers you an account which 8760 hours in the red and you should live these hours to the fullest and seize everyday as good as you can. i swore to myself that i will do it just like this. that's my only New Years' resolution. Although … to find THE one and to travel as much as possible is of course comprised in it.

i'm wishing you an exciting new year '18 and loads of positive energy! thank you for reading me. my blog wouldn't be the same without you.

Tuesday 12 December 2017

OUTFIT: sporty meets elegant | LBD, burgundy clutch & pearl embroidered sneakers.

[en] hi peeps! as i have mentioned in my previous post i already know what i'll wear for christmas this year. today i want to show you my personal christmas look. my new LBD from closet london definitely is the key piece of this years outfit. i immediately fell in love with it because it's super elegant, yet also very comfy and thus perfect to hide away a little christmas tummy ;)

i will spend the holidays with my family in gießen and i'm already looking forward to enjoying the obligatory christmas goose and all the other yummy treats - and of course also a little bit of karaoke XD

this year i will be responsible for the christmas dessert. inspired by the beautiful blog belle mélange by mona and sarah i will bake puff pastry pears - check out their blog, it's totally worth it!

how will you spend the holidays?

model, styling & photography: dahi k.
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Wednesday 6 December 2017

SHOPPING: celebrate in style - my favourites from the H&M holiday collection '17.

[en] hi peeps! only 18 days to go until christmas eve - i can't wait and i already found my personal christmas outfit. i will show it soon, so stay tuned! today i want to show you my personal favourites from this years H&M holiday collection. i love all the different glamorous black & white styles and the featured fabrics velours/velvet, patent leather, mesh and lace ... i definitely wouldn't only wear them this holiday season!
my personal favourite is the hot pink power suit and i'm totally about to buy it - what do you think of it ... ?!

do you have favourite picks from this years H&M holiday collection?