Tuesday 31 March 2015

FOOD: spanish tapas night.

[en] some days ago we celebrated our 6 month anniversary and at this special occasion i wanted to create a big feast for le boy with loads and loads of different tapas. i believe that the way to a mans' heart is through his stomach and i wanted to do something special for him on this day because he deserved it. because i love him. because he is my best friend, my sanctuary, my safety, my soul mate. i already cooked a tapas feast years ago,standing in the kitchen for more than 9 hours oO, but this time i have been better on track with only 4 1/2 hours XD ... i know i'm crazy, but i'm okay with that, because i'm crazy for him. i have prepared chorizo in red wine, authentic aioli (without mayonnaise, only consisting of garlic and olive oil), dates with bacon, deep-fried chicken breasts, spanish potato omelettes, meatballs with selfmade salsa, pickled scampis and artichokes with salsa. they were accompanied by chalkidiki olives, serrano ham, white bread, vegan cream cheese and pickled sardines. quite a bunch of things any foodie would have loved! before we began to eat we had made some funny pictures showing the OMG moment of seeing all these things for the very first time XD

there was so much left that we also ate another big tapas plate the following night, also accompanied with a nice glass of spanish tempranillo.

Monday 23 March 2015

OUTFIT: every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.

[en] hello my dears! today i've got a new outfit post of you featuring my favourite mango blazer, chanel necklace, chanel earrings, LV bag, handmade amethyst jewellery and a black ensemble. i have chosen the post title because in my opinion it perfectly accompanies this outfit because B& W is always the perfect choice to look classy, elegant and fashionable. how do you like it?

Sunday 22 March 2015

SHOPPING LOVE: new glasses (prada, D&G) - which one to choose?

[en] hello my dears! in the near future i want to buy myself a new pair of glasses, not only because my dioptre numbers have declined but also because i would love some change - i am also in need of a new pair because i'll get my driver licence soon. many good reasons for a purchase huh? XD ... they should be flashy and fashionable - and i have already found 3 pairs of glasses which please my eye. i simply cannot decide which one to choose, finally. would you help me in making this very important decision? 

which one would you choose? 1, 2 or 3? which one would you think would fit me the most?

Dolce&Gabbana DG 3155 1995Prada PR 06QV QE01O1Prada Parallel Universes PR 56QV MA11O1
1 / 2 / 3

[de] hallo meine lieben! in nächster zeit möchte ich mir gerne eine neue brille zulegen, nicht zuletzt da sich meine dioptrin zahl verschlechtert hat sondern auch, da ich lust auf etwas veränderung habe - außerdem brauche ich auch ein neues paar aufgrund meines führerscheinantrages. viele gute gründe also für einen neuen kauf, nicht wahr? XD ... sie sollten modisch und auffällig sein - und ich habe bereits 3 brillen gefunden, die mir gefallen würden. die letzte entscheidung fällt mir allerdings schwer. würdet ihr mir bei der entscheidungsfindung helfen? 

welches paar würdet ihr wählen? 1, 2 oder 3? welches paar würde mir nach eurer meinung am besten stehen?

participate in the best of the blogs competition for april 2015!

Thursday 19 March 2015

FOOD: american pancakes with blueberries.

[en] hello my dears! today i've got a new foodie post for you. this time featuring one of my favourite breakfast/sweet-tooth/anytime-you-want-to-eat dishes: pancakes - the american way. i love them and every saturday me and le boy prepare them for a true breakfast feast, alongside obligatory maple syrup, bread buns, salami, ham, eggs and marmelade. we both already know the recipe by heart and they are oh so easy to make and they look lovely on white and golden vintage dishes. believe me: you won't get enough of them!

Thursday 12 March 2015

TRAVELLING LOVE: 'cafes and walkways and sculptured weekends' - vienna / wien

[en] hello my dears! today i want to show you some more impressions of my viennese travel diary. this time i want to share with you some photographies of our manifold walks through the city and the cafés we visited. we have seen old gothic and baroque and art nouveau buildings, museums, blue skies and night skies, and visited the famous café sacher, hawelka, and a starbucks coffeeshop, which can also look quite sophisticated, with ornamental wallpapers and golden mirrors - but the one we visited in vienna reminded me somewhat also of the beautiful starbucks in heidelberg, which also has a very beautiful interior design. pardon me! today it of course is called 'vintage'.

Tuesday 10 March 2015

TRAVELLING LOVE: st. stephens cathedral vienna / stephansdom wien

[en] hello my dears! today i want to show you the next part of my photographic travel diary from my trip to vienna in january, showing you some impressions of the beautiful st. stephens cathedral in the heart of the city, a monumental and beautiful gothic building, called 'steffl' by the viennese inhabitants. i truly love sacral building because of their holy atmosphere and i especially love the gothic epoque because of its cathedrals capturing the transcendence of god by letting the sunlight stream into the building through their high upper window front. also from the top of these gothic cathedrals you always have a wonderful view over the whole city. thus we also took the opportunity to summit st. stephens cathedral, but not as always up the stairs, but by riding the lift.

Sunday 8 March 2015

IMPRESSIONS: making of - shooting, schwetzingen castle garden / schlossgarten.

[en] hello my dears! as already promised today i want to show you the making of photos of my latest fashion shooting in the castle gardens of schwetzingen. the shooting posts 'mirror, mirror, on the wall ...', 'i dreamt i dwelt in marble halls.', 'thy black hair, like the raven-face of night. thy neck is like sculpture-made.' & 'you need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.' were shot here. the photos should make it possible for you to see behind the curtain of my work. the next shootings are already planned and i can't wait! by the way the pictures were taken from le boy who accompanied me on this day ... 

Saturday 7 March 2015

SHOOTING: mirror, mirror, on the wall ...

[en] hello my dears! in one of my latest posts i have shown you some of the photographic impressions captured during my latest fashion shooting in schwetzingen. today i want to show you the second part of my D&G shooting at the minerva temple. you already saw the first part of the shooting on the 20th of january 2015. making of photos will follow - stay tuned!

Friday 6 March 2015

OUTFIT: people only rain on your parade because they're jealous of your sun and tired of their shade.

[en] hello my dears! i've got a new outfit post for you. only 14 days left until the meteorological spring begins and it is already warm and sunny. thus i have used one of these day to make my first outfit photos in baden-baden. i have worn my beloved yellow H&M dress (years ago i wouldn't have imagined to wear that colour or that this colour would sort well with me), the white mango blazer (which you already have seen many times before), second hand bought leather wedges from kleiderkreisel.de, handmade amethyst jewellery and last but not least my beloved LV bag which i can call my own since 2003. i hope that you like my photos! 

in this spring so many great things will happen and i can't wait ... i might also get the chance to appear on TV - with which project and under which purpose will be announced soon, if i receive some positive feedback. also i will visit cologne again, celebrate my half-year anniversary with le boy and have my first market sale. what have you planned for this spring season? 

have a wonderful and sunny weekend!

Thursday 5 March 2015

IMPRESSIONS: castle garden schwetzingen / schlossgarten schwetzingen.

[en] hello my dears! today i want to show you some impressions of the location of my latest fashion shooting in the beautiful castle gardens in schwetzingen. you might recognize some of the places from my shooting posts which i have posted earlier. i have linked the photos with the shooting posts matching the locations shown. making of photos will follow! have a wonderful and sunny rest of the week!

Tuesday 3 March 2015

OUTFIT: all my maps will only show me how to lose my way.

[en] hello my dears! only 17 days left until the meteorological spring! i can't wait to feel the warmth of sunny days and the bloom of nature and all its beauty. the first crocus flowers already began to bloom the last time i visited baden-baden and also some other flowers began to unfold their beauty. and we already could feel the warmth of the spring sun and also the air begins to develop its wonderful odour. i used one of the first warm days in february to make some new outfit photos in my pink-coloured living room and today i want to show you the results and i hope you like them! on that day i have worn my newly bought vintage fur boots(bought at kleiderkreisel.de) which remind me so much of anna karenina by leo tolstoi - one of my favourite books (and favourite book characters). also i have worn my beloved chanel necklace which already has some years on the hump, my LV bag one of my korean aunts gifted me with when i was 15, my mango jeans and a mint-coloured vintage blouse which i have bought years ago at kleiderkreisel.de - i'm still very much in love with it. oh, so much love in one outfit - can you imagine that XD

Monday 2 March 2015

the best of the blogs - april 15 ♥

[en] hello my dears, it's time for another chance to become the best of the blogs - this time of april 2015! the wínners of the best of the blogs of march 2015 will be announced in time.

[de]  hallo meine lieben, es ist zeit für eine neue chance auf eine blogpräsentation im rahmen des 'the best of the blogs' wettbewerbes, diesmal für den april 2015. die gewinner des märz-wettbewerbs werden in den kommenden tagen vorgestellt.

what do you have to do? / was müsst ihr dafür tun?

  1. become a follower of my blog via 'google friend connect' or 'bloglovin'. /folge meinem blog via 'google friend connect'oder bloglovin.
  2. leave a comment with your blog address and write some sentences about you and your blog and tell me with which name you follow. / hinterlasse einen kommentar mit deiner blog URL sowie einer kurzen vorstellung deines blogs und verrate mir, unter welchen namen du mir folgst.

[en] you can apply from today until the 31st of march. i will then select up to 5 blogs which i will present on one of the first days of april 2015. this is contingent upon the quality and authenticity of the blogs participating.

this is a permanent campaign which is to be continued every month.

[de] bewerben kann man sich bis zum 31. märz. danach werden bis zu 5 blogs von mir ausgewählt, welche in den ersten tagen des aprils vorgestellt werden. qualität und authentizität spielen bei der auswahl die hauptrolle.

dies ist eine dauerhafte kampagne, welche jeden monat wiederholt wird.

good luck
viel glück