Sunday 16 April 2017

GIVEAWAY: happy easter with 4711 acqua colonia white peach & coriander.

[en] Advertisement - happy easter my beautiful people! i hope you're having a super fun time with your family, good food and great gifts ... and for this festive occasion i want to give you the opportunity to receive another beautiful gift: i'm raffling one vial of 4711 acqua colonia white peach & coriander by courtesy of

the beautiful crystal vial contains a beautiful fragrance with a very intense fruity flavour of white peaches and a splash of coriander which adds a lemonlike scent to it - in my opinion the perfect perfume for the upcoming summer season. 
this fragrance definitely deserves a like!

and here's how to participate:

you can participate if you're a follower of my blog on at least one of my social media channels.
the more channels you're following me with, the more chances you will have to win! each channel will grant you one ticket, thus you will have the possibility to earn up to 10 tickets!

you can follow via:

please comment below this blogpost with your e-mail address and all the member names on the social media channels you're following with.

this giveaway will be open until the 30st of april 2017, CET 23:59. participants taking part afterwards cannot be taken into account anymore. the winners will be announced asap after the giveaway has ended.

this giveaway is open worldwide so don't hesitate to try your luck!

Saturday 8 April 2017

SHOOTING: blue velvet maxi dress, monochrome blazer, calvin klein bag.

[en] hello my dears! sorry for not having posted for so long, but i had piles of work to do, big individualized orders from customers to process and new creative projects such as origami dragons and dragon eggs in vintage style boxes (which you can also check out in my online shop Tamako Design).

also i have enjoyed the wonderful weather these past 2 weeks (!!!) in baden-baden and taken loads of new outfit photos - for example a special outfit to celebrate the milestone of 20k on instagram at the casino of baden-baden. YAY!

you can now, finally, also add me on snapchat - you can find me under the name 'strangenessblog'.

today i've got a new outfit post for you, feat. a blue velvet maxi dress from zaful and a monochrome blazer from madeleine which i have bought second-hand at - my new favourite blazer.

do you also have a snapchat account? drop your member names in the comment section and let's follow each other!

model & styling: dahi k.
photography: gehrmann portrait-fotografie.
location: castle gardens rastatt, germany.