Thursday 28 May 2015

SHOPPING LOVE: blazers from 'SIEH AN'.

[en] the last months have developed a new an fun joy of shopping, not only online but also offine, in the shops and boutiques of the city. it all started in baden-baden, when me and le boy were strolling around town and i spotted this beyond belief beautiful emerald green military blazer - i have always wanted one and there it was, and it only costed less than 10 bucks. but i still love online shopping better, because you've got 24 hourse of time and much more leisure to rummage for the perfect piece to complete your wardrobe and less problems with mispurchases (or at least this works out for me). the blazer belongs to my favourite apparel pieces. if you've made the perfect match, it will flatter your figure and will be perfect for jeans and the LBD. in the onlinestore 'SIEH AN' i have found some nice blazers which are also a nice bargain (all the blazers cost less than 30€). which styles would be your favourites?

Blazer, 469693Bouclé-Blazer, 770817

Thursday 21 May 2015

OUTFIT: all american girl - SOCCX summer fashion challenge.

[en] hello my dears! today i want to show you a new outfit with which i'm also participating in this years SOCCX summer fashion challenge. i wanted to create a classic all american girl style featuring a white tee and obligatory blue jeans - not only because loads of my relatives do live in the US (NYC, texas, california). white and blue go so well together. the bright blue denim shorts offer a beautiful and sparkling contrast to the white tee and i guess that this outfit has the chance to become one of my favourite summer styles this year. i have added some spice to this outfit with golden jewellery, lita boots and my beloved LV bag. le boy has shot the photos of me yesterday. 
i have bought the shorts on saturday with a good friend of mine. this was a very special occasion, because firstly it was the first time after a long period of not-going-shopping, especially not on a saturday. and secondly because it was years ago that i wore my last pair of denim shorts. 
i was 15 when i wore my last pair. and i haven't felt comfortable in them, too. there were many years in which my self-confidence was something not really existing. and for a long period of time i have felt fat and didn't realize that i was beautiful. it was a long way until the moment i finally realized that i am perfectly imperfect and that i first have to accept myself so that i can build up a strong self confidence. to start 'strangeness and charms' also has helped me to reach this goal. and finally i realized that i'm good the way i am, that i can be proud of all i have achieved so far, and that i'm beautiful. i got more courageous, started to live, made a bucket list for my life, started reaching goals i procrastinated for such a long time, found a new flat, found love and finally learned to love my body. 
i looked into the mirror, some weeks ago, and just thought: wow, you're looking great! and that was the moment i decided to buy a pair of shorts and there it is, and you can see it in todays outfit post! ... no, its not just a pair of denim shorts. it is a new awareness of life. an emancipation. a liberation, of old barriers, of old fears and forces.
i don't want to sound arrogant, don't get me wrong. the concept of beauty doesn't only mean what you see from the outside. real beauty is what you find in yourself, in your innermost. real beauty is what anybody can find in oneself. its about courage. about empathy. about embracing life. about accepting yourself, the way you are, because you're beautiful.

Friday 8 May 2015

SHOPPING LOVE: golden girl - the best apparel & accessoire pieces in gold colour

LANVIN - OVERSIZED MANTEL AUS BROKAT MIT AFFENMOTIV - GOLDGanni Bleistiftrock mit Spitze und Muschelborte

[en] hello my dears! since a very young age i have been adoring the golden colour, golden jewellery and apparel. my first pair of earrings which my parents gifted me with when i was 2 years old was a pair of golden dolphin earrings. i never liked silvery jewellery and always sticked to yellow golden jewellery. it also fits better to my the tone of my skin and i believe it also looks more glamorous than silver. a turkish friend of mine told me that in the eyes of her mother i would be the truly perfect daughter-in-law. XD today i want to show you my favourite pieces of this seasons golden coloured apparel and accessoire styles by different designers and shops. which would be your favourite picks? do you prefer gold or rather silver?

Miss Selfridge FLORAL TOP   Top metallicSupertrash DAGALI Cocktailkleid / festliches Kleid gold black

Saturday 2 May 2015

IMPRESSIONS: baden-baden is so nice, that you have to name it twice (bill clinton).

[en] hello my dears! today i want to introduce you my new home town, baden-baden. the post title is a quote by former president bill clinton, who is a huge fan of baden-baden. in my opinion he is definitely right. i love the whole city, its architecture and its atmosphere, the black forest all around & the mindset of its inhabitants. if you visit baden-baden, you definitely have to take a stroll at the lichtentaler alley, eat a mango ice cream at the ice-cream shop capri, have a coffee or afternoon tea at café könig and play roulette at the casino.

Friday 1 May 2015

the best of the blogs - june 15 ♥

[en] hello my dears, it's time for another chance to become the best of the blogs - this time of june 2015! the wínners of the best of the blogs of may 2015 will be announced in time.

[de]  hallo meine lieben, es ist zeit für eine neue chance auf eine blogpräsentation im rahmen des 'the best of the blogs' wettbewerbes, diesmal für den juni 2015. die gewinner des mai-wettbewerbs werden in den kommenden tagen vorgestellt.

what do you have to do? / was müsst ihr dafür tun?

  1. become a follower of my blog via 'google friend connect' or 'bloglovin'. /folge meinem blog via 'google friend connect'oder bloglovin.
  2. leave a comment with your blog address and write some sentences about you and your blog and tell me with which name you follow. hinterlasse einen kommentar mit deiner blog URL sowie einer kurzen vorstellung deines blogs und verrate mir, unter welchen namen du mir folgst.

[en] you can apply from today until sunday, the 31st of may. i will then select up to 5 blogs which i will present on one of the first days of june 2015. this is contingent upon the quality and authenticity of the blogs participating.

this is a permanent campaign which is to be continued every month.

[de] bewerben kann man sich bis zum sonntag, den 31. mai. danach werden bis zu 5 blogs von mir ausgewählt, welche in den ersten tagen des juni vorgestellt werden. qualität und authentizität spielen bei der auswahl die hauptrolle.

dies ist eine dauerhafte kampagne, welche jeden monat wiederholt wird.

good luck
viel glück