Sunday 29 September 2013

OUTFIT: the world is bright grey ♥

this is one of my casual outfits for baking (brownies, yummie!) and for private lessons. i like it comfortable but classy when i'm teaching my little lovely ones! but what i'll wear today for the macklemore and ryan lewis concert you'll see the following days - i'm thinking of a leather skater skirt, a violet pussy bow blouse, black suede boots, a chanel necklace and an LV bag ... or rather my hoss intropia bag, which you can also see in this outfit? what do you think?

Saturday 28 September 2013

new in - macklemore !!! skater, vintage and lace

my dears, i've got a new haul for you! tomorrow i will be in frankfurt to see macklemore and ryan lewis live in concert and i'm so so so looking forward to it, i'm a very huge fan of those fantastic guys from seattle with their amazing instrumentals and expressive lyrics with social messages (stop homophobia, legalize gay marriage and believe in yourself!) and all of you might know the great thriftshop - i first heard it on big FM and was very fascinated by the instrumental, had to search for the song on youtube and then watched this amazingly funny video. i must admit that i first thought that this was a persiflage to hip hop music in general, and i liked it quite a lot (because i generally do not like this genre), and then i heard same love and became a fan immediately - gosh, i had to cry so much while and after watching ... macklemore is a genius, i love him so much!

... and there is also some nice new apparel in my wardrobe! a violet pussy bow blouse, which i already love so much! i might also wear it tomorrow, so stay tuned  

Sunday 22 September 2013

SHOOTING: if you are what you eat then i must be pretty sweet.

i have worn this in my opinion quite spiff outfit at my first fashion shooting with cw foto (click). and after a very, very long period of time i took out my lovely Война и мир bag which i fished out of the depths of my wardrobe once more. think it fits nicely to the 50s inspired circle skirt dress from primark and my vintage cardigan and shoes, huh? all the jewellery you see on the photos is handmade. i would be so delighted if you tell me what you think about the photos and my outfit :)

Wednesday 11 September 2013

new in - fifties vintage dress, leather skirt.

there are two new/old pieces in my wardrobe which i want to introduce to you. it's a beautiful floral dress, original vintage from the 50s. i found it on and i'm so happy that i was quick enough to get it! i'm so looking forward to wearing it for the very first time! ... the second one is a skirt on which i casted an eye at for a long time. it's a skater skirt made of PU - i wanted real leather, but i didn't find a nice AND affordable piece thus i'm quite happy with this one.

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Sunday 8 September 2013

OUTFIT: in the trees the birds have learned to speak.

better days may come ...

dress: vintage, via / cowboy boots: vintage, from mummy / watch: rolex / earrings: vintage, via ebay

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Friday 6 September 2013

FOOD: my first rainbow cupcakes.

i pledge to colourize our lives! ... colour makes me happy, and baking, too. you should already have noticed that :) and since i'm not feeling so very well these days i had to bake again so i could lift up my mood myself. and this time, i also worked with loads of colours. i wanted to bake rainbow cake or cupcakes for a long time and now i succeeded - stop procrastinating, start creating! i can say that i really love the looks of these little delicacies, and that they also tasted oh so very delicious! the dough is quite easy to make, but the colourizing and filling was a bit costly in terms of labour, because you have to split the dough into six equal portions and then colour each one in a different colour (mine were violet, blue, red, yellow, orange and green). and actually i wanted to bake a rainbow cake, not cupcakes, but unfortunately our oven is knackered and we only have a mini oven. so i had to fill in every single cupcake form. it would have been less work-intensive if i had a single ring tin. but i'll keep it in mind for the next time :)

i decorated the rainbow cupcakes with an easy cream frosting and sugar sprinkles and candied roses, violets and lilacs.

... and what do you think of my little goodies? 

Thursday 5 September 2013

OUTFIT: as my city fades and is swallowed by his sea.

hey guys ... sorry for not posting that often the last days, but i'm not feeling very well. i don't want to explain it right now, it's quite personal, but i hope you'll understand it. i don't know if i will be able to post regularly the next days, but i'll do my best. thank you 

dress: from italy / armcandy: handmade, vintage, H&M

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Wednesday 4 September 2013

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