Saturday 29 July 2017

SHOOTING: le rouge et le noir - alba moda dress & mango biker jacket.

[en] hi peeps! well the weather leaves much to be desired these past few days, but nevertheless anyone of us should think positive and try to embrace the small, happy things in life - everything else is unhealthy and well, anyone of us has only one life to live so every single person is responsible to live it to the fullest.

today some photographs of bright sunshine, beautiful nature and a sleeveless red dress for you, accompanied by a leather jacket because there was quite a nip in the air the last days.

i have named todays post not only after the two colours i have put my outfit together with, but also a great work of literature, 'the red and the black' by novelist stendhal, in its original language called 'le rouge et le noir'. i haven't read it myself yet, but it's definitely on my literary bucket list. but what i can tell is that i really love classic literature - among my favourite all-time classic novelists i can definitely mention  tolstoi, goethe, austen, byron and ... of course, shakespeare.

are you also fond of reading - and if so: do you have favourite authors/novelists?

model & styling: dahi k.

Monday 24 July 2017

IMPRESSIONS: the geisha - my first beauty shoot.

[en] hi peeps! i have always wanted to be a part of an extravagant beauty shoot (and this wish also became a part of my current list of 101 things in 1001 days). this year my dream finally came true!

photographer simon dundee once had the idea to realize a geisha shooting. his friend sebastian ritter who runs a photographic studio in hagenbach was also fond of the idea and was able to contribute a kimono he bought on his latest trip to japan. make-up artist kate created my geisha make-up with white airbrush colour, black eyeliner, pink eyeshadow and red lipstick. i have taken some photos of the formation process and out of cam shots. of course we also haven't forgot to take some fun shots and selfies.

kate had planned to go to a mardi gras party afterwards and thus also dressed and made herself up to be party-ready and she looked quite stunning, what do you think ?!

what do you think about our realization of the geisha theme?

© Sebastian Ritter - Fotostudio Ritter

Friday 21 July 2017

IMPRESSIONS: le dîner en blanc, baden-baden '17.

[en] milano, paris, new york, berlin, tokyo. people dressed up all in white meet at a location not announced until shortly before the actual event takes place to celebrate life and indulge in good food and wine. a hedonistic enjoyment with a beautiful community feeling: this would be the perfect characterization of this all white spectacle.

the first dîner en blanc took place in paris, where the host of a totally overcrowded garden party spontaneously decided to relocate his party and of course all of his guests into the nearest public park.

it's a worldwide phenomenon and since 2015 it also takes place in baden-baden.

all the guests who want to attend have to bring their own food and drinks, but it's definitely no casual BBQ but a spontaneous and elegant dinner party, and that's why you should also keep this in mind while planning your menu. it should have three courses, all containing cold dishes. you could serve oysters, carpaccio, gazpacho, maybe saté en brochette, quiche, cake and layered desserts served in glasses.
attending guests bring their own tables and chairs and a white table cloth. fresh flowers and candlesticks create an aesthetic overall image.

it was my first time to ever attend this all white event, and it was such a beautiful experience. i still felt a bit tired from my last trip to paris and didn't have loads of time for preparing the dishes and presentation of our table but despite that i totally looked forward to eventually be a part of it.

i dedided on preparing mediterranean puff pastries filled with zuccini and tomato slices, quiche lorraine and apricot dumplings with red berry compote. our three courses were accompanied by local red wine and brut d'argent.

i have worn my beloved white mango dress, a white blazer with a glistening lapel, saint laurent earrings and white sneakers from adidas for a nice break of style.

by wearing the same colour and by sharing an exquisite experience with good food and drinks a beautiful community spirit emerged.
lighting sparklers in the mild summer air perfectly rounded out this wonderful event.
this definitely won't have been my last dinner in white!

if you want to be a part of the next dinner in white, stay tuned by following the official website of the dîner en blanc.

have you ever attended a dîner en blanc yourselves?

Thursday 20 July 2017

SHOOTING: rosengarten baden-baden feat. sandro ferrone.

[en] hi peeps! today the sun deserts us but that's okay because the last two months i had loads of quality time with friends and had the opportunity to visit many old and new beautiful places. in the course of the next days and weeks i will show you my impressions of strasbourg, paris, milano, pisa, liguria and many others. also stay tuned to see some more impressions of london!

this year i also finally found the time to visit the picturesque and odorous rose society garden in baden-baden and take some outfit photos with my favourite photographer florian gehrmann. it is such a beautiful place and definitely a must-visit in baden-baden during summer time. don't miss your chance to visit it. it counts as one of the most prestigious and beautiful rose gardens in the whole of europe.

i have worn a lilac cocktail dress from sandro ferrone and an occasional hat which would be perfect for the next horse racing season in baden-baden/iffezheim starting at the end of august 2017 - a social event you shouldn't miss if you like people watching and dressing up!

have you ever visited the rose society garden in baden-baden or a horse racing?

model & styling: dahi k.

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