Tuesday 27 March 2018

STATEMENT: 9 reasons to write more letter mail.

[en] The way we communicate has changed and has literally become 'instant'. It's comparable to other areas of todays fast moving throwaway society.

Breaking up via Whatsapp seems completely normal and the news keep on revealing different Social Media scandals including the NSA reading private messages of irreproachable citizens and the manipulation of the latest US election through the deceptive business practice of Cambridge Analytica with the aid of data of a millionfold Facebook users.

Well then I have to ask this: why not start to write letters again? Why not send greetings via postcards or confess your true feelings with a handwritten love letter? Nothing can express your emotions better than thoughts transferred on paper.

This post is a statement to write more and text less.

Wednesday 14 March 2018

SHOOTING: silver linings and red accents | metallic topshop dress, fluffy sweater, red beret, burgundy clutch.

[en] Winter is drawing to an end and the beauty of nature will bloom once again. First stirrings are already visible as the crocus flowers are blossoming again in the Lichtentaler Allee in Baden-Baden and the first cafés have already placed their tables and chairs outside.

The pictures from todays post were shot some days ago, when it still was icy cold in Baden-Baden. Nevertheless you were able to feel the sun becoming stronger again. On sunny days I can feel myself blooming like the flowers in spring. And warmth - oh how my soul is longing for it. I can't wait for spring - although I would be more happy to spend these beautiful days with a loving man by my side. But the bible has already known that 'for everything there is a season'. And I'm waiting patiently.

Todays look features the colours red and silver for a reason. In my opinion silver (or grey) is the colour of winter. Red is synonymous with warmth, and spring is the beginning of warmer days.
I wanted to depict the end of winter and the beginning of spring in this outfit - and I think that I succeeded.
Most of my outfits components are Vintage finds from my mum and online Second Hand store, but nevertheless I was able to find some similar pieces to make it quite easy for you guys to shop my look.

And how about you? Are you also looking forward to the most beautiful season of all?

Model & Styling: Dahi K. (visit me on Instagram)
Location: Wörthböschel, Baden-Baden.

Saturday 10 March 2018

OUTFIT: 6 tips on how to look expensive on a budget | trenchcoat, checkered scarf & LBD | shop my look for under 100€!

[en] My mum introduced me to the world of fashion very early. She had somewhat been my first fashion icon – a long time before Coco Chanel stepped into my life!

She always had a very elegant appearance and looked classy all the time – even though she hadn't worn just a few designer pieces. She also had loads of pieces in her wardrobe which had bought 10 – 20 years before, and she styled them with newly bought pieces or flea market finds. And by doing so, she created a unique, classy, luxurious yet affordable look.

Of course everybody wants to know how to look expensive yet don't wear down their wallets. Today I want to give you some hints on how to achieve that.