Sunday 30 June 2013

new in: chicwish, preppy, primark, le specs, mint&berry ♥

hi dears! i treated myself with some new beautiful items in my wardrobe 

  • a vintage inspired peter pan collared dress in yellow with white polka dots from primark, bought on for 7€ - a real bargain, don't you think ? 

Saturday 29 June 2013

SHOOTING: little red riding hood.

these are some out of cam photos from the red riding hood shooting with itechkast. i will post some more photos the following days, for example from our little outdoor red riding hood shooting in the ebertpark in ludwigshafen. i hope you like the photos.

Thursday 27 June 2013 goodie package ♥

today i received a lovely package from mystylehit ♥ - did you know it already? it's a community where you can post your outfits, OOTD's, shooting photos and thus show your personal style and share it with other fashionistas and guys. 

if you're a blogger, you can promote your blog via mystylehit by writing in the message board and posting your outfits. for each activity you gain points. 
when reaching 1000 points, you become a bronze blogger and receive 10€ a month which you can spend in different onlineshops such as zalando, ASOS and so on and you'll receive a special goodie package with fashionable and customized accessoires and apparel.
when reaching 10000 points you're a silver blogger and will be presented with a blog presentation on mystylehit, and you'll also receive a 25€ voucher to spend in one of the shops mentioned above.

i'm a member for a single month now and i already love it! the community is very nice, i already received my first 10€ ASOS voucher and today i received my goodie package. 

what was inside?

  • a personal and lovely letter, written by hand (!) 

Wednesday 26 June 2013

travelling love: rokoko castle veitshöchheim.

i have never been to a rokoko castle although this is one of my favourite epoques in art history - besides baroque, the gothic era, impressionism and surrealism.

we visited veishöchheim near wuerzburg and it's beautiful rokoko castle and i love to share the impressions with you. i'm wearing my beloved pink skaterdress from H&M, a vintage scarf and my red leather bag from italy.

Tuesday 25 June 2013

travelling love: würzburg - impressions ♥

some days ago i stayed in wuerzburg for some days at a friends house. it was my first time ever in wuerzburg and i must say that it is a wonderful, beautiful city with many old baroque buildings and many sights worth seeing. we strolled around the city, visiting the main, the kaeppele, the residenz, marienberg and so on. it was really beautiful and i would love to visit wuerzburg again!

Monday 24 June 2013

SHOOTING: the vintage bride.

here are some of the beautiful out of cam photos from my latest shooting with itechkast which was a lot of fun. 

this dress was a real vintage discovery i made last year when i browsed through the depths of ebay, where you can find wonderful and unique apparel. 
the dress is an authentic bride dress out of the roaring 20s. a dream made of 3 layers of silk, tulle and crêpe de chine ... you don't want to know how much it costed, back then ... ;) 

why i bought it? ... because i thought that this would be the perfect dress for my future wedding - but at the moment i don't have anybody who would marry me XD 
after all it's perfect for shootings and i truly love it. but it was a bit too tight. they descripted it with size S, but it was much smaller. 

anyways, i hope you like the photos.

Sunday 23 June 2013

jam jar moments 2013.

today i want to show you a little almost-tutorial, at least a very beautiful idea to brighten up your home, which  i have found recently on liv's amazing and creative blog 'thank you for eating'. you should really stop by there! she picked up an idea or project which she has found on many tumblr's and co. - it was called 'jam jar moments 2013'. the idea is to '... start 2013 off with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. on new years eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year.'

Thursday 20 June 2013

FOOD: filled puff pastries with spinach and feta cheese.

some days ago i made filled puff pastry triangulars with spinach and feta cheese for the very first time - and they were so delicious! 

Monday 17 June 2013

OUTFIT: lend me some sugar, i am your neighbour ...

you already might have seen it in my previous post and yes, i really LOVE my new nerdy glasses - just never thought that such glasses with broad frames would go with my style but well i think, indeed they do! i would actually need glasses if i had a driving licence and would use it. the nerdy glasses themselves do not have barnacles but i don't think it's necessary. the glasses are very thick but you still can see very well with them and well, i just think they look nice! i believe them to be a great accessoire which i will definitely build in many of my future outfits. here i combined them with my black flower mesh jumper, my hermès bracelet and handmade firefly earrings. what do you think of them?

Sunday 16 June 2013

OUTFIT: i ain't smoking no hankies.

blouse: H&M
ribbon: via ebay
skirt: vintage
glasses: via aktiv optik
earrings: vintage
boots: graceland

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Friday 14 June 2013

the poetic flood.

some days ago sabine from itechkast and me planned to make a little walk alongside the rhine ... what we didn't expect was the high flood which would welcome us in mannheim - and in all its poetic beauty. a really incredible mekka for photographers (and we saw loads of people with DLSRs - us included!)

since there might be people who would ridiculously think that these photos are an impudence - i'm living near mannheim (in ludwigshafen, more precisely) and there was really NO danger that the flood would cross the foul line of streets and infiltrating the houses near the river. so nobody got harmed, including animals.

it simply looked beautiful and i appreciate everyone who exactly things the same ;)

i hope you'll enjoy the photos.

Monday 10 June 2013

OUTFIT: don't be such a mermaid.

cardigan + earrings: vintage
t-shirt: ernstings family
jeans: noname
necklace: ebay
boots: graceland

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Friday 7 June 2013

new chicwish wishlist ♥

omg i REALLY REALLY love the chicwish onlineshop. the red rosette skirt you already have seen in 3 of my outfits (here, here and here) was my first purchase in the onlineshop and i proudly present you my latest purchase, a dream maxi dress in mint green, with loads of tulle and lace  i'm already in love with it and i believe it must look perfect on me - i'm so looking forward to it. can't wait for the package to arrive here!

today i browsed through the shop and searched for red velvet skirts and leather dresses, because i want to buy some in the next time - i already pussyfooted around some velvet and leather apparel but i just never purchased something because the articles often were too expensive. but i made some finds in the chicwish onlineshop and i also found some other nice apparel there.

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