Wednesday 24 August 2016

NEW IN: chanel, karl lagerfeld, topshop, romwe, armani, chicwish, guess, kleiderkreisel, unicorns & dragons ...

[en] hi peeps! today i've got another new in post for you. the last one was many months ago and meanwhile many new pieces have made their way into my wardrobe and my jewellery cases. 

i was in need of some waterproof make-up and found what i searched for at the douglas online shop. the zoeva 'black to earth' eyeliner and the inimitable by chanel are both waterproof and thus perfect for the hot summer days we are blessed with at the moment. the inimitable is my absolute favourite when it comes to mascaras, with a short liaison with an estée lauder one. i would have bought the same one again if they had offered a waterproof version but they unfortunately didn't - thus again back to chanel. i didn't regret it!

also my very first pair of chanel earrings broke apart at a shooting last month which made me quite sad because i had bought them at the age of 19 from my very first salary. thus i was in need of a new pair and made the perfect catch at a second hand store for less than 200 bucks. aren't they pretty ... ?! i'm totally in love with them and i also believe them to be much more pretty than the pair i bought before.

from zaful i got a lovely dragon bracelet making me feel like i'm the khaleesi of the great grass sea (GoT, y'know? XD) and a perfect feather statement necklace catch from which i will definitely wear for one of my next shootings. 
the turquoise and golden statement necklace was also a lovely catch from - and not the only one, of course! the electric blue neckholder shirt and the white silk one were also a perfect catch on my favourite online second hand store and also the orange ZARA blazer and KARL LAGERFELD silk blouse - total bargains and they still make me so happy! 

the rose quartz brocade dress was a perfect find from chicwish which i actually wanted to wear in london this year but which unfortunately arrived much too late (when i already had returned from my trip) but which i will wear for my shooting in paris next year ... maybe featuring some rose quartz coloured air balloons, floating above the eiffel tower ... in mind i got an advertorial from dior perfumes, maybe you can guess which one i mean?

and as the perfect lecture of a khaleesi to be one has to read a song of ice and fire of course! this was an easter present from a friend, but i still haven't managed to read more than 10 pages because of work and stuff. sometimes i wished that my day would have at least 48 hours.

and then there is my new unicorn umbrella brightening up any rainy day. i took notice of this piece via lost at e minor on facebook and finally bought it at - miss lovelyattitude, this would be the perfect catch for you, huh? :D

when i visited the roppenheim style outlets last month i made this dress catch at the guess store - but i'm still not sure if it's perfect for me ... what do you think?

the scarf and the orange jumpsuit were to catches i have made in london and the brown dress with white lace details, the white vintage style blouse, the golden blazer and the green one were all finds at the weiberkram maedchenflohmarkt which i visited with a friend 2 months ago in mannheim. 

the armani purse and hawaiian macadamia chocolate pralines were gifts from my mum who visited the family in korea this year and i will join her the following and can't wait! by the way: the hawaiian host chocolate pralines are to die for - if you ever get the chance to try them, do it! you won't regret it.

the fabergé inspired porcelain egg and noa by cacharel perfume were gifts of friends who absolutely know my taste <3

the black and white checked maxi dress and serenity blue off-shoulder blouse were both perfect finds from ROMWE and the red cold-shoulder dress from H&M - but i'm not that sure when or where actually to wear it.

what were your latest fashion catches?

Friday 19 August 2016