Monday 29 June 2015

SHOOTING: fashion is instant language.

[en] hello my dears! today i want to show you some impressions of one of my latest fashion shoots with andy from AK photoart in baden-baden. we have shot in a nice location called 'trinkhalle', a classicistic building by famous architect friedrich weinbrenner. i have worn a desigual dress my mum gifted me with some time ago, a handmade agata ring, jeffrey campbell boots and my most favourite accessoire pieces. i hope that you like the impressions!

Thursday 18 June 2015

OUTFIT: i have a crush on so many things that aren't people.

[en] hello my dears! today i've got a new outfit post for you. this time featuring blue jeans shorts, my favourite summer shirt, a vintage cardigan out of my mothers wardrobe and the audi from le boy. he also shot the pictures. during our photo session we had loads of fun and i also began to feel a bit like a pirelli model XD

i have chosen the title because its the truth outspoken. in my teenage years i have been more interested in books than in people. it fortunately changed in the course of years, when i recognized that people are much more complex than i have thought before. yet still i'm very much in love with things non-human - books, the beauty of music, nature, works of art, photography, clothings and jewellery (also a work of art!) and cars ... theres so much beauty around and i want to absorb it all into my heart and my soul.

i hope you like our super fun session and photos!

Monday 15 June 2015

FOOD: handmade nigiri and maki sushi.

[en] hello my dears! today i want to show you some impressions of our very first selfmade sushi session. le boy and me love sushi very much, regardless of whether it is nigiri or maki sushi (and now also onigiri!). i have already made inari sushi before - those fried tofu bags filled with sushi rice (which are also eaten in korea where they are called yubuchobap, slightly different in shape and ingredients for the rice) but never tried maki and nigiri. maki sushi is also known in korea, where you have scrambled eggs inside, pan-fried sesame, cucumber, pickled radish and broad slices. so they are different to maki sushi in japanese cuisine where you mostly have solely one ingredient in the middle of your rice and nori slices. also they are very narrow and high. le boy and me chose traditional cucumber and pickled radish for our maki sushi. some rolls were made with one ingredient, others were combined. 
for our nigiri we chose traditional tuna and salmon filets which we bought just a few hours before at the fresh fish counter at scheck-in in baden-baden and with the rest of our fish filets we created sashimi slices, bedded upon white radish slices.

and OMG it was DE-LI-CIOUS! you gotta try it. it's not that difficult to create your own sushi plate. it is solely important that you choose extremely fresh fish filets for your nigiri (because it is to be eaten raw) and water your hands regularly because the rice is really, really sticky.

in this post i will also share a recipe for sushi rice, so you can create your own sushi in time! enjoy!

Sunday 14 June 2015

TRAVELLING LOVE: wissembourg, alsace - sweet french cliché.

[en] hello my dears! today i want to show you some impressions of our trip to wissembourg some days ago. wissembourg is a small town in the region alsace-lothringen.

a beautiful little town with half-timbered houses with cast iron balconies, overly decorated with odorous flowers, beautiful cafés with many seatings outside, and small courses of a stream where children were playing in the sunrays filtered through the manyfold trees and nature all around and inside the town. 
it was beautiful. 

we were strolling around the town, taking photos of the beautiful gothic cathedral sts pierre et paul, buying postcards for the family and drinking amer bière (with that ah très délicieux picon orange liqueur) at restaurant du saumon and in a small kiosque le boy bought me a french vogue. 

i was wearing a white H&M dress and a cardigan which i have bought in baden-baden some weeks ago. i never want to look like a typical tourist but good as always, if not also better. you should always present your best self. 

wissembourg is solely less than an hour of travel time away from our home and already a whole new world you can indulge in. it was like a little vacation, to stay in this pretty place and to hear my most beloved language, french, again. me and my family lived in paris, france, when i was 2 years old, and this might be the reason why i'm so much in love with the country, the food, the beverages, the people and the language and why it feels like home, every time i stay somewhere where i can hear and taste a tiny little bit of french life.

Tuesday 9 June 2015

SHOOTING: luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.

[en] hello my dears! i've got some new shooting photos for you. this time i made a fashion shooting with mike from MikeLU Photography in the industrial estate in ludwigshafen - a nice location, somewhat a lost place, in combination with the neon yellow dress and flashy wedges. i have bought the dress second hand at some years ago and i still love it. it has already seen berlin and paris and i guess if me and le boy go on our well-deserved vacation it will travel with us again. how do you like the pictures and the location? which ones are your favourites?

Tuesday 2 June 2015

the best of the blogs - july 15.

[en] hello my dears, it's time for another chance to become the best of the blogs - this time of july 2015! the wínners of the best of the blogs of june 2015 will be announced in time.

[de]  hallo meine lieben, es ist zeit für eine neue chance auf eine blogpräsentation im rahmen des 'the best of the blogs' wettbewerbes, diesmal für den juli 2015. die gewinner des juni-wettbewerbs werden in den kommenden tagen vorgestellt.

what do you have to do? / was müsst ihr dafür tun?

  1. become a follower of my blog via 'google friend connect' or 'bloglovin'. /folge meinem blog via 'google friend connect'oder bloglovin.
  2. leave a comment with your blog address and write some sentences about you and your blog and tell me with which name you follow. hinterlasse einen kommentar mit deiner blog URL sowie einer kurzen vorstellung deines blogs und verrate mir, unter welchen namen du mir folgst.

[en] you can apply from today until sunday, the 30st of june. i will then select up to 5 blogs which i will present on one of the first days of july 2015. this is contingent upon the quality and authenticity of the blogs participating.

this is a permanent campaign which is to be continued every month.

[de] bewerben kann man sich bis zum sonntag, den 30. juni. danach werden bis zu 5 blogs von mir ausgewählt, welche in den ersten tagen des juli vorgestellt werden. qualität und authentizität spielen bei der auswahl die hauptrolle.

dies ist eine dauerhafte kampagne, welche jeden monat wiederholt wird.

good luck

viel glück