Wednesday 28 May 2014

OUTFIT: come on, come out, the weather is warm ♥

guys, i'm sorry for not having posted new stuff to read the last days, but you know that i have planned my house moving and now i finally moved into my new flat, my new life! there is still loads to do but when everythings ready i will show you my new home. it already looks lovely and i so much feel at home - i have never felt like this before. i believe that this will be the center of my life for the next years - i don't even think about moving out here. it's all so colourful and warm and for me it feels like a place to grow older in. i believe that this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life and i can't wait for all the other great things to happen.

thanks to everyone who follows my blog and the changes i have gone and still will go through. it means a lot to me. blogging has given me so much strength to stand by me, my ideas and ideals.

... in the near future i will start a new giveaway for you guys, as a thank you for your interest in my blog and my person, for commenting and for being present 

poloshirt: gaastra (click) / skirt: zara basic / bag: estée lauder / sneakers: via / watch: rolex / earclips: vintage

Tuesday 20 May 2014

FASHION: mango lookbook - may 14.

asian inspired black lid lines, puristic and sophisticated cuts, minimalistic design details and soft colours such as light cream and warm shades of white in contrast with black define the mango lookbook of may 2014. as always i'm in love with nearly every apparel piece in this collection and i guess i can truly state that mango belongs to my all time favourite fashion brands.

i'm especially in love with the keypieces of this lookbook namely the puristic a-line coat and the beautiful crèpe shift dress with triangular detail. i also adore the sophisticated boxy shirts in standard black or mixed with white.

which pieces are your favourites?

Friday 16 May 2014

SHOPPING LOVE: ready for spring/summer 14.

guys, i've got a new fashion post for you! ... i've taken the time to create some outfits which i believe are perfect for a great and fashionable summer time. all the outfits were created with items from my latest sheinside wishlist (click here).

which set would be your favourite?

Thursday 15 May 2014

SHOPPING LOVE: interior ideas by

since i'm in a huge interior design rush because of my house moving i'm regularly browsing for lovely, fancy and beautiful interior ideas, especially baroque and country style ones.

i have found some very beautiful furniture and decoration items on and wanted to share them with you. which items would be your favourites? 

Schlüsselkasten London Telephone

Gartenbank Bellevue - Gusseisen/Massivholz

Sessel Claire - Samtstoff RotRecamiere Colmar - Stoff Rot - Armlehne links

Wednesday 14 May 2014

NEW IN: i love android, pink, hello kitty and & shoes.

guys, i've got a new haul for you ♥ i have received some beautiful new stuff for my wardrobe and work. i have bought an adidas fleece jacket for the fitness studio - i have bought this nice piece for 10€ at - i have also bought a homework book so that i do not forget homework assigned for my pupils - of course it's a hello kitty one in pink. i LOVE hello kitty - guess it's an asian characteristic XD

and since i love my android-based smartphone i simply HAD to buy this geeky shirt to show my love - i also think that their mascot is simply an outburst of cuteness - don't you think? ... XD 

... and there are also some new shoes. i had some very comfortable black leather sneakers which i have worn very very often and which were totally worn out and also got quite dirty due to our work on painting the walls in my new home. thus i have bought some new one. i have found a nice pair at - i also have found some beautiful hidden sneaker wedges in red. and i also wanted to own a pair of comfortable and fashionable house shoes for my new home. i have found a super beautiful pair of those, also at - they are white and embellished with marabou feathers.

... and some days ago my new chippendale inspired golden mirror arrived, which will hang in my living room - i'm already in love with it - how about you? ♥

Tuesday 13 May 2014

OUTFIT: i want to sleep with the promise of tomorrow.

my dears! there are some new updates regarding my new flat: now we have nearly finished the basic cleaning , remounted the doors and yesterday my new kitchen arrived and we started installing it. this will take some more days but i believe we will finish it this week. i had a bed leg last week because of congestion but it got much better. i will also have to paint another wall in my bedroom because my furniture arrangement has changed. i will show more pictures of the process on my instagram account - stay tuned! 

poloshirt: gaastra / jeans: mango / boots: graceland /bag: from italy / watch: rolex / earclips: vintage

Saturday 10 May 2014

INTERIOR LOVE: vintage frames and crosses get a new shabby chic style.

hello guys! some time ago i had the idea that white country style furniture and shabby chic decoration would fit perfectly into my new, colourful home - thus i took the decision to coat those many many old vintage frames i have found in the cellar earlier and the old wooden cross from my great grandmother with beautiful cream white paint i have bought in the diy market, among the wall paint and brushes. 

i have finished both the frames and the cross on the second attempt, because first i have coated the surface and afterwards the bottom. well i have never thought that this could be so much work (totalled up i have worked for nearly 4 hours), but i guess that it was worth it, if i look upon the final outcome.

Thursday 8 May 2014

INTERIOR LOVE: renovating my new home.

my lovely ones! now i'll finally show you the pictures of the renovating process (... which we have finished yesterday - yay!) - you cannot imagine how much fun it was to shop for the new colourful wall paint and accessories such as paint brushes, rollers, acrylic paint and wood varnishes. i simply love diy markets - and that's not simply because of the name ... in german we call it 'baumarkt', it's less romantic and creativity enunciating than the english term, don't you think?

i already thought that painting the walls would become an arduous work, because our second last flat has been painted by a professional painter, and he has been rewarded with more than 1000€ (and he still made a very good offer). he processed 150 square meters in 3 days. when i was younger i wondered why he had taken so much time - but now i can understand XD ... at least since yesterday i'm suffering from a bad leg, or rather knee, i've got bruised arms, and - for the very first time in my life - blisters, on my HANDS! can you imagine that? that's amazing haha XD ... i have never had blisters there, not even when i had to work upon bulk orders for 1000 cranes for the MBFW or schloss einstein which i have finished in 3-4 days.

... but still i cannot be happier, really. it was so much fun painting the walls with those beautiful trend colours from schöner wohnen (orchidee and lagune) - while working i have slowly realized that this place will be my new home ... for the next years, or longer! and i sensed an enlarging sense of joy in my heart. when i sat outside on my balcony, watching my beautiful big and richly green spruce, i felt happy. really happy. i felt at home. i looked inside, saw all the covering sheets, the empty paint pots and the beautifully coloured rooms in pink and blue, and i felt happy. i thought: yes. now i'm home.

i can't even begin to tell you how happy i am, how much i love this new feeling.

i'm at home.

Wednesday 7 May 2014

INTERIOR LOVE: door bell nameplates.

guys i need your help! i have made some door bell nameplates for my new flat ... which of these should i choose? what do you think? ... i especially like no. 7 because of it's clean and fashionable chic and no. 4 because ... i'm truly a potterhead, and i would love the fact that anyone who stops by could see that 

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Monday 5 May 2014

OUTFIT: i was once a treehouse, i lived in a cake.

this is my favourite outfit when i start a new baking session because it's comfy, yet chic - of course i won't wear my glasses at home, but those cat eye sunnies simply make you look cool, so i like wearing them while making outfit photos XD - you might also have noticed that here. my new flat also assumes shape - we have finished painting the bathroom (white), hall (white), living room (pink) and started with the bedroom (blue) and the kitchen (white). afterwards i will further plan the furniture arrangement and where to hang up my all white photo frames and where to put the all new white coloured vases and the new chippendale inspired golden mirror which i have found at - i will post pictures of the renovation process soon so stay tuned 

... btw i have chosen this post header because today's outfit is so colourful and the cake pictures reminded me of one of my favourite geek songs from my university time: 'the llama song'. we have sung the llama song nearly everyday - or quoted llamas with hats or charlie the unicorn or other funny vids by FilmCow and jason steele. or we did other super nerdy stuff ... ah yeah we were quite crazy back then XD

Saturday 3 May 2014

INTERIOR LOVE: new decoration for my new home.

today i've got a new haul for you - and this time i'm not showing you new and beautiful stuff for my wardrobe, but loads of new and beautiful decoration stuff for my new home. 

i want to make it colourful with loads of shabby chic, old fashioned interior ideas, loads of vases coloured in white (a friend will give me some old ones on monday), loads and loads of beautiful flowers in and outside the house and many many picture frames on the walls - today i have finished varninshing all the old frames i have found in the cellar months ago and they are looking so shabby chic and beautiful! 

... i have also found some beautiful decoration articles on (one of my favourite websites right now because i have already found loads of beautiful stuff there, especially my two pairs of chanel earrings and my chanel necklace). i really love the shabby chic table clock, the oh so kitsch cuckoo clock, the shabby chic and flashy home clock, my new country style bedding and the oversized wall clock painted in mint green and with beautiful old english roses. 

i have amassed many more articles such as tablecloths, chair covers, country style throws and two very pretty chandeliers - one for the living room and one for the bedroom.

Friday 2 May 2014

INTERIOR LOVE: my new flat!

yessah! i've received my keys for my new flat some time ago and already made some photos of my new cosy home. nearly 70qm and a very nice balcony. i'm quite in love with the extremely beautiful view and each time i visit my new home this love grows deeper and deeper. i love all the nature outside(especially the huge-grown spruce right next to my balcony), the quiet surroundings and the sophisticated neighborhood. quite distinguished from my old home which was very very loud and when you got out onto the balcony you were never alone, except when it was half past midnight or sth like that XD

today i want to show you some pictures of my un-renovated home (because we already started to paint the walls, i will show you pictures of that later - omg the living room is pink, i love it so much XD). i also want to show you some pics of my pretty pretty balcony (a friend of mine stated that it's that big it must already be a terrace and i also believe it so) ... but let's start with a proud possessor of new keys and a walk through the new neighborhood 

Thursday 1 May 2014

the best of the blogs - the winner of may 2014: erdbeer cola ♥

let me introduce you the winner of the best of the blogs for may 2014 - it's lovely sarah and her lovely blog 'erdbeercola' which was founded in 2007 - that's the year when i received my a levels, that's amazing, you've got to think about this! she has such a big experience in blogging (more than 7 years) and when you look upon her blog you'll see how much love and passion she puts into each of her posts. you all should visit and follow her, it's worth the time - believe me!

Erdbeer cola

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the best of the blogs - june 14 ♥

now you again have the chance to become the best of the blogs!

what do you have to do?

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you can apply from today until the 31st of may. i will then select up to 5 blogs which i will present on one of the first days of june 2014. this is contingent upon the quality of the blogs which will participate.

this is a permanent campaign which is repeated regularly, so stay tuned 

good luck