Saturday 30 June 2012

you died in beauty.

today a tragic and ... sad topic.

this is a poem i wrote about a model who died by suicide some years ago. her name was ruslana korshunowa. i've read an article in the stern magazine about her and was inspired to write this very poem.
i hope you like it.

it is featured in the poem anthology 'das herz ist ein organ aus feuer', purchaseable at /

... this poem is about a tragic death in the stern, hard-fought microcosm of fashion models.


you died in beauty.

where have you gone. and where have you laid yourself down.
here, on the hard cobbled streets?
your body.
but where is your soul - now?
all around you - those police cordons.
behind them the gazers,
they seem to have nothing to do
but to penetrate you with their lifeless eyes.
those, who seem to live.
but there's one thing i know-
you're dead.
but you had a dream,
you said that once.
the white house in the cherry garden,
with roses climbing on the exterior walls of the house.
on the porch: the bench with its silky pillows.
and rest.
rest and peace ...
rest from yourself and this maze out there,
where no one seems to live anymore.
and now you lie there.
still a bit rosy-tinted - your cheeks,
though your body already busted.
your oh so long hair fly in a rush of wind, that wafts around us.
it's cold - he whips your hair through this storm.
did you only charm to sleep?
now here it lies, your hair, scattered, ruffled by loads and loads of fingers,
to make your beauty visible,
to make it tangible
but nobody ever could.
since now, with you lying there, you showed all those people around you
how fragile it was.
and you took it with you.
into death.

no doubt ...
you died in beauty.

Thursday 28 June 2012

opera + pizza hut.

recently we went to the national theatre in mannheim to see 'parsival' by richard wagner. the thumbnails were quite attracting so we decided to buy the tickets. after the ashaming performance of 'turandot' we needed a bit of option to clean our souls. well - there it was.

the house was very full. before we went in to search for our seats we had wine and campari soda - and a small talk with two old ladies who had seen 'parsival' before. we told them that we already had seen 3 productions in the national theatre together, and that  'parsival' should be our first wagner opera. their comment: 'uh, such a first step into wagner is quite risky!' ... we didn't hold to that cheap.

but 4 hours of opera should really be a bit too much, even for me, who had seen many productions before.

well - actually we only stayed for 2 hours and left in the break, because it was really lame. but the scenery was wonderful!

afterwards we went to pizza hut for beer, pizza and ice cream afterwards. <3

outfit: you're a chemical that burns - there is nothing like this.

top: ebay
jeans: boutique

Monday 25 June 2012

the camera of dreams.

this is a text i wrote a few years ago and with which i also participated in a group reading in bruehl with my literature club ('dieräuber77', named after the literal work of the past master goethe).
hope you like it.

the camera of dreams.

'we're from the same material of which our dreams are made of, and this small life is as short as a sleep.'
this was once said by a very smart person. now animated by this very sentence and a good friend of mine, i started to wonder about dreaming in general, life and sleeping.
why, for all the world, do we dream - and why does everybody dream in a different way?
have YOU ever thought about that?
it's not only about the issues ...

food love: my breakfast.

... good morning! <3

Tuesday 19 June 2012

giveaway - win a 50€ voucher !

hi dears!

because you are all very dear to me i start a new giveaway.
you can now win a 50€ voucher. is an online store for shoes and bags.

the rules are simple:
1. follow my blog via GFC or bloglovin (following via GFC & bloglovin gives twice as much chances to win !)
2. post a comment with your email adress and in which way you're following me.

you can participate until the 25th of july.
incomplete comments won't be counted.

good luck to everyone !!! :)

xoxo, dahi.

blog anniversary giveaway: the winners!

hi dears!

i'm proud to introduce you now to the winners of my recently finished blog anniversary giveaway. thank you all for participating!

the winners are:

us shorts. vananh
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xoxo, dahi.

Saturday 16 June 2012

food love: bubble tea at mc café.

yesterday i went to the mc café to finally try the newly launched bubble tea. it is now available in whole germany. i've heard very diverse comments about people who already got the chance to try bubble tea. 

there are bubble tea vouchers available now at - you can get your bubble tea for 1,99€ each.
click here.

i must say that i've first tried it in a 'genuine' bubble tea store in mannheim, named 'star freshery'. but the tea was quite watery and - there is also the fact that they had no bobas on that very day. so it was kinda disappointing.

then i tried to make bubble tea at home with my boyfriend and eventually it really tasted good!

so i had some former experience which i could cling to while trying the beverage at mc café yesterday.

we had a full house - maybe also because there's another mc donalds voucher campaign at the moment, so i think they did the proper thing to start it.

... and i must say: i'm quite impressed!
i tried the white milk tea + peach flavour + lychee bobas - actually i wanted to try black milk tea but the waitress said that it would taste quite sour so i sticked to the white one.
my boyfriend sticked to the white tea + pomegranate flavour + mango bobas.

mine was not a bit watery, very creamy instead, with a fine fruity peach hint and the lychee bobas were extraordinary tasty! really, i was so delighted about this combination - i need to drink that again!

my boyfriend unfortunately had no luck with his combination of white tea + pomegranate flavour + mango bobas. it was not that delicious. his tasted quite artificial - just think about those cheesy iced teas you get in every supermarket. it tasted just like one of those beverages. well, if you like those, just try it! ... but i would not recommend you in doing so - for the price of 1,99€ it's not worth buying it (and still it was a reduced price!)

my boyfriend also liked mine so we just swapped ours when each of finished our drinks by half.

the bottom line is that ...
i can recommend white milk + peach flavour + lychee bobas to all those bubble tea lovers out there - it's absolutely delicious!

i cannot understand all the haters commenting such harshfully on it.  hum, maybe they just had no such good combination.
it think it's good! just just might need to try some combos until you find your perfect fit ... ;)

vouchers are usable until the 01st of july.
vouchers are availble here.


as heavens saints were crying bitterly
and heard in shallow shadows ... now -
do you hear my mourning heart?

do you see my soul trembling
beneath forces of evil wickedness?

do you feel the gaze of thousands -
darkness eyeing me with angry suspicion?

Monday 11 June 2012

hi dears!

today i want to introduce you to another interesting online shop
this time nothing about clothes, but about a topic every girl likes to talk about ;) - shoes! is a german online shop where you can choose from over 17.139 different shoe models and 380 different labels.
among others you can find special designer brands such as 'vivienne westwood', 'jean paul gaultier', 'BOSS' and 'see by chloé'.

you can also find hunter boots here!

since lately you can now also buy bags, including labels such as 'tommy hilfinger' and 'esprit'.

at the moment there's a summer sale with over 5.500 reduced articles - you can save up to 50% of the standard price!

if you love bags and shoes, it's really worth browsing through :)

xoxo, dahi.

Friday 8 June 2012



I have a longing for eternity
It never seemed that I would be able to find it
Find something which leaves no pain
But joy and happiness
And now that I know you
I seem to know what you’re meaning to me
Everything is embedded in light
And slightly I realize
It could last for eternity

Tuesday 5 June 2012


hi dears! :)

today i want to introduce you to another of my favourite online shops -

it's an online store for fashion labels from all over asia.

here you can find designer apparel from korea, japan, china etc.

the shop is very neat and easy to browse through - you'll soon be quite good at it.
you cannot only buy clothes, but also set wish lists of your favourite apparel you want to remember for a purchase at a later date.

at the moment there's also a special promotion - standard shipping to europe and canada is now free for orders between US$75 - US$149,99.

i recommend you to browse through korean labels and apparel. they have a very high quality and beautiful styles.

... they also have funny office equipment and accessoires that will brighten up your work days.

all pictures are linked!
i wish you a happy shopping time ... :)

xoxo, dahi.

Monday 4 June 2012

blog anniversary - giveaway!

hi dears!

yeah, i now have my blog for ... exactly 3 months! i started it on the 4th of march.
now i have 312 followers and i'm glad to each of you ... thank you for following me and for letting me share my love for fashion and art with you.
thanks for all the people who believed in my absolutely crazy ideas and who pushed me forward when i didn't know what to do next ... i love you all - especially you, my beloved husband-to-be <3

in appreciation of this i want to start a 
new giveaway !!!

you can win
- a US shorts (UK 8 XS / US 6 XS / EUR 34 XS)
- a kiehls lipbalm #1 and ...
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the rules are simple:
1. be a follower of my blog.
2. leave a comment under this post with your email adress and your favourite price.

incomplete comments won't be counted.
you can participate until the 18th of june.

international participants are welcome ... <3

xoxo, dahi.

Saturday 2 June 2012

food love: bubble tea at home.

hi dears!

some days ago my beloved and me made our own bubble tea at home with tapioca pearls and taro tea powder.
i got a starter kit from the 'onlineshop of modern tea culture'.

well, it's quite an act of work to make those tapioka pearls and it isn't that cheap - the starter kit costs nearly 30€. but it's such fun when doing it together and the bubble tea tasted really good.

food love: cocktails at home.