Tuesday 30 April 2013

FOOD: sweet alsatian tarte flambée.

some days ago i made my very first sweet tarte flambée - i've made the savoury variation loads of times before but i also loved the sweet one when i first tried it in a french restaurant you can also find in mannheim, it's called binokel (click here for more information). i don't know if they still offer it but in each case it's worth a try - and it's really easy to do-it-yourself, actually! it's a bit more work than you have with the savoury variation because you need to peel the apples and if you do not have cinnamon-sugar you also have to do your own - in fact there are some more ingredients than you have with the savoury one but it's really worth it. and so delicious! if you want the receipt i can put it online or send you the links. have fun!

Monday 29 April 2013

shooting: location check with itechkast ♥

some days ago me and my photographer, sabine from itechkast, had a location check in mannheim. we went to the mannheim castle, which is simultaneously the place where the university of mannheim is located. we checked out places for our next shooting, where we will take photos of this dress - it might be a trash the dress shooting but i don't know if i want to trash that beautiful dress yet. what do you think ?! but i'm sure that it will be fun, no matter what we will do actually - just like this time, where we already made a spontaneous and short shooting, for example with the beautiful magnolia tree outside the castle - you can see them below. i wore my orange dress and my blue blazer from H&M, my ostrich leather bag from italy, vintage earrings and a selfmade ring which you can also find here. there are some nice spots in the castle - it would be fantastic if we also had the possibility to take some photos in the museum, because there are also amazing spots, you can check them out here. i'm SO looking forward to the next shooting, i'm sure it will be loads of fun!

photo shot by itechkast.

photo shot by itechkast.

Wednesday 24 April 2013

outfit: mondrian no.2 ♥

this is the second dress i bought in the mondrian style (here is the first dress). i just love the artist, his paintings and his styles - very fashionable and just great as a style for dresses and apparel of all kinds! what do you think of it? it's vintage, i bought it from a nice seller on kleiderkreisel.de - thank you! i really love it

mondrian dress + bracelet: vintage, via KK
boots: graceland
cashmere beret: galeria kaufhof
earrings: vintage, from mommy
ring: via ebay

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Tuesday 23 April 2013

impressions of the vernissage in bad salzhausen, 20st of april.

the vernissage of my mum on the 20st of april was a huge success! the gallery was so overcrowded that you had some issues to get from room to room or let alone to the buffet XD the gallery has two rooms and a corridor. 

since it was a group display with my mum and horst kissel, his paintings were shown in the right room and those from my mum in the left one. there was a lot of sparkling wine, many people interested in the fine arts and loads of korean and intercontinental finger food. and music, of course! me and some musicians from the korean church in mannheim took care of the background music.

here are the promised impressions - unfortunately i do not know if there were any videos made. and i looked a bit destroyed while i played the piano - i cannot show the photos to you XD but i made some exclusive videos from the songs i played there and i will put them online a.s.a.p. ! 

the photos shown here were shot by attendant photographs. some of them can also be found on the online-presence of gallery schramm in bad salzhausen.

Thursday 18 April 2013

vernissage of my mum on the 20st of april ♥

on saturday, the 20th of april, the vernissage of my mum will take place in bad salzhausen, gallery schramm. you're all invited to come, if you have the time and if it's not too far away

just like last year, i will arrange the music program for the vernissage.

this is my 'playlist' so far:

now three - vienna teng
the meadow - alexandre desplat
l'autre valse d'amélie - yann tiersen
la dispute - yann tiersen
l'après midi - yann tiersen
le matin - yann tiersen
shake it out - florence + the machine
le onde - ludovico einaudi
alicia vive - alberto iglesias
lullaby to erle - silje nergaard
4 originals from me:
- flowers in the rain
- elegy no.1 (http://youtu.be/DwbrYQQ7EzU)
- colours of the rainbow
- the asian dream (http://youtu.be/YmSmSpKh_2Y)
carry - tori amos
ophelia - tori amos
as time goes by - herman hupfeld
merry christmas mr. lawrence - ryuichi sakamoto
eternal vow - tan dun
passage of time - rachel portman
the promise - michael nyman
ave maria - joh. seb. bach
gnossienne no.1 - eric satie
convento di sant'anna - gabriel yared
elysee + penelope - frank federsel
dreamy - brian bonsor

the last weeks nearly every day i tried to practice on the piano, in parts up to 4 hours !!! sometimes it was hard because i also have to work as a private tutor and also keep up my onlineshop on dawanda ... and i still have to drill some of the piano pieces and well, that's why i get more and more excited with every day! argh XD 
but i'm sure it will be fun

... and of course i will share the impressions and photos on my blog with you, so stay tuned

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Wednesday 17 April 2013

OUTFIT: living in a tree ♥

since i'm absolutely in love with mori style (i recently wrote about it here) i tried to build an outfit from pieces of my wardrobe which catch the spirit of this wonderful style. what do you think? done well or badly? and since i rediscovered the music of priscilla ahn some days ago, i just thought that 'in a tree' is just the perfect soundtrack for a mori girl like me

Monday 15 April 2013

FOOD: homemade waffles.

some days ago i had the strong wish to eat waffles - so i made some. for the very first time! ... and i think they look quite well :) i'm always very proud when i give a receipt a try and go's off without a hitch (just like my sweet tarte flambée i recently baked - also for the very first time !) XD ... yeah and  well it also was necessary, because we had no cake at home anymore and there always NEEDS to be cake in our fridge, because usually i eat cake for breakfast. sounds funny but well i mostly cannot eat savoury food in the morning afterwards i usually feel quite sick - don't know why XD

btw the waffles were fantastic! if you're interested in the receipt, feel free to comment below! then i'll translate it and put it online.

have a wonderful day

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Sunday 14 April 2013

outfit: time is such a hungry beast - it swallows all my memories.

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Saturday 13 April 2013

IMPRESSIONS: spring in my heart ♥

on easter monday i visited my father and we baked tarte flambé together. the weather was nice and the flat was full of fragrant flowers, especially tulips, the real lulus of spring!

the tarte flambé was really nice. it wasn't the first time that i baked it, rather the 4th of 5th time. if you want to i could translate the receipt and put it online - idea ?! :)

Thursday 11 April 2013