Thursday 28 November 2013

OUTFIT: ain't no wifey.

another outfit from paris! and besides cakes from LeNôtre i'm already craving for macarons from ladurée again XD. the neon yellow dress also has seen berlin some days ago, and i think it will accompany me to many other destinations because i love it so much! it's stylish and i feel comfortable in it. the material is very pleasant to the skin and i love love love the colour! and it's so great to combine. i especially love it with the statement vintage necklace from my mum and my ASOS statement gecko earrings. and of course black accessoires and a black jacket - this time made of leather (the temperatures were a bit warmer back then, 15°C i guess).

Tuesday 26 November 2013

TRAVEL: from berlin with love.

as i have told you before there are not so many impressions from berlin because i unfortunately haven't got the possibility to take the time for taking photos. but most of the impressions are burnt in my mind, especially berlin at night ... 

but there are some impressions of FOOD - especially wonderful cakes at Le Nôtre inside the KaDeWe departement store, where me and yasmine had DE-LI-CIOUS pistaccio and rose cake and chocolate cake decorated with leaf gold, ... omg my heart skips a beat when i think of it. it was amazing. 
you know that i'm a foodie and i love beautiful and delicious food art and this definitely numbered along many other delicacies i already ate. 

yasmine also has an onlineshop where you can get high quality argan oil and other moroccan delicacies - you can visit her shop here.

at KaDeWe i also bought presents for my mum, chocolate of course, because she adores it as much as i do (if that's possible, haha XD) ... and now i really would love another piece of Le Nôtre cake - wah XD

Tuesday 19 November 2013

OUTFIT: excuse me i'm not yours, i am mine.

back from berlin with a bunch of new experiences in my mind and my heart ♥ unfortunately i haven't had the possibility or leisure this time to take many photos - but at least those impressions now are burnt in my mind and won't let me go ... i'll show you some pics we made at the KaDeWe departement store (we ate great cakes at Le Nôtre and i bought some presents for my family there too).

the outfit you can see below finally features my lovely cat bag i've shown you in my latest haul and my already oh so beloved miu miu dress - you've already seen the red one here. i wanted to wear this dress for a special occasion on saturday, but i had been very low on time - or ... i hadn't had the courage to do so ... XD instead, i have worn the neon yellow dress you can see here.

oh berlin ... i'll definitely come back, maybe really soon and i already can't wait 

Monday 11 November 2013

wedding dress shopping!

since my mum will marry soon we went into the city to look for for a nice wedding dress. we went to the boutique called 'true love' where i bought my prom dress in 2007 and to another very nice wedding boutique called 'die braut', but in both stores we haven't found the perfect dress for my mum. afterwards we went into our favourite café for coffee and cake. my mum has a clear clear conception of her dream dress. she once had her own fashion boutique in korea and also designed the clothes on offer. since she still can draw fashion sketches, she simply showed me her draft and i then searched for her dream dress online. and finally we found it. in another post i will present you some online stores where you can also find nice wedding dresses.

Saturday 9 November 2013

OUTFIT: 'to be is to do' - socrates. 'to do is to be' - sartre 'do be do be do' - sinatra

this is my beloved blue lace dress which i have bought on years ago from lovely marie - she also has a beautiful blog and you can visit it here. i have only worn it a few times back then, because i believed that it wouldn't fit me. but after my new haircut i'm wearing it more often and it looks so cool - i love this dress! i also have worn it in paris last month. i will show you in a different post how i combined it there.

you can also find a new post from me on the kleiderkreisel blog - it's called 'welcome to eurasia' and is an introduction to myself and how i am living. it would be nice if you visit it and give me your yeah (on the bottom of the post, on the right side). it's just one click which might give me the chance to win a 200€ voucher for kleiderkreisel or a nice photoshooting (i've made a few already, but i always love shootings, no matter where XD)

Thursday 7 November 2013

OUTFIT: 5 ways to wear a black skater dress ♥

hi dears! you might already have read my post about how to style a piece of apparel in two different ways. now i want to show you 5 different ways to style a simple black skater dress. this is my favourite skater dress because it really cuts a fine figure, and black clothes are great to combine with many different accessoires.

black skater dress: H&M / hat: vintage / bag: picard / wedges: biviel / earrings: chanel / watch: vintage

black skater dress: H&M / beret: galeria kaufhof / bag: picard / watch: rolex / heels: H&M / ring: vintage

black skater dress: H&M / bag: from italy / heels: H&M / hat: vintage / watch: rolex / heels: H&M / earrings: vintage / sunnies: ASOS

black skater dress: H&M / heels: H&M / bag: picard / ring: vintage / watch: rolex / glasses: aktiv optik

black skater dress: H&M / jacket: zara / bag: hoss intropia / shoes: gabor / earrings: ASOS / watch: vintage

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Monday 4 November 2013

SHOOTING: your world is too mainstream so i created my own.

these are the best pictures from my alice in wonderland shooting with joe from foto speyer (click). i wanted to represent hipster alice - can you recognize her? i really love all those hipster disney princesses, you might also have recognized that. i'm very much into that topic haha. to work that out i chose a blue dress in a classic shape, white pearl earrings, nerd glasses, white stockings and mary janes and i think that i look quite authentic - what do you think? well this shooting was really a whole bunch of fun, i think you can see it in the pics :D