Thursday 30 August 2012

outfit: i want to go where things are beautiful.

this is my outfit i want to wear for tomorrows second trip to frankfurt with my beloved. i'm now wearing my new zara studded linen jacket and a maxidress from ASOS, bought 2 or so years ago. this is the first time ever i wore it outside. thought it was too long for wearing it outdoors. but now i think it fits quite well. it was kind of asymetric so my mom tailored some chiffon fabric to the seam below ... i think she had done it very well. it looks like a ready made dress. she had a fashion boutique in korea, also made some fashion shows and tailored the costumes for a theatre nearby ... and she still has great skills in tailoring. don't you think? :)

i wore my moth ring above the red gloves because i wanted to wear jewellery but my hands were a bit cold. i think that's a good way to combine functionality and chic ...XD

what do you think?
do or don't?

jacket: zara
dress: ASOS
necklace: beijing exclusive
earclips: vintage
moth ring: DIY
bag: picard

Monday 27 August 2012

OUTFIT: a day in the luisenpark.

yesterday i spent a wonderful day with my boyfriend in the luisenpark in mannheim. we made a boat tour, fed my favourite stork (his name is 'mr. bang' ('bang' is the korean word for bread!)), drank delicious tea and ate wonderful chinese food in the teahouse and enjoyed the sun and ourselves. the luisenpark ranks among the most beautiful parks in whole europe! just watch the pictures and see it for yourself :) <3

the only blue boat among the yellow ones. quite creepy.

do you know why flamingos put only one feet into the water? ... because it's less cold than with two feet in it.


one inspects his boobs, the other seems to say: wtf? i wanted to watch! you're not allowed to!

that's a REAL poser!

oh you make a photo of me!

this is mr. bang - he loves bread and chocolate chip cookies american style ...

... he always joins us when visiting the luisenpark.

i think he fits there quite well!

they were making out but i had to shoot them. they are so lovely.

... what?

i'm in love with sunshine.

the great tree.

you cannot see me! i'm a flower.

making out part 2.

he has such bright eyes - don't you think?

... what?

he looks quite sceptical.

is this a kiwi?

nemo ...

... and dori

yummie pie pie

sacher cake.

iced coffee


chinese tea house

a grot.

there we drank our tea!


bi luo chun tea and some nice food stuff ... <3


this was part of a tree but we think it looks like a dragon, don't you think?

we chose the menue on the bottom of the right page.


... and i'm a poser XD

some say i look like a cat.

i've got rabbit teeth, so what? ... XD

he took the nut chocolate out of our hands and than ate it. witty little lovely one <3

looks like monet's water lily paintings were brought to life.

we all search for our perfect place in the sun.