Friday 20 June 2014

NEW IN: chanel & tropical prints ♥

my guys i've got a new haul for you. some days ago i have received a beautiful set from including shorts and a cropped top with tropical print. i have also made a little shopping trip with my bff where i have bought a new chanel inimitable mascara (the best mascara i have ever tested, no joke) because the other was empty - i was also in need of a waterproof edition because of my hayfever. everyone can consider himself fortunate who doesn't need to suffer from allergies, no matter which kind. well but i'm richly blest along these lines, lol!

what do you think of my lovely new things?
have you ever tried out chanel mascaras and what do you think of cropped tops?

1# cropped top and shorts: (click) / 2# inimitable mascara: chanel

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Thursday 19 June 2014

INTERIOR LOVE: painting a tree.

my dears, after a long pause i want to show you some more preparations for my new flat. i had the idea in my mind to paint my new bedroom blue - indeed it turned out to be a nice petrole blue (called lagune by schoener wohnen room colours), you might have also seen the colour in one of my previous posts (click) or on my instagram accound (click). 
and onto this blue colour i wanted to paint an ornamental and curly black tree with green leaves and golden blossoms. i have sketched a design of it onto a piece of DIN A 4 paper and carried it with me until the house moving was finished. i loved the idea to give all of my rooms a natural and vintage touch.

i have already started to paint the bedroom of my dreams and today i want to show you some impressions about the making of. it's not finished yet, it will still take some time, but it already looks very, very lovely and i'm very proud of my work 

i have painted the tree freehand. previously i only sketched out the contours with a pencil, then i started filling it out with black emulsion paint which i have bought at the DIY market.

so, what do you think of it? do you like my design and work so far?

Thursday 5 June 2014

the best of the blogs - the winners of june 2014 ♥

say hello to the winners of the best of the blogs in june 2014: amanda from 'behind the mirror', koro & camille from 'paris 5th ave', chahrazad from 'the cherryfactor', sabrina from '7hundert'  & lea from 'lillith justina'. congrats!

Monday 2 June 2014

NEW IN: pat says now, frontrowshop, mango, harry potter.

my dears, i've got a new haul for you. in my new flat i have received my very first packages with lovely items inside. i have received a new pair of jeans by mango because my old pair got broken - it's the same model as the one shown here
i have also received a very nice and new laptop carrier from pat says now - i already have a pink one but i needed a change. i love the bright red, white and blue colour of the union jack and i can't wait to wear it outside for the very first time. 
some days ago i have also received a nice and avantgardistic bauhaus inspired peplum shirt from frontrowshop - i love the shape and i will try to make some new outfit photos featuring this piece asap. 
and i have received the first piece of my ordered harry potter costume - guess in which house i am? the colours will out the truth ;)

what do you think of my new pieces?

Sunday 1 June 2014

the best of the blogs - july 14 ♥

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this is a permanent campaign which is to be continued every month, so stay tuned 

good luck