Sunday 31 March 2013

et omnia vanitas.

today i want to recommend another beautiful blog to you. hermia and héloise from 'et omnia vanitas' write witty and sophisticated fashion statements, paired with aesthetic and elegant photographies. both have a great style and their blog is more than worth to be browsed through! i love héloises' and hermias' style!

Saturday 30 March 2013

parque sur dunas.

... here's another little photobomb from my trip to guardamar, spain in november 2012.

Friday 29 March 2013

travelling love: croatia.

in 2006 i stayed in croatia for a week with my A level year. we stayed at the mediterranean part of croatia in porec and visited pula, rovinj and other towns and cities. despite of the hotel, it was a nice trip with good and warm weather and lots of sunshine. i needed to post these photos because i long for warmer days and vacations - i really have itchy feet when i look at the weather outside ... ahhh, i'm craving for spring, or summer !!!

Wednesday 27 March 2013 wishlist.

do you know if not we got to change this very quickly! is an online flea market where you can sell your own clothes you do not want to wear anymore and also buy 'new' clothes. the search engine works very efficiently and you can find so many beautiful second hand and vintage clothes because there are many members with a very good taste. i love the site and i visit it nearly every day - not only because of the clothes but also because of the nice community and the forum. it's really worth browsing through! today i want to show you some of the articles on my wishlist. oh, there are just too many beautiful clothes and less money, haha.

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Tuesday 26 March 2013

smile, and the world smiles with you ♥

i got tagged by lovely schaechtelchen

first of all 11 facts about me:
  1. i can drink coffee and afterwards i'm tired
  2. i eat cake for breakfast
  3. for a short time i have been a vegetarian
  4. i play the piano for 18 years, i also teach it and i also compose
  5. i'm absolutely unable to do multi-tasking
  6. my favourite number is pi, i love maths and chemistry has been one of my favourite school subjects - i used to be a bit of a nerd (ha! no, i still am XD)
  7. i love to-do lists!
  8. eagle vs. shark is one of my favourite films
  9. i'm signed in at – but i'm no hipster
  10. florence welch inspired me to choose my blog name
  11. many people say i'm a look-a-like to a famous south korean actress – and it seems like i'm the only one who doesn't think so.

Sunday 24 March 2013

parque alfonso.

... just some more pictures from guardamar del segura in spain, shot last year in november. these photos were taken in the parque alfonso in guardamar. a beautiful place to be with a nice flora. 

i hope you enjoy the photos

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Friday 22 March 2013

do you already know if not so you should really stop by! i always thought that they only sell interior design products, but you can find so much more there - including nice clothes and fantastic jewellery!

here i want to show you a little selection of the products i love the most. i hope you like them :)

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