Saturday 7 July 2012

raped dreams and true revelations.

i had raped my dreams - lost something named me
with every step in sorrow, pitifully pattering as the cockroach in the kitchen.
often laying, wailing down to my earth.

... then there was some one running past me, one remains
looked me into my eyes, thine eyes, long before i saw you
and out of fear i haven't wrote myself onto you.

wasn't it me who ran, though my feet would never want
like my heart would have wanted to.

and now this was yours.
i hear your thoughts swimming through mine.

... with every breath i'm loving you more.

i never lived any longer but in thine stirs
and your heart will still carry second after second to me.

hold me, this sabulous soil underneath your feet
and let me forget in yours that is ours ...
let me be because you are and are mine.

explain how you will take me away
with papers and flowers and dreamy fingers.

take away those words of broken glass -
who else can bear those broken fragments but you?

nothing is more needful as me for thee -
and we lone lovers.


  1. 4te Zeile: "some one" schreibt man zusammen ;)

    liebe Grüße~

  2. sehr tiefsinnig♥

    hast du interesse daran das ich dich zu meinem blogroll hinzufüge?
    dann klick hier♥
    würde mich freuen!

  3. Wieder einmal ein wunderschönes Gedicht <3

    Mary Jane

  4. Gefällt mir sehr gut. Schön geschrieben ^^

  5. wow, sehr schön geschrieben! Aber deine Texte sind immer sehr schön! lg Steffi

  6. toller Blog!
    ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn du auch mal bei mir vorbeischauen würdest
    liebste Grüße ♥


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