Monday 25 February 2013

outfit: this is what i look like when i'm ill.

yep i'm ill right now. tonsillitis :( ... inadvisable - really!

but the caption has another meaning! it simply was an unhappy coincidence that i'm really sick right now!
this was one of the outfits i took to korea last time we visited it. this must have been 2003. so many years ago. we stayed there for 6 weeks. after week 1 i got ill and really pale. my face was as white as never before. and you know that being or looking pale is one of the korean or maybe asian ideals of beauty! at this time i stayed in seoul with my mum. but a cousin of mine wanted to get to busan by car. so we said yes, but the car ride took more than 5 hours ... especially because we took time out every hour to eat something in motorway restaurants (not comparable to german ones, by the way!). and the first time we stopped at one of these, all the people gazed at me and i didn't know why. i pinned my hair up - not because i liked it (i loved my long hair), but because it was handy and i didn't sweat so much! and i wore that outfit and i was so skinny and pale, i didn't like myself. so i got uncomfortable because of all the people gazing at me and i asked my mum, why they are doing that? and she said: 'oh, because they think you're pretty! and you are, by the way.' must be that i completely fitted into the korean ideal of beauty this day. very funny, because i actually was so ill XD

quipao shirt: via KK
skirt: C&A
shoes: H&M
watch: rolex
earrings: vintage


  1. Dankesehr, das freut mich! :) <3

  2. Ich finde, das rot steht Dir ganz toll. Dazu die schwarzen Haare, wunderschön. Und Du siehst auch krank sehr gut aus :-)Mir hat mal eine chinesische Kollegin gesagt, als ich kreidebleich und kotzend im Bett lag: "When you´re sick you´re even more white, more beautiful"- äh ja klar. Danke für´s Kompliment, aber nee, so ein büschen Farbe ist nicht schlecht.

    Gute Besserung und LG


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