Monday 31 March 2014

FASHION: 10 outfits to wear at a vernissage.

today i want to show you different ways to style your perfect vernissage outfit. i have created 10 different outfits for you. all the styles are artful, classy and sexy without showing too much. 

which style is your favourite?

Sunday 30 March 2014

NEW IN: sheinside, mango, shabby chic, veggie goodies.

hey guys, today i've got a new, maybe partially unusual haul - i have received a very lovely cultured print dress from sheinside and i really love the brash design, the fabric, the feel and the wearing comfort ... i have also done some grocery and fashion shopping with my brother some days ago. at the drug store i have found a nice lactose free nougat cream and two very nice vegan spreads - a hokkaido pumpkin spread and another with mustard and rocket salad. both are very delicious and really recommendable! when i went shopping with my brother i also found a very lovely shabby chic basket decorated with satin, lace and cute little bows i will decorate my new flat with. and at the mango store in ludwigshafen i have found a very beautiful white blazer - i was in need of an elegant and pure white blazer and since i always make a find at mango stores, no matter if online or offline, again i have made a very nice one. i still am in need of a nice black blazer - i emphasize high quality and a perfect fit. could you guys give me some advice whereto find the perfect black blazer?

what do you think of my new treasuries?

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Saturday 29 March 2014

OUTFIT: sweet pea, apple of my eye ♥

guys, i'm very sorry for not writing so much into my latest posts but the past months i've been busily in search for a new flat and now finally i've got it !!! it's beautiful, it's big, it has a very nice balcony and it's simply perfect. i also got some nice interior ideas and when everything's ready i'll show you the results of course. oh, can't wait for the next time - i'm so looking forward to painting the different rooms (in petrol blue and pink) and to design them until they'll reach the perfect feelgood factor. stay tuned! 

i love to wear colourful apparel these days because they simply lift up your mood when you're down and much higher when you're already very happy - and now i am really happy because of my new flat and all the wonderful people who will help me to make it my very own home.

... btw the skirt is quite old, i've bought it years ago while H&M published their very first garden collection (i guess you also can remember those beautiful 3d rose dresses in red and white). the blouse is from clockhouse and in size XL and i simply LOVE IT - now isn't that an oversized look at it's best huh ?! ;)

the dog in the gif by the way really needed a shower, he was full of dust and i don't want to take dust into my new flat XD ... but i also love to wash my cuddly toys in the bathtub - one day when i came home i noticed my mum talking in the bathroom so i went inside and there she was, showering the dog. she then recognized and greeted me and then continued to talk to the dog and really it was so funny i began to do that, too - and by the way, the dog is way too big to fit into the washing machine. XD

btw what do you think of my outfit? 

Thursday 27 March 2014

FASHION: 8 outfits to wear at a cocktail evening.

today i want to show you different ways to style your perfect outfit for a fashionable cocktail evening. i have created 8 different outfits for you. all the styles are colourful, classy and sexy without showing too much. 

which style is your favourite?

all outfits were created with apparel and accessoires from

Tuesday 25 March 2014

SHOPPING LOVE: net-a-porter wishlist.

do you already know this is the perfect place for you if you're into designer fashion - offers designer clothes, designer bags and designer accessoires from top designer brands such as missoni, rochas, alexander mcqueen, bottega veneta and christian louboutin. was launched in june 2000 by natalie massenet as an online luxury fashion shop presented in the style of a fashion magazine.

today i want to show you my favourite pieces of the latest designer collections offered at

which are your favourite pieces? 


Saturday 22 March 2014

OUTFIT: 8 ways to style a poloshirt ♥

i love preppy styles and outfit and i'm very much in love with my new poloshirt from gaastra which i have shown you earlier (click here).

today i want to show you 8 ways to style a poloshirt to create a stylish and preppy look.

which style is your favourite? ♥

Thursday 20 March 2014

ART: art calendar 2014, featuring my mum.

this year my mum had her second art exhibition at gallery schramm in bad salzhausen. this november the korean TV station YTN reported on this gallery, which mostly shows works by korean artists living in germany, korea and abroad. this year gallery schramm published their first art calendar, which also features one work of my mum. her work is called 'prayer' and represents november 2014. i think the calendar looks very professional and i'm so proud of my mum!

what do you think of the calendar?

Wednesday 19 March 2014

OUTFIT: one day, baby, we'll be old.

 coat: mango / jeans: mango / blouse: C&A / shoes: jeffrey campbell / earrings: chanel

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Saturday 15 March 2014

SHOPPING LOVE: prom dresses.

which girl doesn't dream of her perfect prom evening in a fabulous, flattering & fashionable dress everyone else will be envious about?

i had been lucky to have two prom dresses during my school time. the first one was the graduation party for my fellow classmates who left school at the end of the 10th grade. the second one was the graduation party for all of us who mastered the A levels.
both times i have betted on the red - and both times it was a comprehensive victory. nobody else seemed to be game enough to wear this beautiful colour. so my dresses were an eyecatcher twice. twice i have worn a floor-length dress. at the end of the 10th grade it was a close-fitting one, embellished with beautiful 3D flowers at the neckline. at my A level prom night i wore a widely flared dress with a corsage, over and over embellished with sparkling gemstones. i added a golden clutch, long and white satin gloves and sparkling jewellery.

today i want to show you my A level prom night dress, and other beautiful dresses i have found online for you with which you would also stand a good chance of being the star of your very own prom night.

which ones would be your favourites?

A-line Scoop Tulle Satin Asymmetrical Appliques Cocktail Dresses

OUTFIT: saturday nights.

here i've got a new outfit post for you! i have worn a black velvet jumpsuit, bought at, a vintage necklace from my mum, mile-high black leather wedges from 'super mode' (and still very comfy!), a vintage gucci bag, my favourite chanel earrings and a moschino belt to pep up the ASOS jumpsuit. i combined the outfit with a white woolen coat by mango.

i chose the post title because i believe that this is the perfect outfit for a brash saturday night out, with dancing, cocktails & loads of fun. i already wore a quite similar outfit when i went out the last time, but combining the jumpsuit with my red mango coat.

and what do you think of it? 

Friday 14 March 2014

FASHION: the long journey of finding the perfect polo shirt.

it seemed to be an ordinary day. i was 15 years old and school ended a bit earlier that day thus i hitted upon the idea to go for a stroll around town and to visit the H&M store, my favourite shop back then. i still loved to visit the children's departements in fashion stores and i also did so on that day. and then i spotted this very, very beautiful rosecoloured polo shirt. it was a very nice pastel colour and a nice piqué fabric - i fell in love immediately, and i had to buy it. i tried on the biggest size, guess it was 164 or 170, and fortunately it fitted me perfectly. i brought it to the cash point and rejoiced about the price: 4,90€ - for a 15 year old this really was a great bargain!
and henceforth i wore it nearly every day, no joke. i loved it so much.

but then there was this dark day when diabolic dark chocolate found the way onto my beautiful polo shirt and ... yeah well, i tried my hardest to get rid of this stupid spot but ... forget it. the shirt was shot and i really didn't find another polo shirt in this rose colour which fitted me as perfectly as my old one. that got me really depressed and i should have hated chocolate for that - but no. i am a forgiving person and chocolate also had the ability to soothe my pain after this accident, so it's okay.

but weeks ago i found this a very beautiful pick in the gaastra onlineshop and - guess what, i had the same feeling of 'that's mine - that's the perfect shirt and OMG it is pink!' and i simply had to buy it. the shirt arrived some days ago and when i unpacked it i was so happy, you cannot imagine! the last days i have worn this beautiful shirt near-continuously. it makes me very very happy. i really love the comfortable grip, the preppy look, the colour! ... and it's of course not comparable to the quality of the H&M shirt - it's much much much better. and it's worth one's salt, believe me.

... when i was 15, i loved to combine my polo shirt with light blue jeans and small pearl earrings. now i have already combined the polo shirt with dark and light blue ones and also a flared white skirt. i will show you some variations with this polo shirt in the following days, so stay tuned! 

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Thursday 13 March 2014

FOOD: dark chocolate cupcakes with popcorn topping.

ladies and guys, i have a new delicious cupcake creation for you!

for these deliciously looking lovely little cupcakes i have combined two recipes, and when you're based in germany you might already have read about them on two other blogs i like very much, because they got great food inspiration and great recipes.

first i took the popcorn cupcake recipe from 'miss blueberrymuffin' - the recipe says that you have to put peach bits and peach juice into the dough, but i didn't want that, so i decided to simply take the popcorn topping and combine the cupcakes with another recipe i have tried out previously: the dark chocolate cupcakes with matcha frosting from 'thank you for eating' - i liked the dark chocolate muffin base which i already have baked some days ago (you can see it here).

don't they look delicious? and they were delicious, too. i have tried them myself, and also pupils, friends and family. a pupil also said, they look a bit like 'modern art' - very cute :D but it's true! with low expenditure you can throw together a very lovely, delicious and elaborate cake creation.

Sunday 9 March 2014

wedding days: the faragé story.

if you're deeply in love and it seems like the very first time you truly love with all your heart, your thoughts will eventually begin to revolve around you and him, standing in front of the altar, the cleric looking on both of you with a warm smile ... and you, dressed all in white, believe that you must be the happiest girl on earth [...]

Saturday 8 March 2014

wedding days: wedding dress wishlist ♥

the wedding of my mum, the wedding of a very good friend of mine ... and no wedding for me XD well not exactly - i'm a guest at different weddings this year, but not at my own one. this one is still long way away ... one day it was quite close, but that's another story. but still i love to browse for beautiful dresses, especially those which orbit weddings, immaterial if it's a bridesmaid dress (here i have shown you some beautiful ones) or the perfect wedding dress (some can also be found here and here) - i already got several favourite wedding dress labels, and today i want to show you another selection of beautiful and modern wedding dresses for the future bride - each dress is different, each dress tells a different story, but in my opinion all of them are beautiful and have very fashionable styles.

i especially love all of the mermaid styles, especially combined with long trains, because they make such feminine and sexy curves, showing much and nothing at the same time. the first dress you can see in this post shows exactly what i mean - and i have very much fallen in love with it. i think that a style like this would be my perfect dress for a perfect wedding ... but i also love the empire,bow and the knee-length styles which i also show you in this post - i think that especially the short styles would also be a very nice idea for young and modern brides who want to get married in the register office, before marrying in a church - i would love to wear a short, ruffled or flared and white dress at my own one. but i also could imagine them at a beach wedding.

all of these dresses would be styles i would love for my own wedding and i believe that this selection is a great inspiration for all the lovely ladies among my dear readership who plan to get married soon!

which ones would be your favourites? 

Trumpet/Mermaid Bateau Satin Sweep Train Ivory Appliques Wedding Dresses

Sheath/Column Strapless Tulle Satin Sweep Train White Appliques Wedding Dresses

Friday 7 March 2014

weddings days: bridesmaid dress wishlist ♥

since a good friend of mine will marry soon, i'm still in need of a nice bridesmaid dress - or, better said, i've got enough dresses in my wardrobe but i'm so in love with fashion and clothes i simply have to look for new and beautiful stuff.

fashion is always afoot, full of motion, innovative, creative and never standing still. and that's what i do love so much. 
you're always in search of something new - the perfect find, the perfect fit, the perfect piece which is able to brighten up your eyes and days. 
it's an endless journey, a saga.
it is life.

... but enough of disgressing. on my way of browsing through the endless depths of a long list of onlineshops i have found some very beautiful pieces which you can see below.

Glamorous A-Line Floor-Length Beading One Shoulder Prom Dress

Sexy Mermaid/Turmpet V-Neck Sleeveless Floor-Length Dasha's Bridemaid Dress

Thursday 6 March 2014

FOOD: homebaked dark chocolate cupcakes with matcha frosting ♥

my dears, in this post i have prepared something new, amazing, and mouthwatering delicacies for you! some days ago i was in need for a new baking session - you know, i love to bake because it's fun and also very soothing when i feel upset or down. and i love to eat my own creations, but much more to gift them to people i love and to see their shining eyes.

i have found a very nice recipe on 'thank you for eating' (click here) for dark chocolate cupcakes with matcha frosting. i think that many of you know this bilious green tea powder already, THE new healthy lifestyle product. of course matcha was already known before and very popular in the japanese tea culture. made out of the rare tencha tea leafs, it is very high-priced but also full of healthy features such as many catechines, carotines and vitamine A, B, C and E.

today you can find matcha served pure, as an icecream flavour, as a nice addition in café latte, in japanese kitkat creations and of course in different cake creations such as the one i want to show you in this post!

Wednesday 5 March 2014

shopping love: cross body bag wishlist ♥

my dears, i really love accessoires, especially scarfs, bags and jewellery, simply because they can highlight any outfit and give it a different touch. it's amazing how you can alter any style by simply adding some statement jewellery such as oversized pearl necklaces, as deborah shows on her wonderful blog (click here to read more), or by adding a stylish and brash statement bag to your outfit - just think of my wonderful cat bag which i have shown you in a previous post (click here), or the cute owl bag which my dear blog friend nadine from 'verliebt in zuhause' adores so much (click here) :D

today i want to show you some lovely cross body bags which will also alter your outfits to the better, if you are selfconfident enough to wear them, because they are quite good eyecatchers XD

i especially adore the colour blocking bags, especially the electric blue, the violet and golden, and the pink furred one because they would add such a wonderful pop of colour, the studded lip shaped bag and the nude coloured croc and lace bag, because it's such a nice style break, and because i love croc leather :)

what do you think of my selection?
which cross body bags are your favourites?

Exquisite One-shoulder New Arrival Women's Cross Body Bag

Tuesday 4 March 2014

new in: lord voldemort, vintage roses and quite holy stuff XD

today i want to show you guys some new pieces in my wardrobe - when i first saw the lord voldemort shirt i laughed myself to tears, really, and i simply had to buy it, as a potterhead and as a fan of louis vuitton (ahhh, cambon, mahina and le fabuleux!), although one could think that this shirt is meant ironically ...and as a statement against expensive high fashion, but i don't care. i think it's a nice statement and such fun to wear! i already wore it at the gym last time and it's really an eyecatcher, haha XD

the vintage suit and skirt were gifts from a very good friend of mine. i love her style so much, really - and guess what guys, she's got an walk-in wardrobe. soooo jealous :D the skirt is a little too big for me but i think i'll keep it. i already made some new outfit photos with the lovely skirt and wore it twice outside.

and the crosses ... i love crosses, and churches - especially the posh ones, baroque, bycantic or gothic. thus i had fallen in love with these earrings and, yeah well, had to buy them. although i'm saving money for my house moving. but, yeah well, it's fashion. and fashion is one of the joys of our lives. art to live in. and art is in most cases a quite unreasonable thing. 

so, what do you think of my new beauties?

1# lv lord voldemort shirt, bought here (click) / 2# cross jewellery, via (click) / 3# vintage suit, from a friend / 4# vintage floral skirt, from a friend

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