Wednesday 30 January 2013

outfit: dreaming.

this was the outfit i wore for the wedding of my fiancées best friend. 

i really love the rosette dress from H&M's garden collection (must have been from 2010 or so) and this was the first time i wore a headpiece in public. 

i hope you like the pictures :)

Monday 28 January 2013

new header ♥

i have a new header. what do you think of it? :)

would there be interest that i create individual headers for you?
if so, just feel free to contact me ♥

persunmall wishlist and coupon code ♥

hi dears! i already told you about persunmall, a really wonderful onlineshop with unique apparel and accessoires.

some days ago i received an email with a coupon code i want to share with you. just enter INVITE1036PM at the checkout and you'll get $10 off your first order of $60 and more!

... and this is the book bag i purchased some days ago - i hope i will receive it soon. this was love at first sight!

what do you think of it? :)

Sunday 27 January 2013

haul - galaxy cat, lovelysally, tutu skirt. ♥

hi dears - here just a little haul for you! ... some days ago i received these nice clothes - a galaxy cat shirt (made in korea - yeah!), a midi tutu skirt in mint green and my oh so long-awaited chaak leggins from lovelysally. 

you know, i'm really not a fashion victim and much less of a hipster, though it might seem like that if you look at these articles ... but i really wanted to try something new and also needed some more colours in my wardrobe. you know, it's just too cold for me right now (i hate winter -.- )and i feel a bit depressed these days. i already made some outfit photos with all the apparel stuff shown here and it's so colourful, it lights up my face - and my heart ...
 this is not exaggerated but the truth - ask my boyfriend ^^ he made the photos today and he saw how my mood changed while i tried on the clothes.

so stay tuned - the outfit posts will follow soon


what do you think of my new stuff? 

Friday 25 January 2013

'when words leave off, music begins.'

... 'you are the music while the music lasts.' (t.s. eliot) music is the essence of life. it makes it bright. it guides your way through those endless hours of sadness ... it intensifies this feeling of deeply loving someone. it's beauty. it's one of the many meanings in life. 'take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons. You will find it is to the soul what a water bath is to the body.' (oliver wendell holmes)

All is beautiful and unceasing, 
all is music and reason, 
and all, like diamond, 
is carbon first, then light.

(Jose Marti)

Monday 21 January 2013

travelling love: paris.

i've been to paris 4 times in my life. the last time was in march 2012 - i stayed there because i had tickets for florence + the machine à la zénith. most of the pictures here were taken 2009, when i visited paris with my BMF. i hope you'll enjoy the photos!

louvre, paris.

louvre, paris.

the pyramid in front of the louvre.

inside the pyramid in front of the louvre museum.

centre pompidou.

sculptures in the louvre.

mona lisa by leonardo da vinci - it is said that he had an affair with the woman who modelled for him.

one of sandro botticellis fantastic artworks. i love him so much. all his women portrait's are delicately beautiful.

aphrodite of milos - venus de milo - louvre museum.

a sculpture standing close to the musée d'orsay.

le meme.

la seine.

inside the musée d'orsay. it is showing famous artworks from the late 19th to the early 20th century.

musée d'orsay.

i'm always in search for picture frame or frame-like photo subjects. this was in the jardin des tuileries.

on the way to the champs-elysées.

a birdy model on a pegasus sculpture. this city is full of art.

louis vuitton <3

a giant golden bucket in front of the centre pompidou.

arc de triomphe. some day you'll need to read the inscriptions on it. maybe you'll read some names which will be quite familiar to you ...

... and a camera toss in front of the arc de triomphe.

giant thumb sculpture in la défense.

a sporty person moving in a new way down the stairs of la grande arche.

guess what it is.

in versailles.

a sculpture in versailles.

la grande arche at la defense.

a fresco painting in versailles.



versailles castle garden.

le meme.

la tour eiffel. it was built for the exposition universelle 1889 in paris. after the fair they wanted to deconstruct it but the parisians already gave their hearts and souls to the tower, so it remained. now it is THE symbol of paris. an icon.

a fountain in the castle garden of versailles.

la grande arche at la defense.

a marathon in the rain. there were some people who wore very strange ... sports gear - one of them wore an egg costume. no joke !!!

paris in the rain.

la tour eiffel in the rain.

notre dame de paris.

notre dame de paris.

gargoyles on top of notre dame in paris.

sacre coeur and the hill.

la madeleine. i still do not know what it stands for ... but it is a beautiful work of architecture.