Wednesday 31 December 2014

strangeness and charms' 2014 insta year review.

this year was amazing. full of change, full of new experiences, full of love. there was the wedding of my mum, my house moving and all the stuff necessary and great all at once, for example buying new furniture, decoration, making myself at home and experiencing my very first blisters when finally finishing the wall painting XD
for the very first time ever i have visited a club, i have visited the opera, pop concerts, the ballet, beautiful cities and others, slowly transforming into home, because of the special people living there.

i have been successful in terms of work ... and had the chance to work with the team of 'schloss einstein' for the final episode of season 17, which i have watched together with lovely friends who also organized a whole party for me.
i was working together with susan matheson for the film 'welcome to me' which finally started in the US cinemas this year.
because of the success i have been able to buy the red D&G lace dress i was craving for since 2013.

i was travelling to places filled up with memories, to come to terms with things that happened in my life, the good and the bad ones, and to finally notice that all was good, the way they went, because i have finally found myself, and not only me ... but special persons. friends. a family which will always stay by your side, no matter what happens ... and love.

in the course of this year my style also became much more colourful and much more courageous. my clothings always mirror my mood and i can truly see that when looking through the year. in march i have finally found my new flat and so much relieve made itself at home in my heart and that's very much visible. i have found my home, not only the home i'm living in. but also a home within myself. a home within friendship. a home within love. places where i want to stay forever.

... i hope that your new year will be amazing and that all your dreams and wishes will come true. i have promised myself that i will, much more than already, stop procrastinating, and live life to the fullest. i am wishing you the same thought, and motivation, and courage.


winter walks / wedding of my mum / new projects for work / birthday girl / dancing in the club / going out

Tuesday 30 December 2014

strangeness and charms' outfits of the year 2014.

hello my dears! the last days of the year 2014 have arrived and i'm looking forward to the next. today i want to show you the course of my year in outfit posts. i guess that my style has changed in some parts but i always wanted to stay by myself, don't submit to trends i don't like and simply live out my own style and i guess that i succeeded. what do you think? which styles are your favourites? have you also made end of the year reviews, maybe also in terms of style? if so, please share them in the comment section below. i would love to read and see your thoughts and memories.
tomorrow will also follow an insta review of 2014 with more thoughts and pictures of this wonderful, wonderful year. stay tuned.


Sunday 28 December 2014

OUTFIT: i made a daisy chain from phrase, verse, and punctuation.

hello my dears! the sun is shining and although its oh so cold i feel happy, already dreaming of beautiful sunny days to come, so full of love and summer and happiness. i am so much looking forward to the next year which is simply going to be amazing - in january i will spend my birthday in vienna for the very first time, i am going to start a great musical project, and others which are already planned, too ...  can't wait for all this life to live. i want to do it to the fullest. the future is here to stay, it is now, and it is beautiful.

today i want to share with you a new outfit full of flowers and flowers and flower, and light and love.

the post title, taken from one of my favourite songs by the amazing musical project 'god help the girl' by genius stuart murdoch, was simply predestined for today's outfit post, although the exact song meaning isn't that happy and not so much about light and love, but i still like it. the musical harmonies are amazing.

today i also want to share a cover i made from this song, i played it by ear and also made the vocals. i hope you like it - as well as todays' outfit, of course.

have a wonderful day!

Saturday 27 December 2014

IMPRESSIONS: always a potterhead.

joanne k. rowling is and will always be a literary genius for me. a woman who has given a whole generation and millions of adolescents as well as adults an understanding of the beauty and joy of literature and who created a whole new, beautiful, magical world for so many millions and millions of people. a world where the values of friendship, courage and love are the essences of a good and successful life.

i have grown up with the books and harry, enjoyed the movies, loved the music. it all will remain a part of me.

hogwarts will be there to welcome you home.

always a potterhead.

Tuesday 23 December 2014

SHOOTING: thy black hair, like the raven-face of night. thy neck is like sculpture-made.

my dears! today i want to show you the next part of my latest fashion shooting with alexander ricci. the photographies were shot in the spacious and beautiful rococo castle gardens of schwetzingen. this time i wore a cream coloured maxidress from H&M which i have bought some months before but never wore it since then, aside from the fact that i tried it on at home - i really loved the fabric and the cut. it is very feminine and i dreamed of staging it in a beautiful location because it really served it right. and whats a better location for a beautiful long gown than a castle garden? this time we chose the beautiful pavilion a little away from the castle complex, an antique gate and small and cute wooden bridge.

the vintage velvet blazer belonged to my mothers wardrobe but she gave it to me when i moved into my new flat, alongside with other beautiful apparel and accessoires. i haven't worn it often before that shooting - they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. but i have already worn it when we went to the jan delay concert in stuttgart, but that time i didn't wear a long cream-coloured gown but jeans and a shirt. everything else would have been way too overdressed XD

i hope you enjoy this day's outfit post and that you like my shooting pics.

Saturday 20 December 2014

OUTFIT: je n'ai aucun sens de la normalité.

i love this citation by karl lagerfeld. translated into english it would tell you something like: 'i'm not familiar with normality.' and it's totally what i have implemented in my life - i have never been the kind of person wanting to live life like everybody else. i have never seen myself working in a bog-standard desk job with each day being the same. i have always wanted to be creative. to be my own boss and to take my life in my own hands. that's why i decided to become a jewellery designer, to start my own enterprise and to be prepared for every possible risk, every knock down and every time i want to give up. i decided to be courageous - in everything i do. not only in terms of work, but also in terms of character, in terms of friendship, in terms of love. i decided to do everything with love. and i decided to be myself - not to go with the flow ... and maybe that's why i also wear my moschino belt vice versa - i must admit that i first noticed it when i was finally checking the photos and already took off my outfit. you might notice that while watching my photos and i hope you don't mind and you still enjoy my outfit ... XD ... but i must also admit that i somewhat like it, also because of my attitude towards life, and love ... and this citation of ingenious karl - one of my lifelong idols.

the floppy hat is newly bought from H&M, the pussy bow blouse is one of my all-time favourite second hand picks, bought a long while ago on, originally it's from jake*s, a brand which you can find in every peek & cloppenburg store. the green pants are from my mummy - authentic vintage and very comfortable, already a bit too comfortable because i lost some weight and they are already a bit too slacky. i'm wearing the already addressed vice versa moschino belt, my favourite chanel earrings and my new sunglasses from london retro, bought at sunglassesshop. i like cat eye sunnies very much and these are a great addition to my sunglasses-collection which is growing and growing for many years. i must admit that i'm very much a sunnies-addict. they can change a whole outfit and you simply look cool with the perfect pair of sunglasses ... don't you think so?

Thursday 18 December 2014

IMPRESSIONS: december will be magic again.

i love kate bush and how she creates magical sceneries with her poetic lyrics and beautiful harmonies so full of splendid and avantgardistic creativity and warmth in every note.

i have heard 'december will be magic again' again after a long time and i still truly love it. today i want to share with you some photos of this years' christmas decoration in my new home and also this nostalgic memory, so important for me in the past and so totally speaking of a beautiful present-day - and him, finally present in my life and about to stay ... 

december will be magic again - because of your light and your love, shining for me.

Wednesday 17 December 2014

OUTFIT: if you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.

only a very few days until it's christmas eve - can't wait! how about you? i'm looking forward to goodies and good times with my beloved ones. this years' christmas will be so full of love found after a long wait and old quarrels eventually eradicated, so that i truly believe that it will be the most beautiful christmas in a long while. i want to take it slow and simply enjoy the days, full of light and love. today i've got another outfit post for you, my dears. my new sweater from milanoo is simply made for those cold days and the bright red colour is a nice pop of colour when the sky outside is dark and grey. for a fashionable twist i have added hidden sneaker wedges, my favourite feelgood jeans from mango, my LV bag and some of my favourite jewellery.

what are your plans for christmas this year?

Sunday 14 December 2014

SHOOTING: you need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.

my dears! i hope you're enjoying the holiday season. today i want to show you some of the photos of my latest fashion shooting with alexander ricci in the beautiful castle garden of schwetzingen. it is a rokoko castle with spacious gardens where you can find greek temples, pleasure gardens, antique portals, decorated with beautiful ornamental shapes, cone shaped hedges, small mosques, and so much more - a magical place. close by the little mosque (which was absolutely beautiful, with its' innermost inscribed with wise quotes out of the qur'an) we shot the first of 2 more dresses to come, my beloved yellow H&M lace dress. we featured some levitation too ... eventually the shooting took 6 hours and it was very cold that day, so it was quite a bunch of work, but very much fun, too. i will share the other impressions and outfits with you asap so stay tuned 

Friday 12 December 2014

NEW IN: cable knit, flowers, faux fur, leather, vintage, jewellery.

my dears! i always feel like a little kid unwrapping christmas presents when i receive packages filled with beautiful things i wished for, sometimes for a long time, whether they are presents from beloved once, or also when i have bought them myself.

some new and beautiful things have wandered into my wardrobe - some are totally new (for example the cat eye sunnies from london retro via sunglassesshop and the red cable knit sweater from milanoo), others are second hand (for example the beautiful authentic vintage blazer from betty barclay which i have bought from a nice girl on, but all of them are beautiful and i love each piece!

i have gotten the london retro sunnies from sunglassesshop - they also sell high end designers such as D&G and i'm thinking about also getting me this beautiful piece with black shades, frame and golden embellishments: click.

Wednesday 10 December 2014

MUSIC: 10 christmas songs definitely getting you in the mood for the holiday season.

to celebrate the holiday season and to get in the mood for christmas, what is better than listening to the perfect christmas soundtrack?

here are my personal fab 10 christmas carol playlist definitely being able to getting you in the mood!

how do you like my playlist

do you have a favourite christmas song?

  1. oh holy night - my favourite version is from ella fitzgerald. brings tears to my eyes every time i listen to it. it's so full of devotion, hope, and also a bit of melancholy. also the favourite christmas carol of david garrett.
  2. my favourite things - from the sound of music. for me the perfect christmas song because it talks of so many things brightening up the beautiful holiday season.
  3. 12 days of christmas - fiiiive goooolden riiiiings! i must admit that first i didn't like the song because it annoyed me. no joke! but after some listenings i embosomed it and have loved it from this moment on. my favourite version is sung by kathleen battle and frederica von stade from a carnegie hall christmas concert.
  4. walking in the air - from the snowman. no matter if sung or solely the piano instrumental: both versions are so beautiful, no matter if you have watched the movie or not. the overwhelmingly beautiful harmonies in a minor key will bring tears in your eyes and the lyrics are wonderfully touching.
  5. hark! the herald angels sing - a christmas carol classic. this song shouldn't be missed out on a traditional holiday season playlist.
  6. maria durch ein dornwald ging - once sung in my choir when i was in my young teenage tears, this carol never let me go anymore. i love the ancient medieval harmonies which are most beautiful and touching when sung by a childrens choir of soprano and tenor voices. when i heard this song for the very first time, i imagined holy mary wandering through the gardens of thorns, which miraculously turned into beautiful blossoms. this is the wonder of faith - it can move mountains and turn thorns into flowers ... and give hope, where there seems nothing to hope anymore.
  7. ave maria - by johann sebastian bach and gounod. wonderfully soothing harmonies. magical, with or without the lyrics. a beautiful homage to holy mary. and a genuine evidence that bach's music is perfused with feeling and not aseptic and cold, as many people like to state. 
  8. in the bleak midwinter - a wonderful christmas carol. the lyrics are based upon a poem written by christina rossetti. in 1906 gustav holst (composer of 'jupiter, bringer of jollity') set the beautiful poem to music - what a beautiful unification! so devout and soothing. my favourite version is sung by sissel, the wonderful soprano singer from norway, who has also sung my favourite poem by lord gordon byron, 'she walks in beauty like the night' as set in music in the phantastic movie 'vanity fair', starring reese witherspoon.
  9. last christmas - by wham. a favourite of mine, every year, since the day i have heard it for the very first time when i was still in my young teenage years.
  10. the christmas song - my favourite version is sung by nat king cole. such a must-listen-to ... 

have a wonderful holiday season.

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Monday 8 December 2014

GIFT GUIDE: christmas gift guide for mum & dad, him & her.

if you still don't know which gifts to buy for your beloved once and still need some christmas shopping inspiration, i want to share a little gift guide with you in today's post. here you can find inspiration what to buy as a christmas gift, wether it is a little something for mum & dad, your best female friend, your sister, brother, cousin, or boyfriend.

what do you think of my little christmas gift inspiration?
did you already buy all of your christmas gifts?

1# michael kors - selma large top zip satchel fuchsia, seen here: click / 2# drachelfels design - flammeninferno, seen here: click / 3# alexa chung - it, seen here: click / 4# D&G - DG4180 sunglasses, seen here: click / 5# christian louboutin - pumps suspendo sling, seen here: click / 6# nach bijoux - porcelain cheetah earrings, seen here: click7# gucci - gucci by gucci perfume, seen here: click / 8# veuve clicquot - ice jacket edition, seen here: click

1# daniel hope - escape to paradise, seen here: click / la mer - crème de la mer, seen here: click / 2# john lewis: cognac amber decorative drop earrings amber, seen here: click / 3# krug vintage champagne, seen here: click / 4# roeckl - classic cashmere, seen here: click / 5# saint laurentrouge pur couture lipstick belle de rose, seen here: click / 6# chanelno.5, seen here: click / 7# howard schatz - h2o, seen here: click

1# bozzetto, seen here: click / 2# fossil - men's watch grant leather, seen here: click / 3# coffee-table book, seen here: click / 4# fossil - watch box, seen here: click / 5# ludovico einaudi - stanze, seen here: click / 6# baldessarini - strictly private, seen here: click / 7# cardenal mendoza solera gran reserva, seen here: click

1# swiss kubik by bornemann - watch winder, seen here: click / apple - ipad, seen here: click /  2# slyrs bavarian single malt whisky, seen here: click / 3# fossil - george peacoat, seen here: click / 4# gribani - iphone case tanned, seen here: click / 5# philips - shaver series 9000, seen here: click / 6# paco rabanne - one million for men, seen here: click

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Wednesday 3 December 2014

OUTFIT: they call it night, and I call it mine.

this could somewhat be regarded as a throwback outfit, because it was photographed last year (when i was still in my old flat and not knew that i would be featured in the last episode of season 17 of schloss einstein and haven't started my new glass of jam jar moments for 2014 yet). 
but i still like it, though. i love the subtle hunter green silk and velvet ganni pants (so extremely elegant and comfortable), my hoss intropia nude coloured and 100% silk blouse, the vintage jewellery of my mum and the unbelievably comfy black heels from H&M. the only reason i haven't posted it earlier was that i simply forgot it. so sorry XD 
i have found it some days ago when i browsed through my ready-made blog post drafts not yet published. and there i found some nice blog posts, including this one.

what do you think of my outfit?

pants: ganni / blouse: hoss intropia / shoes: H&M / bag: gucci / bracelets: vintage, H&M / earrings: via

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Monday 1 December 2014

the best of the blogs - january 15 ♥

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this is a permanent campaign which is to be continued every month, so stay tuned 

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