Monday 21 November 2016

SHOOTING: FESTIVE SEASON - red evening dress, golden clutch, white blazer.

[en] hi peeps! with christmas and new year's eve just around the corner and all the glamorous events along the way i want to start a new series on my blog with festive outfits and tips for going out in baden-baden and the surrounding area for this years holiday season. i hope you like it!

Friday 18 November 2016

Wednesday 9 November 2016

STATEMENT: what is wrong with you, citizens of the world?

[en] fellow readers. this blog is about all about what makes life beautiful. it isn't supposed to be political. but today, again, i can't help it but to make a statement about what is happening nowadays.

with populists all around the world coming to power.
with a radical right winged front national in france.
with a mayor in the UK nudging the british people to vote themselves out of the european union.
with white policemen killing unarmed, innocent black citizens in the US.
with a righ wing populist party managing to gain huge procentual amounts of votes in the electional results in germany, who demand border patrols to shoot at refugees who want to cross the german borders.
with an US election campaign which was characterized by demagogic slogans, recrimination, sexism and lies.
and now, finally, with a right wing misogynist narcissist idiot with a severe psychological disorder who can now call himself as the most powerful man in the world.

there once was a lunatic mentally disturbed man who changed the course of history to the worst, by preaching hate and fear. this didn't happen centuries ago, but in our very recent history, just some decades ago. this isn't theory. this was an urgent threat for many people who died painfully.
in concentration camp. in ghettos. and on battlefields throughout the world.

please, reconsider your thoughts.
reconsider your actions.
reconsider history.

is this what you want the world to look like?
is this the world you really want to live in?

we are all fellow humans. we are all brothers and sisters, descendants of the same group of people who once began to settle the different parts of our world.
we are all the same.

stupidity shouldn't get the better of tolerance, liberty and humanity. todays decision is worse than all that happened before. it is worse than the brexit referendum. and it is a sad day for the LGBT movement, women, emigrants, for everything that barack obama had achieved before, and, all in all, for all the people in the US and the world.

don't preach hate. preach love. don't let yourselves be mesmerized by lunatic ideas from lunatic people whose hearts are full of hatred.

this is a sad day for humanity. i've lost a bit of my faith in people. but people are full of flaws. they always were. this is human. but it is our deeds, and or thoughts, that make a difference.

reconsider this.

today, no pictures. i believe it to be inappropriate.

Saturday 5 November 2016

SHOOTING: dreaming of summer - denim off shoulder blouse & shorts, wedges, chanel earrings.

[en] hi peeps! the days are getting colder an colder and i still love to think back to the last summer days and the last warming rays of the summer sun. i'm not used to the cold and i prefer warmer temperatures. i also was thinking about emigrating to cuba, but only for fun, haha. so let us dream back to those wonderful days. my next posts will all feature the theme 'dreaming of summer' and i hope that they will also let you remember the beloved summer season.

model & styling: dahi k.
photography: florian gehrmann.
location: schloss bruchsal.