Wednesday 14 February 2018

STATEMENT: be my valentine - or not?

[en] It's Valentines Day! To mark the occasion i want to share some romantic outfit recommendations for you. Me, i guess that i'll be wearing my red Dolce & Gabbana lace dress which i have shown you in my outfit post 'i dreamt i dwelt in marble halls' which i have posted in 2015. This beauty is worn way insufficiently and i believe that it goes nicely with this festive occasion.

But of course i know that the opinions regarding this day are somewhat ... divided. Personally I believe that a day devoted to the most wonderful thing on earth is beautiful. Why not celebrate this day with the one you love the most?

Commercializing and fake emotions.

It's different if you only celebrate Valentine's Day as an excuse because you don't really care for each other anymore and only because afterwards it's done. because it's a must go, because you're still a couple ... Or call yourself that way. It's also not right if it's only used commercially. Like: oh hey, it's Valentines Day, thus i'm going to spend heaps of money because that's what it's all about. Like, come on. Superficiality is fake and there definitely is no need to celebrate that.

You don't have to make your better half expensive gifts to reassure his or her feelings for you - if you think that you have to, then something is truly wrong. The most precious gift you can give is your heart.

So what do you think about Valentines Day? What will you do today, will you celebrate it with your better half, will you celebrate a 'Galentines Day' instead or do you care for this occasion at all?

Monday 12 February 2018

STATEMENT: #thirtysomething | pearl embroidered beret, green blouse, chicuu shorts, vinyl boots.

[en] Some days ago i crossed that notorious age border and lined up in the group of the so called 'Thirtysomethings'.

Crossing the border – fears about social conventions, the future and self-doubt.

Of course i contemplated about this very special age in advance and about the social conventions concomitant with it.

I must admit that there was a whole lot of fear inside of me when i thought about this whole new chapter of my life. And this fear was accompanied by a whole lot of doubt and frustration regarding my surroundings and my life. I guess that the latter emerged because of my last relationship which turned out as a complete failure. Once again.