Wednesday 19 February 2014

my daily make up routine ♥

today i want to give you a little insight into my makeup bag. 
you know i've never been a beauty junkie and it's my least favourite pastime to roam through the depths of drugstors and such, if not speaking about the grocery shelves and new sorts of lactofree products. 
but i've never been THIS interested in cosmetics like other girls or women. 
on that score i'm very, very conservative and, if you like, quite boring in my notion. 
but that's got a good reason. 

my derma, especially my facial skin, is very sensitive and difficult to handle. it was very hard for me to find the perfect products which are compatible with it and i had loads of never ending odysees to find my perfect products which would not cause me any skin irritations, pustules, spots or dry skin. but one after one i found them and i was SO happy, you cannot imagine that. i was so happy that, for the last years i have never changed them, expect for my lipstick. if a product runs short, i'm buying the same article again. and i'm happy with that!

in the survey you can see above i  have numbered all of my products in my makeup bag. i will present them to you one by one.

  1. black kohl, alverde  (all natural, all black and great for sensitive eyes and skin)
  2. powder brush  (a simple version from the drug store - i clean it every month with soap and water)
  3. inimitable, chanel  (i'm not only a fan of the wonderful clothes, jewellery and accessoires of chanel, but also of the wonderful cosmetics, especially this special mascara - believe me, it is the best mascara i've ever had. it defines my eyelashes, one by one, and gifts them with a wonderful volume)
  4. studio fix compact powder, MAC  (the first powder which didn't cause me any skin irritations and eruptions)
  5. powder puff  (another time a simple version from the drug store)
  6. my favourite estée lauder lipstick - pure color crystal, type: 325, berry fizz  (my first model was a gift from my mum some time ago. i loved the rich pink colour, the creamy and nurturing texture and fruity fragrance)
  7. multiactiv lipbalm, heliotrop  (the best lipbalm i've ever tested and one which REALLY nurtures your lips; incomparable with labello and other lip balms - and the best: it's all natural. it has a wonderful fragrance which reminds me of honey. heliotrop is a wonderful natural cosmetics company and also my mum likes their products, although she's more into estée lauder creams and comparable labels.)
  8. almond face cream, weleda  (the only facial cream which doesn't cause me any skin irritations - i love it. it also has a subtle and pleasant fragrance and a rich and soothing texture - i love it.)

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  1. I am like this too Dahi... I find a product I love and tend to buy in quantity...especially if it's a color I love ♡

  2. I use other cosmetics than you for my daily makeup :)

  3. Solche Post finde ich immer sehr interessant! Das Lipbalm käme vielleicht für mich in Frage. Momentan benutze ich noch nichts Großartiges für meine Lippen... ^^'

    Liebst, ina

    Visit me at Petite Saigon

  4. Oooh nice! I like how simple your makeup seems! My friend uses the Chanel mascara and I agree with you. It's seriously amazing!!!! Best mascara I've ever used and definitely worth the more spendy price tag. I also have pretty sensitive skin, mostly really dry skin so that almond face cream sounds perfect! Almond is one of my favorite scents too! : )


  5. Looks like nice products!


  6. hab noch nie was von chanel ausprobiert, ist echt so gut ja? :D suche immer noch nach nem guten Mascara

  7. Hola, lleva todo lo necesario. Un saludo.
    Te sigo de vuelta. Besos,

  8. i love mac studio fix

  9. hi hi,
    also ich bin eigentlich eher unbedarft was Kosmetik angeht. Ja, ich schminke mich gerne und mache mich hübsch ☺ aber ich kenne mich nicht wirklich aus mit dem was es am Markt so gibt und behaupte, dass ich nur die Standards kenne und nutze ;-) Aber ich war sogar mal auf einer Schminkparty *lach*
    ZUum Sport: Ja, ich mache Karate. War aber eeeeewig nicht mehr dort und bin dann im August wieder angefangen....Für ein paar Wochen. Mittlweile plagt mich das schlechte Gewissen wieder.

    LG •♥• Nadine

  10. Was zB Cremes und Puder angeht bin ich auch nicht übermäßig experimentierfreudig... Das mit den Hautirritationen kenn ich nur zu gut!
    Dafür teilen wir einfach die Liebe für Chanel <3 ;)

  11. Studio Fix is the best eve powder, indded!


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