about me.

about 'strangeness and charms' and me.

hi, i'm dahi k., 29 years old, a half-korean and half-german designer and private tutor living in germany.

while still studying philosophy and anglistics i have started my own business, an onlineshop for jewellery and design - i've always wanted to do something creative and to earn my own living through this.

my first experience with blogging started in 2009 when i ran a literature related blog. i have always loved books and also love to put my own thoughts into words.

'strangeness and charms' was initiated on the 4th of march 2012 with the thought to let the world have an insight into my views of all the things having a core importance in my life: fashion, culture and capturing beauty in a photographic way.

i don't think that 'strangeness and charms' can be categorized properly, because it is not a pure fashion blog, but also not only lifestyle-oriented, nor a pure photography blog - but it's always etched with passion and love.
i try to shape my life in the same way i'm blogging - based upon passion, joy, beauty, love.

my immortal idol of elegance and female courage is and always will be coco chanel - her life, her decisions, her style.

my own style has changed more than one time during the course of my life. but i believe that fashion isn't something static, something steady or capturable. fashion and style are something always in progress - just like the human soul, nature and life itself. but what is the most important is that fashion is art you can wear. it is a way to express your own personality. i'm in love with fashion and i regard it as an artform. i thus regard it with a great amount of respect and i will report about it in the same way - but in a breath i can also state that it is joy -pure joy. life also is. it's a journey. and it's beautiful. it is oh so full of beauty - one should always remember this and live with regard to this.

... and now i hope you're enjoying your own journey through 'strangeness and charms'.

dahi k.


  1. Klingt interessant! :)
    Dein Header gefällt mir total!
    Allgemein gefällt mir dein Blog total. Weiter so! :-)

  2. Liebe Dahi,
    vielen Dank für Deinen lieben Kommentar auf meiner Seite! ~.~
    Ich finde, dass du eine wirklich sehr kreativ gestaltete Seite hast, sie ist wirklich eine kleine Augenweide! Man merkt sofort, dass hinter dieser Seite, eine kleine Künstlerin steckt!♥
    Ich Danke Dir auch für deine Einladung zur Blogpräsentation, aber ich möchte nicht daran teilnehmen. Ich wünsche aber allen die teilnehmen werden, viel Erfolg! Auf das wir eine schöne Blogfreundschaft haben werden. Herzlich Willkommen!

    Viel Grüße

    1. danke für deine wundervollen worte. das ist so lieb.

      liebe grüße

  3. Sweet hat and beautiful dresses, love them.


thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.