Sunday 31 December 2017

SHOOTING: new years eve outfit '17 | french beret, brocade dress, velours blazer & vinyl boots.

[en] my dears! in my last post i have already announced that today i will show you my personal look to celebrate new years eve '17. i'm wishing you a perfect evening, a glamorous party and a happy, healthy new year 2018, sprinkled with an abundance of beautiful moments and encounters. god bless!

Saturday 30 December 2017

SHOPPING: winter trend 17|18 - the most beautiful berets of the season.

[en] Advertisement - hi peeps! you might already have stumbled upon this winter trend on manifold blogs and lookbooks. i can definitely regard the french beret as my favourite trend this winter season 17|18 (and the colour red, of course!). in french language it is known as the béret basque and for me it is one of the key pieces composing the french style. if you already read my 'about me' and previous posts on Strangeness and Charms you could imagine that i'm a sucker for french lifestyle, food and of course fashion. i love everything regarding the savoir vivre of the french, they simply know how to live the good life and of course i'm very much in love the the style of the parisian ladies.

i purchased my first béret basque in 2000, when the expo world exhibition took place in hannover, germany. needless to say it was bought at the gift store of the french pavillon. it was navy blue made of the most tender cashmere fabric and of course worn at any occasion imaginable – c'était vraiment un coup de foudre!

in todays post i want to show you my personal selection of this headdress à la française. and just in time before starting to celebrate new years eve at the casino in baden-baden i will show you my outfit for this special occasion (maybe you have already have seen some details of itin my insta feed) – stay tuned!

what do you think of the beret trend and do you own one (or more) yourself?
do you find some favourites in todays post?

Sunday 24 December 2017

SHOOTING: snow white and bright red.

[en] my lovely readers, i'm wishing you a merry christmas time and wonderful moments with your favourite people, loads of fun and great food! i will be driving home for christmas tomorrow to spend christmas day with my family in gießen. how will you celebrate christmas '17?

once again we will have no white christmas in germany, thus i want to help you out with todays outfit post – we took these crystal magic photos some time ago in the vast gardens of schloss favorite near baden-baden.

this year i also became a bit reconciled with the cold seasons. might be because of the fact that i stopped smoking some months ago and that since then it takes some time until i start to feel the cold. or maybe it's because i feel more comfortable with my life and with what i have already achieved and that i know what i still want to achieve.

maybe it's some kind of catharsis. I'm excited when i think about the new year. i'm curious to get to know it, alongside with all the new impressions which i will be able to experience. it will also be a new and big chapter in my life, because i will finally turn 30. oh, how the time flies. sometimes this thought scares me. but then again i believe that every year offers you an account which 8760 hours in the red and you should live these hours to the fullest and seize everyday as good as you can. i swore to myself that i will do it just like this. that's my only New Years' resolution. Although … to find THE one and to travel as much as possible is of course comprised in it.

i'm wishing you an exciting new year '18 and loads of positive energy! thank you for reading me. my blog wouldn't be the same without you.

Tuesday 12 December 2017

OUTFIT: sporty meets elegant | LBD, burgundy clutch & pearl embroidered sneakers.

[en] hi peeps! as i have mentioned in my previous post i already know what i'll wear for christmas this year. today i want to show you my personal christmas look. my new LBD from closet london definitely is the key piece of this years outfit. i immediately fell in love with it because it's super elegant, yet also very comfy and thus perfect to hide away a little christmas tummy ;)

i will spend the holidays with my family in gießen and i'm already looking forward to enjoying the obligatory christmas goose and all the other yummy treats - and of course also a little bit of karaoke XD

this year i will be responsible for the christmas dessert. inspired by the beautiful blog belle mélange by mona and sarah i will bake puff pastry pears - check out their blog, it's totally worth it!

how will you spend the holidays?

model, styling & photography: dahi k.
castle favorite
am schloß favorite 5
76437 rastatt

Wednesday 6 December 2017

SHOPPING: celebrate in style - my favourites from the H&M holiday collection '17.

[en] hi peeps! only 18 days to go until christmas eve - i can't wait and i already found my personal christmas outfit. i will show it soon, so stay tuned! today i want to show you my personal favourites from this years H&M holiday collection. i love all the different glamorous black & white styles and the featured fabrics velours/velvet, patent leather, mesh and lace ... i definitely wouldn't only wear them this holiday season!
my personal favourite is the hot pink power suit and i'm totally about to buy it - what do you think of it ... ?!

do you have favourite picks from this years H&M holiday collection?

Thursday 30 November 2017

SHOOTING: pink bouclé, pearls & faux leather.

[en] sponsored - bouclé definitely ranges among my favourite fashion fabrics (alliteration alert! XD) and of course my favourite fashion icon coco is responsible for that. and if this beautiful fabric is coloured in shades of pink (and white) i couldn't be any happier! i'm also in love with the beautiful pearl details.

i have combined it with my favourite faux leather leggings, vintage and gem stone jewellery and my favourite red book bag (which you might already have seen in my posting about the perfect horse racing look).
and of course chanel jewellery and chanel make-up musn't be left out in an outfit which should be a hommage to coco chanel!

what do you think about bouclé and todays ootd?

model & styling: dahi k.

Thursday 23 November 2017

SHOPPING: 10 festive outfits for the holiday season '17.

[en] Advertisement - christmas is just around the corner and i can't wait for the first stroll over the christmas market (the christmas market in baden-baden will open its doors next week, on the 27th of november), the smell of freshly baked christmas cookies and the scent of delicious mulled wine.
of course it's also high time for glamorous festivities - and the perfect time to take out your most beautiful wardrobe pieces!

at the peek & cloppenburg online store i have found some flamboyant dresses, high heels and clutches and created my top 10 outfits for this years festive season.

which outfits would be your favourites?

Sunday 19 November 2017

SHOOTING: les nymphéas.

[en] the musée de l'orangerie is a magical place located in the beautiful parisian jardin des tuileries and houses some of the most incredible impressionist artworks, not forgetting the enchanting nymphéas by claude monet in two oval-shaped exhibition rooms.

todays shooting photos were taken within one of these showrooms. i really love the works of claude monet and his nymphéas, or water lilies, range among my most beloved impressionist artworks. luckily i have worn a matching dress this day - sometimes whilst looking at the outcome i cannot mark the beginning of my dress or the painting in the background ... i like that thought because it also reflects my understanding about fashion as an artform - thus i believe that my outfit choice must have been planned by my subconscious.

have you ever been to the musée de l'orangerie?

model & styling: dahi k.
photography: alice b.
jardin tuileries
75001 paris

Tuesday 7 November 2017

TRAVEL: paris undiscovered - my top ten places to visit in the city.

[en] paris ranges among my most beloved places on earth and it definitely has much more to offer than the eiffel tower. today i want to show you my top ten places in paris not every tourist might be aware of. good food and drinks included!

et voilà – here they are!

Saturday 28 October 2017

CHRISTMAS: individualized advent calendar - my schoko world.

[en] ADVERTISEMENT - christmas is just around the corner (i'm already counting the days ...) and one of my favourite christmas traditions since my early childhood days is the obligatory advent calendar, filled with delicious chocolates and pralinés.

my schoko world offers you the possibility to create your very own advent calendar, personalized with your own photographs and filled with belgian milk chocolate.
i tested the service and today i want to show you the result.

i created a special strangeness and charms advent calendar featuring my personal shooting favourites from the past few years. it is very easy to create your own design - you can simply upload your favourite photos onto the website and do not need to download an external software.

i really like the outcome! what do you think of it?
as a special goodie you can win the advent calendar shown in todays post!

Sunday 22 October 2017

OUTFIT: white ruffle blouse, destroyed jeans & floral wedges.

[en] hi peeps! i love to wear floral prints all year and not only in the spring and summer season. todays outfit is one of my favourite 'uniforms' this fall season. i instantly feel comfortable in my glamorous white ruffle blouse and the light blue destroyed jeans. of course a sophisticated pop of colour is inevitable in most of my outfits and this time i chose a pair of floral print wedges. the best: they are super comfy!

do you also have a seasonal uniform with which you instantly feel comfy and beautiful?

Friday 20 October 2017

SHOPPING: my current fashion favourites from zaful.


[en] ADVERTISEMENT - hi peeps! you might already have noticed that i'm a fan of the online store zaful. i have already published several posts featuring products which i have bought there. for example you might remember my post about my blue velvet maxi dress which i combined with my monochrome graphic print blazer, high heels and my patent leather bag from calvin klein. the dress was from zaful, as well as my red cat eye sunnies, my beloved golden khaleesi bracelet and my golden armcuff which was featured in several outfit and shooting posts.

today i want to show you my recent picks from the online shop.

there's always such a vast quantity of amazing pieces online so that it's quite hard for me not to buy too many things! thus today I want to help you guys to decide on what to buy in the shop.

i really love the nude sweater with flower applications, the black sweater with the pearl applications and the striped wrap blouse. i thought about combining the latter with one of the stripey pants i also linked in todays post – what do you think?

and this gold-coloured biker jacket is ah-ma-zing, isn't it? such a statement piece! but i'm also very much in love with the patent leather shoes with wing applications, the embroidered black velvet mules and the fake fur ones – not to mention all the beautiful dress and bag creations and all this statement jewellery. well i can tell for sure that my wallet is looking forward to this shopping galore XD

have you already known zaful and have you already ordered something there – if yes, were you satisfied with your order?


Wednesday 18 October 2017

OUTFIT: a walk in baden-baden.

[en] baden-baden is perfect for long walks - for example along the lichtentaler allee with the gönneranlage and its rose garden and the beautiful dahlia garden. and the city doesn't lose its charm, even when it rains.

but baden-baden offers a whole lot more to see, for example the kurhaus with its extensive gardens and the theatre and trinkhalle, which are stunning examples of classicistic architecture.

on these warm and sunny autumn days i love to wear my blush coloured and ruffled dorothy perkins blouse and my light blue destroyed jeans.

have you ever been to baden-baden?

photography: hermann koch, dahi k.
lichtentaler allee 64

Tuesday 17 October 2017

GIFT GUIDE: interactive world map with scratchable areas / weltkarte zum freirubbeln.

[en] ADVERTISEMENT – hi peeps! christmas is waiting around the corner and thus i want to show you a gift idea proving perfect for for any travelette around: a world map where you can scratch the places you have visited so far by beneart®.

in my early childhood days i was such a sucker for scratch cards and my dad used to buy me tons and tons at the local kiosk and i guess i haven't been the only one XD that's why i think that this world map is a super fun idea.

you also have the possibility to scratch some of the worlds greatest sights at the bottom left of the world map.

Saturday 14 October 2017

SHOOTING: sports apparel from & H&M in the black forest.

[en] ADVERTISEMENT - hi peeps! the depicted natural gem is only 20 minutes away from my flat. it's a beauty spot which lets me get away from it all for a little while.
it's perfect for a little walk but also to collect mushrooms and chestnuts in fall and wood garlic in spring.

the area shown on the photographs in todays post belongs to the hunting lodge forest and is located between baden-baden and sinzheim.

i really feel privileged to live near an UNESCO biosphere reserve – not least because i live in a region where others take a staycation.

do you live nearby a national park or a natural beauty spot which helps you to take some time out?

photography: dahi k.
location: jagdhäuser wald, baden-baden.

Monday 2 October 2017

SHOOTING: the perfect horse racing look - black broad-brimmed occasion hat & white cocktail dress.

[en] baden-baden can be regarded as the german horse racing metropolis and also in matters of pomp and circumstance it would in no way be inferior to the prestigious couterpart in ascot.
it is needless to say that this social event which peaks within the grand final week at the beginning of september is celebrated in the best way possible. highly rewarded horses and jockeys as well as haute couture hat creations worn by beautiful ladies are in the centre of attention.

many ladies shop their flamboyant hat couture at olivier maugé's flagship store in baden-baden.

it is very likely that i will wear today's outfit at the sales & racing festival which will take place during the 20th and the 22nd of october 2017.

my mum bequeathed me with the broad-brimmed hat i'm wearing in today's post. isn't it a true black beauty? i'm especially in love with the hatband and the decorative ribbon detail made of rich, silky-matt velvet – one of my favourite fabrics!

the white cocktail dress literally was a perfect catch. i have bought it second hand via – one of my favourite fashion destinations when it comes to sustainable shopping. i especially love the modern interpretation of its halter-neck detail.
i wanted the shoes to be puristic and not too garish and thus combined my black & white combo with a pair of nude coloured high heels.

nevertheless a bright and colourful colour splash oughtn'd be missing and thus i combined my outfit with a red bag in shape of a book.

the races in 2018 are likely to take place in mai, august/september and october.

what do you think about my horse racing look?

model & styling: dahi k.

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Saturday 30 September 2017

SHOOTING: off shoulder shirt, gondolier hat & palazzo pants.

[en] SPONSORED - hi peeps! today i've got a new outfit for you – a tribute to past italian summer days. the yellow off-shoulder shirt and the (unbelievably comfy) black and white palazzo pants were both souvenirs from my trip to milan. the hat reminds me of the headgear worn by the gondoliers in the aquatic streets of venice. the photos were shot in the beautiful rose society garden in baden-baden.

generally spoken i'm not a fan of fall but these past days were simply beautiful, with golden leaves all around, loads of sunlight and very mild temperatures.
but nevertheless i love to think back to my italian summer and all the precious memories i was allowed to make.

what's your most beloved experience you were able to make this summer?

model & styling: dahi k.
moltkestraße 3
76530 baden-baden

Tuesday 26 September 2017

TRAVEL: follow me to milano.

[en] hi peeps! It was on my lifelong travel bucket list to visit milan at least one time in my life. and yes, this year this dream became true (amongst so many others) but we have definitely spent too little time in this beautiful city to discover it entirely ...

in italian the milan cathedral is called duomo di milano. it's located in the eponymous district duomo in the vibrant heart of the city. this district is located in zona 1, where you can find the piazza del duomo, the luxury shopping district via montenapoleone and the parco sempione.
the majority of tourists usually strive through zona 1 and so did we.

while strolling through the district of duomo with its beautiful white cathedral and the galleria vittorio emanuele 2 (where you can also find the worlds first prada store) you can recognize many antique roman architectonic features.

the duomo di milano ranges among the most famous buildings throughout the whole of europe and the world. it's a masterpiece of human skill.
the high crenels nearly dislimned in the glistening sunlight and made this example of extraordinary architectonic work seem much more beautiful and surreal.

again i have been fascinated by the creative power of the human beings once they get to know the greatness and love of god.

i guess i have fallen in love with the beautiful duomo di milano. and yes – i definitely want to see it again!

unfortunately we didn't have the time to go inside the cathedral. that's a pity indeed because anytime i visit a cathedral or church i light a candle and say a prayer.

of course there are also many ways of having some divine (and glamorous) shopping experiences. the italian fashion metropolis houses the worlds first prada store within the beautiful galleria vittorio emanuele 2 and also hosts one of the most prestigious fashion weeks worldwide, featuring designers such as dolce & gabbana.

a stroll through one of the many designer outlets which you can find throughout the whole city was obligatory. we have also visited the beautiful zara store near the duomo di milano and the blue sand and immagine stores which sell italian-designed high quality apparel and accessoires at unbelievably low prices. i have found beautiful ruffled dresses at a cost of 20€ or less!

and you can also find my favourite pâtisserie in milan: ladurée - their saint-honorés and macarons gained world-wide reputation, not just since sofia coppolas masterpiece 'marie antoinette'!

i can't wait for my next visit and a delicious aperitivo with a view to the wonderful duomo di milano.
milan is also only 6h away from baden-baden if you travel by car – a mere stone's throw in my opinion!

milan – oh, what a beauty.

have you ever visited milano? which place is still on your travel bucket list?

Wednesday 20 September 2017

SHOOTING: statement sleeves & colour blocking.

[en] SPONSORED - hi peeps! today i've got a new outfit post for you. the photos were shot in the beautiful goenneranlage in baden-baden, one of my favourite shooting spots in the city. the photos were shot by florian gehrmann from gehrmann portrait-fotografie. i have worn my new midi dress from fashionmia (which i have shown you in my latest wishlist post and my latest new in posting) and my new emerald green croc embossed hand bag from chicuu.
we have found a beautiful ivy-clad wall which contrasts perfectly with the bold colours of todays outfit.

i have also put a video on youtube featuring todays outfit - i'd love to read your opinions in the comment section!

as you already have known i'm not really a fan of autumn and i'm definitely not happy about shorter days and colder temperatures. i also have to deal with seasonal depression during the colder seasons. bright and bold colours have the power to raise my spirits immediately - the more the better.

do you like autumn? do you also have to deal with seasonal depression and what do you do against it?

model & styling: dahi k.

lichtentaler allee 64
76530 baden-baden

Sunday 17 September 2017

NEW IN: mules, statement sleeves, fashletics, MAC, liquid matte lip colour, marble cases & vegan goodies.

[en] ADVERTISEMENT - hi peeps! today i've got another new in post for you – it's been a long time since the last one and in the meantime many new pieces found their way into my wardrobe (and also my kitchen) and i want to introduce them to you now.

Wednesday 6 September 2017

TRAVEL: follow me to cinqueterre - hiking in riomaggiore & monterosso al mare.

[en] hi peeps! seen one, seen all?! … some people argue that all the five villages of the cinqueterre in italy resemble each other, but i definitely do not believe that you can generalize it like that.

'cinqueterre' can be translated into 'five countries' and comprises the villages of monterosso, vernazza, corniglia, manarola and riomaggiore which are all located by the sea. no more than 7000 inhabitants live here.

the cinque terre are not accessible by car, but only by train. of course you could also reach the villages by foot. there's a great variety of beautiful hiking trails throughout the whole of cinqueterre and the surrounding area.
there are hiking routes for absolute beginners and advanced hikers – some do not take more than 40 minutes and on other routes you could spend the whole day.

every village is very scenic and charming. especially vernazza with its beautiful and colourful little houses and the picture perfect yacht harbour is worth a visit and should find its way onto your travel bucket list.
unfortunately we haven't made it there this time, but i'll make good for it in the future.

those who think that the cinqueterre are boring do not seem to be able to appreciate the beauty of this idyllic and peaceful place on earth, its friendly inhabitants and its beautiful flora and fauna.

it's no wonder that the cinque terre also belong to the world cultural heritage. even if the sun isn't shining the five little villages remain beautiful and charming - especially if you wander off the beaten track you can discover many new highlights.

lace dress: H&M (similar hereherehere) | earrings: saint laurent (similar here) |  | scarf: majea (DIRECT LINK) | floppy hat: H&M  (similar here) | marina drawstring tote: michael kors (similar hereherehere) | round sunglasses: ASOS (similar here) | watch: vintage (similar here)