Tuesday 31 December 2013

happy new year!

Happy new year!
새해 복 많이 받으세요!
Feliz Ano Novo! 
Ein gutes neues Jahr! 
Buon anno! 
Mutlu Yıllar
Счастливого Нового Года!
Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku! 
Gelukkig nieuwjaar!
Gott Nytt År!

another year full of events and experiences comes to an end. how fast-paced it was. how many things have happened, how many things we achieved, how much beauty we have seen. a happy new year to all of you, my dear readers and friends - a year full of hope and happiness. may all your wishes come true and that you will achieve anything you want to achieve in 2014. 

Monday 30 December 2013

OUTFIT: but you give me the electric twist and it kicks like a pony.

yeeeeeah! finally decided to tie into the planned zumba lesson - me and a friend went to the ladies world gym yesterday and we both were soooo nervous XD fortunately they served sparkling wine before the course had started and our glasses eased our excitement a bit, in a positive sense XD ... the lesson was so much fun and we decided to make a deal for a 12 month period, including all gym machines and the sauna. now isn't that a perfect anti-procrastination programm? ;) we felt very much at ease there, also because it was a gym for women only, very small and familiar and the runner of the gym was very dear and motherly, offering more glasses of sparkling wine, orange juice and coffee, which we accepted with thanks. also we're already on first name terms with her. and the best: the lockers are PINK! XD oh i'm so happy. 

yesterday i also experienced once more that sports make a very good mood. the zumba lesson and the workout afterwards were so arduous, but a short while afterwards i really felt like a new woman and felt so invincible ... i don't want to miss that. and i'm looking forward to my next workouts and zumba lessons in my new gym 

Sunday 29 December 2013

wedding days: wedding dress shopping in landau ♥

i'm truly in a huge wedding fever! my mum had her registry office wedding not long ago and her church wedding will take place in january 2014. 

now a very good friend of mine is going to get married next year, too, and the other day she invited me to attend her own wedding dress fitting in landau. 
two days ago the time had come and three girls joined up to visit the wonderful wedding gown boutique 'braut und braeutigam'. 

it was my first visit there and oh my gosh i was really delighted with this beautiful and nicely done up interior with modern chandeliers in white and black (which somewhat reminded me of one of my favourite locations, the onyx in mannheim), tastefully selected and very comfortable sitting accomodations and large mirrors with beautiful golden embellishments. 

the fashion adviser knew her craft and was very attentive and formed a pleasant atmosphere where we felt very well. she took time for my friend to find her perfect wedding gown, after all for four hours and i think that this is a great service. 

eventually she found the dress which perfectly matched her. the wedding will take place next year in summer and i'm so looking forward to it. all the best for the beautiful couple! oh gosh, i want to get married, too XD

Thursday 26 December 2013

instaweek - dec 13

hi dears! this is my first instagram related post. since the 11th of december i'm in possession of a samsung galaxy s2 and shortly after i downloaded loads of lovely apps, especially instagram. i'm already using it very eagerly and i'm loving it! below you can see my last week in instapictures. very christmas related and full of impressions of selfmade goodies and quality time with my beloved ones. all pictures were taken myself and most of them with my samsung galaxy s2.

  1. morning glory
  2. my christmas tree
  3. selfmade christmas cookies
  4. enlighted candles in the chapel in oggersheim
  5. selfmade lovely gingerbread men
  6. mummy getting married
  7. yummie oysters
  8. christmas market in heidelberg
  9. heidelberger bonbon manufaktur
  10. irish coffee
  11. selfmade crystal dolphin from a friend
  12. christmas lights in mannheim
  13. enlighted christmas pyramid
  14. french wine
  15. selfmade advent wreath by mummy
  16. christmas cookies with selfmade frosting

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Tuesday 24 December 2013

merry christmas! ♥

메리 크리스마스! 
frohe weihnachten! 
joyeux noël! 
С Рождеством! 
god jul! 
mutlu noeller! 
mboni chrismen!

merry christmas to all my sisters and brothers outside. have a wonderful time with lots of love and happiness. 

Monday 23 December 2013

travelling love: the christmas market in heidelberg ♥

on saturday i went to heidelberg with my bff and we spent a lovely afternoon in the historic district and its wonderful christmas market and little lovely lodges which were spread all over the high street, the bismarckplatz and the wonderful square where you can directly look onto the beautiful castle of heidelberg, sat on an elevation where you can also find the beautiful castle garden and the königsstuhl, a nice viewpoint close by and where you can also look onto the philosophers path over the way. 

we drank mulled wine, ate chestnuts and chocolate covered strawberries and visited a lovely new candy store called 'heidelberger bonbon manufaktur' where you should really stop by - it has such a lovely interior design, not at all fussy, yet very warm, and you can try all the candies shown there! the salted caramel with fleur de sel was extremely delicious. 

we also visited my favourite liquor store which i haven't visited for many years. the last time i went to the historic district of heidelberg ought to be some years ago
2008 i was studying protestant theology there for one semester, but i didn't like it. but i always, always loved the city by itself. it has such a warm atmosphere and i love the mentality of the people - although many people say that it is full of in-crowd youngsters and others consorting with them. but i don't care :) when i was younger, i have regularly visited heidelberg, also because i have played at guide for many korean friends. 

what a shame that there are so many wonderful sights near by but we do not brace ourselves up more often to visit them - and there are so many people who take the time to travel to them from faraway. when we stayed in heidelberg we have seen and heard american, japanese, korean, french and inhabitans from many other countries. and heidelberg isn't even half an hour away from my domicile.

let's stop procrastinating and start experiencing some more! yes, that's a nice new year's resolution, don't you think? what are yours, by the way?

Sunday 22 December 2013

the register office wedding of my mummy ♥

the wedding of my mum and her husband was great! i already have shown you the pictures of the dress and coat i wore for this occasion earlier and the feedback was great, thanks again! the mansion where the wedding took place was so very beautiful, decorated with crystal chandeliers, wonderful old wooden furniture, high walls and beautiful ceiling frescos.

the whole circle looked great, each of them. my mum wore a cream coloured dress with ruffles from four flavour, bought at peek & cloppenburg, a beautiful black fur coat and a brown hat. her husband wore a grey suit and his order of merit of the federal republic of germany.

afterwards we had a festive banquet. the couple served fresh oysters which he had bought the day before on meissen porcelain and champagne. then we had roastbeef, green beans and potatoes with rosemary for the second course. the dessert included pears with port wine and gingerbreadmen, rum truffles and christmas cookies which i had baked earlier.

when the banquet was finished we went to the christmas market, visited the chapel where the church wedding will take place, a little museum and a deli. afterwards we ate homemade christmas stollen and drank a nice cup of coffee.

congrats again to you, my lovely ones, and all the best! love you lots 

Friday 20 December 2013

OUTFIT: still waters run deep, my dear, there's never smoke without fire.

today i want to show you the coat i wore yesterday for the wedding of my mum! the coat and the dress are both from mango and i LOVE both pieces so much! the wedding was great and the mansion where it took place was very beautiful with chandeliers, wonderful old wooden furniture, high walls and beautiful ceiling frescos. my mum and lothar and the whole circle looked great, each of them. my mum wore a wonderful cream coloured dress with ruffles and a beautiful black fur coat. lothar wore a suit and his order of merit of the federal republic of germany. ute wore a wonderful black costume and a hat fitting her outfit. her husband and lothars son also wore suits. afterwards there was a festive banquet with oysters, champagne, french wine, roastbeef and pears with port wine. i will also show you the impressions from the register office wedding soon, maybe already tomorrow.

Wednesday 18 December 2013

OUTFIT: the spice in your smile is magic to me ♥

good morning my dears! tomorrow my mum will get married in the registry office of giessen and i will her, and of course i will visit her wedding, even if it's only a bureaucratic thing, because she will also get married in white in a protestant church in gießen. registry office weddings mostly are quite a bald matter, except when you don't get churched afterwards, or paraphrase, don't celebrate your wedding religiously affiliated. but in the case of my mum it's not the only wedding ceremony so it won't be a big deal. anyways i want to look perfect for her (first) great wedding day and for this purpose i will wear my recently bought mango dress for the very first time. i will wear it with the white coat which i also bought at mango. i already wore the latter on monday when me and a friend had a girls night with cocktails and stuff. both pieces are so very comfy, yet classy and i love them, especially in combination! i will also wear my LV bag, statement earrings, my rolex watch and heels, of course. but i don't know yet if it will be the pair which you can see on the photographs. by the way all pictures were again taken by me (and a self-timer and tripod, of course XD).

afterwards there will be an oyster and champagne dégustation at lothars place and a main course. i will cater for the dessert and bring buttered cookies, rum truffles, marzipan potatoes and in addition my newly baked gingerbread men which i want to finish today - i already prepared the dough yesterday and it had to be steeped overnight.

i will be so glad if you tell me what you think of my outfit. have a lovely day 

Tuesday 17 December 2013

shopping love: mango lookbook december ♥

i love the mango lookbook for december 13. i really adore the clean and sharp patterns in black and white and especially the nice breaches of style between soft and tough within the different looks - very beautiful. what do you think of this lookbook?

all pieces are available online.

Monday 16 December 2013

OUTFIT: do I have regrets? well, not yet.

i'm still very much in love with my new smartphone and i'm already busily fiddling with instagram and i love it XD you can find my profile here. i would be glad if you visit me there and follow me :) ... and i also love my new black leather dress from zara. what do you think of it?

Sunday 15 December 2013

pariscoming: holiday season outfits ♥

the holidays season has arrived! let me give you a word of advice on your perfect holiday season outfit for fabulous party nights! i've created four sets with apparel from the wonderful selection of pariscoming which will cater for all tastes! what do you think of them? which one is your favourite?

Friday 13 December 2013

new in: leather, skater, velvet and silk ♥

hi dears! there are some new and in my opinion very beautiful treasuries in my wardrobe. velvet, silk and leather - those materials i love the most are the main components of my new apparel; sharp designs and flared patterns are the main features. 

i've got a new skater dress from ASOS in electric blue - i love the pattern and the soft and smooth material. i already tried it on and it's still a bit too tight for me - but we'll get it right soon ;) nowadays i mostly drink a nice banana and oatmeal smoothie for breakfast and try not to eat too many cookies during the day, but instead carots and cucumber (omg, they taste so good on a nice buttered bread and a pinch of black pepper ♥) and in the evening a nice soup with low carb asian noodles and spiced vegetables.

Thursday 12 December 2013

FOOD: blue macarons ♥

even if i love to eat macarons, it's quite difficult to make them ... i had to experience that firsthand some days ago ... the macarons you can see below were my first round back then. but i wasn't THAT satisfied and also i wanted several colours, so i made a second and a third round ... and both of them were a bit of a swizz ... no, they ended in a disaster !!! what is most important while baking macarons is that you most painstakingly stick to the recipe, because if you not do so, you will fail like i failed XD - i didn't want to make photos of this mess, it was enough to see it with my own eyes. they were so liquid they didn't stay put but melted on the baking paper. oh, i have been so sad, you cannot imagine ^^ i'm a little perfectionista and i simply cannot handle any flops, especially while baking. oh well, but those macarons below are OK, don't you think? one is a bit cracked, but that happened because of my gross sensory motor skills after my fails about which you have read above, lol. the macarons were filled with nutella - i had no cream and chocolate at home to make a nice ganache. but it quite looks like the latter, don't you think? and i love the colour btw. - a friend of mine asked me whether a smurf had fallen into my dough XD

Wednesday 11 December 2013

my new smartphone ♥

omg, finally it had arrived! now i can truly say that i'm a modern fashion blogger moving with the times - or with consumption XD
it's a fact that since last year pupils, friends and family permantly ask me whether they can write me via whatsapp, and i'm totally bugged by all the giveaways on LOOKBOOK.nu where you can participate not until you've got instagram and you can only register if you're in possession of a smartphone -.- i first thought that you need an iphone to register on insta but i was so happy when i have read that instagram is also available for android operating systems. i didn't want to support apple because of their multi-million dollar case against samsung - very funny if you mind the fact that most apple products include a display produced by samsung.

and since i'm very positive about samsung products of all kinds (not only because i'm half korean) i chose a samsung smartphone. since i weren't in need of an all-new version, i chose the galaxy s2, because i already had several chances to test it before. 

and what is best is the colour: it's pink! wuahaha, i'm in possession of a pink smartphone! isn't that a girl's dream come true? ... well, at least it is mine XD

what do you think of it? 

Tuesday 10 December 2013

OUTFIT: from dawn to dawn, from winter to winter ♥

new outfit post! this is what i usually wear for work when it's cold (while tutoring or going to the post office) - i love the patent leather boots so much, my mum bought them in the 80s, they are original vintage. they belonged to her favourite shoes but since my mum doesn't wear them anymore, they have become my favourites! i love the shiny material, the wearing comfort and the flashy golden embellishments. the stegosaurus brooch is also from my mummy, she wore them for decades as an ornament on her many many hats and i always loved it. also because of the rhinestone embellishments on it. and because i love dinosaurs (especially brachiosaurus) and dragons, since my early childhood. they always remembered me of my tall violet dragon which used to eat up my barbie toys (yeah, they always had to endure quite tragic deaths, and dragons and wild water spelled doom for them, muahahah XD) - well, anyhow i love to wear my little dinosaur on my infinity scarves!

Monday 9 December 2013

FOOD: christmas baking with friends.

one of the most enjoyable activities in the pre-christmas season is definitely a nice christmas baking, best with good friends! some days ago we took time for a whole day to bake loads of delicious christmas cookies - but besides of work we also had a whole bunch of fun, especially with loads of nice sparkling wine and raspberries and nibbling from our delicacies.
we made black & white cookies, butter biscuits and rum truffles.

i wore a black leather dress, vintage boots from my mummy and a vintage statement necklace - and a nice and stylish starbucks pinny. well don't we look nice with them huh? XD

do you also enjoy christmas baking? have you already baked your own christmas cookies this season?

dress: zara / necklace: vintage / earrings: chanel

Sunday 8 December 2013

TRAVELLING LOVE: paris, je t'aime ♥

i love the atmosphere and the scent of elegant parisian days, when you amble along the champs elysées and delight in the taste of a wonderful saint honoré rose framboise at ladurée, when you light a candle at notre dame de paris and pray for your beloved ones, when you resalute beautiful tour eiffel for an uncountable time, make a cruise on the seine and enjoy life, love and food in the lap of luxury ... 

Saturday 7 December 2013

shopping with mummy ♥

some days ago i went shopping with my mum. we ate cakes at café königs and took a stroll through the rheingalerie departement store. at the mango store i also bought two beautiful pieces (a coat and a dress) which you already have seen before. in the changing room i also took some selfies in my new dress, very classy huh? XD no really but i love the shape. can't wait to wear it outside soon 

new dress: mango / shoes: vintage / bag: picard / earrings: via ebay / watch: rolex / ring: via ebay

Friday 6 December 2013

shopping love: tbdress.com

i'm always a curious traveller through the overwhelmingly big world of fashion, and always in search of nice new (online) shops which i haven't visited and browsed through before, so i can spot new amazing treasuries for my wardrobe.
in terms of make up and grooming i'm much more conservative (as you will see in the following days) ... but fashion is something always on the move, always new, and a source of inspiration when you immerse yourself in it, time and time again ...

yesterday i have introduced you to tbdress.com and shown you a selection of my favourite wedding, bridesmaid and evening dresses. but the shop also offers everyday and casual womens clothing in unusual, innovative and cute patterns, and among them many bargains. i especially adore the maxi dresses, coats, jewellery and shoes. you can see a collection of my favourite picks below - i hope you like them!